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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Cowboys 20
New York Giants 8

Normally for a Cowboys win I would have a picture of that cute adorable little boy throwing up his arms for a touchdown. But his mom is a very good friend of mine and she loves her Giants like I love my Cowboys..and don't think it would be right to have her son seemingly cheering for a Cowboys win over her Giants..So you will have to settle for a mental picture of me running around in house slippers and drawers screaming and yelling for the Cowboys...Annie is still hiding under the bed..not sure it was from all the screaming or the sight of me in my skivvies and slippers bouncing around the living room.
All I know is they pulled another one out of their ass. But a W is a W. So far this season I am 141-73-7, against the line. I am having another winning season. Better than the boys..
We're fixing to have another cold front move in..will be in the 20's and 30's then back to 70 with a little rain thrown in. It's been like that for 3 weeks..30's one week, 70's the next. My rose bush is having a nervous breakdown.
I baked 2 batches of doggie bones for all my friends doggies. They are made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, canola oil, baking powder, honey and water.. The dogs love them. Plus I made a huge pot of turkey soup for Babs, and a gigantic turkey pot pie. I think we will be burnt out on turkey in another day or two. Jack and Diane's the old bar I used to hang out at changed owners and Babs and I went in the other day as we thought they were still making BBQ. But they weren't so we had cheeseburgers, and since they remind me of Whataburgers(Texas burgers)I was pretty happy. They have made some great changes in the bar. I think it's going to be more of a restaurant with beer instead of a beer joint with food.
They changed the name of it to ....well, fuck..I forgot...Something West. My brain is starting to fail me. I am sending out packages this week...Nitwit's granddaughter will get a little something, Buddha Boy and his folks are getting something, Sling is getting something, and Junebugg is getting something. I have more to send but may wait till after Christmas. If Billy Pilgrim would send me his address I'd send him a very special gift, but I think he's afraid Mrs. Pilgrim will get the wrong idea and kick both our asses.
Ah jeez, I'm still coughing...It's been 13 weeks and 2 days. I'm so sick of coughing I could cry,if crying was my thing.Well, I'm off to bed..See ya in the A.M.


Jan said...

I am totally impressed with your domestic skills. I don't even bake for humans, let alone canines.

Ted McLaughlin said...

An ugly win is just as good as a pretty one.
Hope you get over that cough soon - you're starting to worry me.

Kulkuri said...

I first had a Whataburger in Tucson back in '81. Didn't know it came with mustard instead of mayo. I remember Mel Tillis did ads for Whataburger.

sageweb said...

Well I picked the giants to win..I really like the cowboys...but it was for money...I blew it..oh well. Cowboys would be the best team if they were consistant. You never know what team is going to show up.

billy pilgrim said...

i hate to say it but i'm becoming a tony romo fan.

i live under the big dome on tralfamadore.

Allan said...

Them bones sound tasty. Ha ha! on the Giants!

TheWayfarer said...

Oh, it was a wonderful Triple Crown/3peat of a weekend:
Colts 32-21
Vikings 7-0
Cowboys 20-8
Hell, even "2" lost his freaking attitude!

texlahoma said...

I'm glad the boys won. All that food is making me hungry!

rosemary said...

i make suet cakes for the birds....that's as much as i am willing to in a domestic sense for the animals. we are mailing packages wednesday.....it is just too damn cold to go out and drive on ice and then try to walk on the stuff. if they get there in time, fine, otherwise too bad.

Big Pissy said...

Wow! You're quite the cook! :)

Glad your Cowboys won. :)

and I STILL adore Whataburgers. They have them in Alabama now...the closet one to me is in Montgomery...and hour and a half away. :(

Josh said...

Wow, those dog treats sound tasty. You sure do know your way around a bone... ;)


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Nit Wit said...

Oh boy loot in the mail! I forgot to tell you that the dog had puppies the day before Thanksgiving. I might do my Christmas shopping this weekend.
Who knew Football players could count that high. I guess they had to stop at twenty as they ran out of fingers and toes.
Now you have me hungry for a couple of sirloin burgers. There are some in the freezer...

Sling said...

Who knew I could be naughty all year,and still get presents!,,
Good on the Cowboys..I don't have a favorite team,so I always root for them jsut to see you do the happy dance when they win.

Raspootin said...

You still have a cough?

If you ever get rid of it please let me know what the cure is?

34 days 5 hrs 45 min 24 secs

yellowdoggranny said...

jan:so far the doggie bones are a big hit.
jobs:i googled cronic cough and some lady had a cronic cough for 2 years..arghghgh!
kulkuri:whataburgers are the best followed only by bold springs baptist church...and you should know that only mustard goes on hamburgers..mayo on tuna...katsup on hotdogs.
sage:you should know when everyone is counting them out, that's when they will win. when they are expected to kick ass..the other team shows up and loses.
billy:send me the address of the dome on tralfmadore.
allan:i made some for toms doggies and he ate one this morning and after he ate it he said"tastes like oatmeal."...snort*..I thought he would say 'tastes like chicken.'
ted:there was so much ass kissing going on on the cowboys team after the game it made me sick..
rosemary:dont worry about the damn package.haha...suet cakes..? my birdies wont eat them..
bigpissy:it's worth the 1 1/2 hour drive for the whataburger.'=
josh:in more ways than you'll ever know.
naval:you have too many blogs...there are like 17 of them..get a life sweety.
nitwit:oooh baby doggies.'I'll have to send them some doggie bones.
I paid $7 for a big ole fat ribeye steak last night...so tired of ham and turkey...damn it was good...
sling:thanks for rooting for my team..does my heart good..oh yeah, package coming ...let me know when it gets there.
rasptootin: i have had the cough for 3 months and 11 days..im sick of being sick.

Heidi said...

That is so neat you made homemade doggie treats! You never cease to amaze me, Jackie Sue.

Please tell me you've had a doctor check out that cough. That doesn't sound good to have it for that long!

Gadfly said...

They actually looked good that game :D