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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Monday...if you don't drink..it's just like any other day..

 We had Jamie's baby shower for Abigale Sunday. It was a smash hit. She got so much loot..Usually when you have a haul like that it is accompanied by a guy in a mask with a gun. The thing that amazes me is the little sleepers and onezies..(???) instead of coming in the basic pink, white, yellow pale green and blue, she received orange ones, purple ones, deep dark rich colors..Just so cool. Her colors for Abby's room are pink and green and it's really pretty. She's due the 28th and I'm so excited I can't stand it. I took a boat load of pictures but I'll refrain from posting all 2, 891 of them..But do have 2 of the cutest damn pictures of Olivia..the awww factory is high..I'm still glued to the tv watching the Olympics..I'm so enjoying it..I find myself rooting for Great Britain because their the home team. but I really do root for Canada..Sometimes over the Americans..ha..
Dexter is becoming to smart for his own good. He knows what tuna means, and outside and bed. In any sentence he knows. So I asked him if he 'wanted to go outside' and he walked over to the door, and I said 'or do you want tuna?' He made the fast u-turn in history and went right to the kitchen..Dena and Teresa on Facebook want me to teach him how to open the fridge and get the tuna so we can be on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks..I'm working on it..


FoxyMoron said...

Josh Thomas is one of ours!!
Great stuff as usual.

Kulkuri said...

The fitted sheet one hit home!!

Had a bible-banger say I was going to hell for something I said once, and I told him if people like him were going to heaven, I'd gladly go to hell!!

My bologna doesn't have a first name, but it costs more than the one that does, tastes better too!!

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Jan said...

Thanks for feeding my Putin addiction again.

Orange onesies? Cool!!

Grandma K said...

Loved the last one! Been there.