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Friday, August 24, 2012

I can't get over falling in love with Friday.

Dr.'s apt tomorrow..make an apt with the pee doctor..and finish up with the test's I've been putting off for months..sigh*...feck..Westfest is coming up..so will do a West post this weekend..and put some more pictures of Miss Olivia, who is eating bananas now and thinks they are fantastic..although you can't tell by the faces she makes..I can't wait for Jamie's little Abby to be born...I get to keep her for at least 6 weeks..and if I have my way it will be for the first year or till I collapse in the floor in a heap, which ever comes first. Temperatures are down from 107 to 94..so that's good..plus we had a couple days of rain, so every thing is green again and should help a lot for Westfest. Ok..I'm out of here..it's Thursday night and I'm listening to Chris Isaac on PBS...I sure do like ole Chris.........have a great weekend..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Big dicks/big rights, umbrellas and Thoreal, oh my!

Have a great day today, YDG!

Jan said...

I'm going to carpe the fucking diem.

Anonymous said...

I hate when "somebody" poops on the backseat and blames it on me.

Rox said...

Just getting caught up from two weeks away. Man, that baby Olivia is beautiful! I could just nibble on those fat baby legs!

Hope all is well!

jadedj said...

I'm reading this Friday thing on Monday. I am confused. Caffeine...caffeine is the only answer.