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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I got my my Christmas present early...About 2 years ago I went on zaba search and wrote a little message saying I was looking for my old friend Roxanne WL...and I swear, I thought oh well, that's the end of that and forgot all about it. Roxanne was one of my very best friends when I lived in Portland, Oregon. We worked at the Palm Gardens together, raised hell together, were room mates for a while. Kept in touch, fell out of touch, got back in touch and fell out of touch..This last time for 30 years. Well, I get a reply from Gail, who is Roxanne's husband's sister. She
took the information and called Roxanne and said guess who is looking for you. So we are going to hook up this week end..She lives in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Is that not rocking or what?...I am sure when I was doing the yearly activities of the world, me and music I mentioned her quite a bit..So you old timers will know who I'm taking about. But let me tell ya...I'm so happy.......I'm going to go take some more cough syrup...hot dang..fuckme I'll never dance again. I'll do a whole post on what is going on with her. Gail called me to make sure the phone number was correct and she said Roxanne didn't smoke or drink any more..So we have that in common..wow..You just can't know how excited I am over this..Gail is now my new best friend for hooking us up. Wow...fucking wow...


sageweb said...

"Love without breathe" is hilarious..well they all are but I laughed really hard at that one.

rainywalker said...

Visiting someone you haven't seen for 30 years is a gift everyone should get for Christmas.

Woozie said...

Saw the eHarmony thing a couple of minutes ago and laughed my ass off.

Jan said...

A lot of people think narc dogs are addicted to drugs and that's why they find them. This cartoon will convince them.

My vote is for the rumble with the kitties. The look in their eyes...pure murder.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to send out some of those wrong cards.

texlahoma said...

I hope you have a good time with your old friend.
Love without breath...lol

Mighty Dyckerson said...

You should have told me you were looking for Gail - I could have hooked you up. I've been banging that old bitch for over a year now.

yellowdoggranny said...

sage:that one is one of my favorites too..I also like the cats too.
rainy:it's a wonderful thing.
woozie:i looooved the eharmoney thing..cracked my ass up.
jan:i always laugh at the kitty pictures with the captions..
tex:im hoping we can get together besides the phone.
mighty:I layed my head down on my compter desk and just laughed my ass off at yu...bad boy..

Kulkuri said...

Hope you have fun getting together will your friend.
I'm going to steal one or more of the stumbles.

yellowdoggranny said...

kulkuri:steal away, I stole them from stumbleupon.com first

Nan said...

I, too, plan to lift one or two. The wrongcards are great.

billy pilgrim said...

i had an insane uncle named thor.

lots of people prayed that he stay away from them. when i was a kid he wanted to fight so i punched him in the gut and knocked the wind out of him. he was shit faced drunk so he couldn't catch me when i took off running.

Nit Wit said...

I like the Aliens go away but while I was getting a chuckle from it I suddenly had a thought, (It does happen even to me.) Is the farmer mad because he is having problems with cattle mutilation or is his farm lie on the border with Canada or Mexico?
I've often wondered why the pagan holidays chosen were the ones suited to Republican leaning people.

LostInColor said...

Thanks again for the laugh!

Utah Savage said...

Oh how I needed those laughs. Stole liberally. Thanks. Now, I blog roll you. Sorry it took me so long. Old and slow I guess.

Anonymous said...

hahaha I love all your images, guess I don't look enough ;)

That is so awesome about your old roomie!! And you lived in Portland?! Why did you go?! hehe (you dont have to answer that ;) Ah, Portland seems so progressive and I love the Northwest...one day..

I caught up with my old roomie from my freshman year. She's on my myspace but she never says a word to me, guess I partied too much without her sometimes lol

I'm happy for you - hope you guys hit it off like old times! :)

yellowdoggranny said...

nan:they had a bunch of them..i'm going back to the website and steal some more.
billy:wow..an uncle named thor.is you a viking too?...im glad you punched him..i kicked one of my uncles in the balls and then ran and hid behind my mother.knowing no one messed with my mother.
nitty:aliens dont mess with canadians, they're to smart.
every one of our pagan holidays have been lifted by them christians..and ruined them.
lic:your more than welcome.
utah:steal away..I blogrolled you too..anybody that doesn't like BBC is ok in my book.
tina:i moved there when asshole #1 got out of the airforce and moved where his folks lived...i loved it there..a lot.
can't wait to get in touch with her.