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Monday, February 08, 2010


When I read my paper this morning it ruined my 'the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl' high. First of all it's 2 of my least favorite people..
Good Hair Perry and the Cunt.
They look like they are running for office..oh wait..Good Hair is..but this looks like the beginning of a 'We want these 2 assholes to run for President and Vice-President of the United States of America.'...I think I'm going to be sick. But what realllllly fucking pissed me off was the Cunt's little aside to her daughter...."Honey, we're in Alaska's little sister state."...Fuck you bitch and your frozen tundra. Wonder how many of the die hard Texas Republican right wing Christians will still vote for her after she refers to our state as Alaska's little sister state...Even that goofy bunch should have enough pride in their state to not vote for some over hyped bitch that refers to us as Alaska's little sister..If I keep saying it enough I'll get so gung ho I'll go to Alaska and kick her moose eating ass. Sigh*...
Babs and I are going to Denney's tomorrow for their free grand slam breakfasts...I won't be able to eat anything the rest of the day. Gotta go..Dexter doesn't like it when I spend to much time on the computer...he gets on the table behind me and takes swipes at the back of my head. See ya..


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Admit it, you love her like you love Kay Bailey Hutchinson. ;o)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Be prepared to see a lot more of Sarah Palin -- she's like a bad case of clap that you can't get rid of! Once she starts work as a Fox commentator, she'll be everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

Kulkuri said...

Admit it, she's the one you love to hate!!

The longer she is on stage, the more pissed off rational thinking people will get and maybe will get off their dead asses and vote against whoever she is shilling for!!

The longer she is in the public eye, the more we learn about her, the less likable she is. Even hard-core Republican'ts are getting turned off.

Blueberry said...

If Perry runs for prez or VP, does that mean he resigns as governor? I'm seeing an up-side to this as long as he loses.

Anonymous said...

Ilove it when a woman calls another woman a cunt! In this case it's true.

Nan said...

Referring to Palin as a cunt is an insult to cunts everywhere.

sageweb said...

hahaha...she is a cunt..and a dumb cunt at that. But we have to be happy that the right wing has nothing to offer but a dumb cunt

Intense Guy said...

Actually, she's a RETARDED C..t - I so wish she would dry up and go away...

billy pilgrim said...

i think sara's the best thing obama has going for his re-election in 2012.

Nit Wit said...

She is an over used cunt. It seems all she could do as Mayor and then Governor was have kids, even when she didn't look pregnant.
I had decided to call her an airhead but then remembered that there is no air in a vacume.
She has somehow gone from being a second rate beauty pageant bimbo into being a second rate face running for queen of the world.
I watched that speech this weekend to the Tea Bag orgie. It was finger nails on the chalk board from beginning to end. Get ready, she's speaking anywhere she can make a buck or make someone owe her a favor for the future. Her schedule is full.


debra:she's just in it for the money..when she makes enough she'll write a book about her 'doings' and maybe retire.
kulkuri:be glad when she fades back into the frozen tundra.
blue:yeah, run for pres. lose and go the fuck away.
rjjs:I dont like the word but your right..in this case it works.
nan:not my fault..
sage:be glad when she makes enough money and goes home.
intense:be careful she's ok with being a cunt, but will go after you for calling her the R.word.
billy:as always you make a good point.
nitty:I just want her to go away.
her you betchas are giving me a head ache.

texlahoma said...

She's trying to hijack the tea party movement.
If she were for real she would have endorsed Debra Medina. I hope everyone can see through her, it's soooo obvious. She thinks "Obama should play the WAR CARD in Iran."
She's all for World War Three. Doesn't matter how many innocent lives are lost, it's just politics to her.

Sling said...

Oh PLEASE let Sarah be the Right wing's candidate in 2012!
..Best thing that could happen to the Democrats.


tex:i was checking her out..for a republican she's ok.
sling:i think by the time 2012 gets here she'll be pregnant again and out of the running..ha

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Don't worry, darling...These fucking RINOs aren't going ANYWHERE near the Oval Office.
Sarah Palin is about as Conservative as Dubya or McAmnesty and his "I, like, consider myself a, like, progressive Republican you know?" daughter...Family values, no doubt.

Kulkuri said...

Cunts are useful, so are assholes. I think she should be referred to as a Hemorrhoid!!