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Friday, January 21, 2011


Not a damn thing. Well actually there is a little going on. The West Over 40 group is having a dance tonight from 7-10 at West Fraternal Auditorium, with music provided by Texas Heartbeat and admission is $6. Your asked to bring finger foods and there will be no smoking.
Praise Jesus(they're words not mine) the Bold Springs Baptist Church is planning 3 meals this month at the Mary E. Howard Multipurpose Center. Hamburger meal is on the 24th of January and fish and shrimp dinners for today and the 28th beginning at 11 a.m. For all those reading this in West, the phone number to call is 826-3225. If you've never had them they are fantastic.
There is a great picture of the West Volunteer Department members Tommy Muska and Steve Vanek, 2 people I really like. They're with the fire prevention essay winners. It just seems wrong somehow to have a picture of the F.D. volunteers and not have Freddy Gerik in it. Sigh*
Hot dang..the Girl Scout troops are selling cookies. 8 varieties at $3.50 a box.
County show livestock sale is set for Friday. A bunch of Miss Henrietta's grand and great grand kids are in this.
I'm so mad at myself..Last Friday they had the Main Street meeting and I had intended to go and plum forgot. over 60 business people were there to meet the new manager James Johnson. They have a bunch of wonderful ideas too. Johnson shared some of the visions he had at the meeting."I'd like to see downtown be a community playground. I'd like it to be more kid-friendly with such things as benches, tables and more lighting. We want people to stay longer in town."
His ideas also include a walking and biking trail through the city's downtown area. He talked about the possibility of a grant for the trail which would use ground up Nike shoes for the trail's surface. He also discussed signage for the city ranging from banners for special events and seasons to signs giving
historical information on the various buildings and businesses in the city.
He also talked about possible events such as a street dance(April 29) prior to the CBR bull riding event at the West Fair and Rodeo Grounds on April 30, an Earth Day event with a recycling theme in May, a festival (Pivofest)(Pivo is beer in Czech) featuring various type beers from Eastern Europe and the Czech Republic along Main Street in July, and Halloween-type events for children and adults alike in October. Also at Halloween, he discussed the possibility of having a tour of ghostly homes in the city.(West really goes all out decorating on Halloween and Christmas). In December, he talked about having an Old World, Eastern European Christmas event. His office is at the Katy Railroad Depot and I'm thinking about going and talking to him directly about being a volunteer. He doesn't have a Czech last name, maybe he won't care that I'm not Czech. I keep forgetting to tell them I may not be Czech but my mothers maiden name was Frankenfield, so there is some German in me.
And as for the street dance. I'm all for that. Before Westfest stole the night, we used to have a street dance on the Friday before Westfest started. It was more fun. Busby's and the other grocery stores would stay open and sell sodas, beer, treats, etc. Blackie and the Strangers would play and it was so much fun. Then Westfest decided there was money to be made for them and they shut it down, said they thought some drunk would wander in front of the trains going through and get killed. Hey, I been really really drunk, but not so drunk to walk in front of a train..They just wanted the night for them. Cause Westfest used to just be Saturday and Sunday ..now it's Friday night and the weekend..So yeah, bring back the street dance. (watch me be the only sober one there and walk in front of a train.)
Tim Sulak, a West native was sworn in as Judge of the 353rd District Court in Austin on January 7.
Did I tell you that West Rest Haven is on lock down..Or at least it was. They were hit hard by the flu and old people sick every where. Every one is sick. It was even on the local nightly news. The concern is all the old folks got their flu shots, but they are all sick with the flu. Either the batch was bad, or it just didn't work, or it mutated and the shot didn't work on it. So I'm not sure yet, if I will have a Jackie's Kitchen the 26th or not. I'm sort of stuck for an idea anyhow. I think I reached my peak with the tea party. But have been working an idea around in my head. A Chinese or Japanese tea party. Give them something they don't get or maybe ever had. Still thinking on it.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Rieger celebrated their 50th anniversary. You know?..I'm always amazed at the amount of people that live here that celebrate 50+ year anniversary.
Madeline Marie Marek was born on December 20th and weighted 6 pounds and 6 ounces and was 20 inches long. Marissa Marak just had her 18th birthday. Lainey just turned one, and Madeline had her 5th birthday. We've lost over 6 people and I think some of them are a direct result from this flu bout.
Both the Trojans and the Lady Trojans are winning in District basketball.
I am just dismayed at the food prices. Last winter when I did all my baking sugar was .99 on sale and $1.49 regular. Now? Its' on sale at $2.49. I bought flour last year .79 cents a bag, now? Sale price is $1.49. Tyson fryers were on sale .69 cents a pound and now .99 cents ..Looks like the only thing that hasn't skyrocketed is fruit and veggies. Although canned veggies are up.
My electric bill is up, my telephone bill is up, my insurance bill went up, my cable bill went up, gas is way the fuck up and my SS? It's the same.
I'd find a part time job but if I do, I could lose my Texas Medicaid and my rent could go up. Feck~

But in case the stuff here is still cheaper than where you live, wait till you see what you get for your $. For sale by owner, 1,625 sq. feet. Living area, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, den with gas log fireplace, 2 car garage with openers, central heat and air, front porch, back patio, deck, built in 2003. Large metal building, close to schools, tile floors and wood laminate floors, $159.900.
Remember Old Village Bakery is still for sale. Go into business, buy a nice home, and then enjoy pevo's and skunk eggs. Plus I'll personally take you around and introduce you to Inky, Anissa, Patsy Patsy Patsy, and Bimbo Hand. Enjoy your weekend. It's 43, sunny and life is good here in West, By Goddess, Texas.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like the new manager James Johnson has a lot of really good ideas for your little town! Too bad about the West Rest Haven being on flu lockdown. If you do something next week, an Oriental tea party would be a great idea because on Feb 2 it's the Chinese New Year. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. You can wish everyone "Gung hey fat choy" -- that's "Happy New Year" in Chinese!

Nit Wit said...

Or you could do something to tie it into Valentines day.
The thing about flu shots is that they guess what strain of flu will show up in the next season and start making the vaccine. Sometimes they guess wrong. Something like the big swine flu scare that never came to anything much.

FoxyMoron said...

West sounds like such a sweet, dinky little town.

MarkD60 said...

I enjoyed reading that.
I think you should consider doing some audio. Check out podbean.com. You can record, then upload, then link your upload to your blog. It's easier than it sounds.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Oh yeah! I forgot that Czech shit don't stink and Polish shit does.
The in laws from West always let me know that.

Other than being reminded of what an outcast I was, I truly enjoyed this post.
It's what might have been if I stayed around.
It's really a GR8 town and I do miss it's charm and happenings.

rox said...

Oh JS, I just did a spit take when you said "Watch me be the only sober one there and walk in front of a train!" Funniest thing you ever said!

Miss Healthypants said...

I love your pictures and your narrative of life in West, TX! :)

And it sounds like the new manager dude has some great ideas for the town! :)