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Sunday, July 17, 2011


HOT DANG! The city of West will be opening the new West Thrift Shop where the old Caritas was. I have already stopped by and gave some donations. And spotted a few things I am sure I can't live without. And they hired Marie and Cindy back too..Was so glad to see them and so glad they will be running the place. Now..all you people in West, go through your closets, junk drawers, garages and under the bed and take all that stuff up to The Thrift Shop. You and I both know you will never get into those size 8 blue jeans.

Sixteen year old Austin Paterson , a West High School sophomore is competing in the 63rd Annual National High School Finals Rodeo July 17-23 in Gillette, Wyoming.They had a send-off for him this past Friday at the Gazebo for him. I of course forgot to go..Wanted to take pictures. I hope he wins the whole shebang.
The West Rodina Automotive Girls T-Ball team swept the TTAS District 5 Tournament in West last week to capture the district title and advance to the state tournaments. I'm telling you ..we have some absolutely terrific athletes. And the Pizza House won second place in the Junior Midget Boys division in West with a 7-3 record. Baseball and softball is king in West, Texas. They start them young and they go right on up to the World Series. We rock.

West Public Library's Tale Tellers will continue free summer story time presentations each Wednesday morning during July from 10:30 to 11:30 at the Library. The annual summer reading award presentation will be July 27th. The theme for that day is Masquerade Ball. Certificates will be given to all children reading ten or more books, and trophies will be given to one student at each grade level who has read the most books. I have been whining for years that I read more books then anyone in West and by Goddess, I want a trophy. No dice. Nancy isn't even nice about it..Tough luck I think was what she told me the last time I brought it up. Sigh*
Briome Gin is celebrating 100 years in operation. Which makes me wonder how long our gin has been around?..I know the West News is the oldest operating business in West, since1889, but would think the gin is getting up there too.

50 Years ago Dunbar school opens for their summer session. So we still had segregation in West in 1961. Wonder when it closed down?..I'll have to ask and find out.
There is a great article from 70 years ago. July 11, 1941(2 years before I was born) Here's the article verbatim.
Twas a great weekend in West--including July 4th. Never have we seen so many people. so
much to eat, so much to drink, and so little entertainment. Congressman Bob Page's address was the principal feature of the picnic, and deserved the applause it received. If the rest of the nation felt the same as central Texans, Japan would not be receiving war material from this country while China is forced to content herself with promises of aid.(my my my...how the tide has turned.)
50 years ago we had 2.35 inches of rain in 15-30 minutes. Oh how I wish we had just some of that now.
If you want to buy a house in West, ask Nitty, he gets updates on all available houses daily, and the prices are going down down down.
Right now we have a reduced 3/2 manufactured home on 3.07 nice acres. New flooring, recently painted, creek on property and for $63,000. 4/3 house including appliances, recreational equipment 2,600 sq. ft. shop and 1.5 acres for $159,000.

If your looking for work while you buy your new home, there is an ad for part time to full time secretary/front office help and needs to be fluent in Spanish. There is a job for a nanny, part time sales at Marak-Gerik and warehouse position needed at Jupe Mills who also needs a truck driver. 3 years experience driving a tractor trailer and must have current CDL and health card.

Easton Kadlacek celebrated his 1 year birthday at South Padre Island while on his first big vacation with his family. On July 3rd he had a monkey themed birthday party at his home in Tours.

The Svacina Family Reunion was today at the Knights of Columbus.

The Cherrywood Apts are advertising apts for rent. We do have a bunch of vacancies. Not just in our end but over at Babs end too. 1-2 Bedroom apts 62 years or older Handicapped /Disabled no age requirement. Rent based on income. Call Charlouue(Charlotte..I added her into my phone and was new at the spelling on it and that's how I ended up spelling her name.

August 13th we're having a Pickle Contest at St. Mary's Catholic Church of the Assumption. Entry fee is $5 and there will be 2 categories- dill and sweet. Sounds like fun.
welp...that's all the news there is fit to print. Hope you all had a great week and good luck for the week coming..Good Hair Perry had a prayer for rain service and we've had nothing but 100 plus heat and no rain. If his kind of prayer really worked, he wouldn't be Governor of Texas.


Jan said...

I love thrift stores. You can buy clothes that someone else has made comfortable.

I'd like a trophy for reading too. Maybe we can start a movement.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck to your West rodeo star! I'm watching the Calgary Stampede finals on TV right now and a cowboy who lives near Calgary just won the $100,000 first prize in tie-down roping. Nice to see a local guy win big!


I want one of those trophies..I'm thinking about skulking around in the parking lot and mugging one of the nerdy looking kids and taking his.

Blueberry said...

I'm still hoping to get back into those size 8 jeans... maybe in a year or 2 or 3.

Grandma K said...

Thanks for updating me on the news in West!

Intense Guy said...

Los precios de la vivienda parece tan barato! Es una pena que es tan caliente y seco hay! Espero que todo el mundo toma algo a la tienda de segunda mano!

Nahh... I don't want that job that requires speaking Spanish... I'll teach 'em English though...