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Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'm not going to be able to add any pictures as my computer powers down and clicks off when I do big pictures..sigh*..Need to tell Jason to pick me up a fan and the strap...I can't get the strap back on it and I've tried..
Ok...the West news..

Next week is Westfest..hot damn. I talked to Jeanne who owns Pizza House and they are making the Skunk Eggs like usual, but they are also making a sausage something..she told me and I forgot..might be because before she told me about the sausage she told me about the kolaches dipped into funnel cake batter and deep fried. I sort of glazed over and lost consciousness.
We've had cool weather and enough rain that every thing is green and lush and hopefully it will continue with the cool weather and won't keep people away.
I think all the tents are up and the front entrance to Westfest now includes a permanent ticket booth facility which will allow visitors to purchase admission tickets in 4 different places. They have also moved the Westfest Arch from its location near the festivals' information booth  to a more permanent place. Now they won't have to take it down and put it back up every year like they did in all the previous years. 
Westfest begins with the Preview Party on August 31 under the CW (EAST) Pavilion on the festival's grounds with the Miss Westfest Pageant. The gates open at 5:30 and the Pageant starts around 7p.m.. 
After the crowning of the Miss Westfest Wade Bowen will play starting around 10:00 p.m. John Slaughter is to begin the musical entertainment at 6p.m. prior to the Miss Westfest Pageant. Friday night is the night that kids attending the festival will be able to ride all mechanical midway rides(between 7-11) for $20. This price does not include the price of admission. This is the 5th year for a larger Midway Carnival area. Over 20 rides are planned for this area.
They are also offering a 3-day ticket package in advance. This package includes one Friday night preview party ticket and 2 Saturday or Sunday pickets for $26. This is a $5 savings and tickets can be bought at Greg May Chevrolet in West.
On Westfest Saturday (Sept.1) the parade is set to begin on the Reagan Street side of West City Hall at 10 a.m. This event will wind through the city's downtown area with Monsignor Isidore Rozycki and the Rev. Ed Karasek to serve as Parade Marshals.Then Westfest officially begins at 11a.m. thru 12:30a.m.
There will be a free shutter  bus and will be available from the Reagan side of the West City Hall. to the festival grounds.The bus will be available to take people to and from the festival. Parking on the grounds is $3 per vehicle with a remote parking area $2 per vehicle in this area located across from The West Community Center. Admission for Saturday and Sunday is $8 for adults and $6 for kids 6-12. children under 6 will be admitted free if they are accompanied by an adult. (I remember when it was $2 to get in). A senior citizen discount of $6 per person is offered for people 65 or older, but you have to ask for the discount. I'm not proud..I'll admit to being an old fart. All military personnel with their ID's will be admitted for $6 also on Saturday and Sunday.
There will be so many food booths you'll eat yourself into a coma if you try to eat from each one.There will be over 70 arts and crafts exhibitors along with polka music and dancing under both the CW (EAST) and West pavilions on the festival grounds.There will be a Taroky Tournament on Sept.1st at the Community Senior Center and entry fee is $25 per person.Washer pitching is planned in the rodeo arena Saturday beginning at 3pm. Horseshoe pitching is planned for both Saturday and Sunday beginning at 6pm. This year the horseshoe pitching will be expanded to 16 pits. I bet money the Dulock cousins win it. I swear I think they have won it every year..Them guys are so good. 
The Kolache 5000 Challenge is set for 8 a.m. Sept. 2nd and will begin and end at the festival grounds..I think Anissa is going  to be in it..She said she's not running but she will walk it..and I'm sure she'll make it too.
Rev. Anthony Odiong, associate pastor of St. Mary's will officiate the Polka Mass.Sunday from 9-9:45a.m. 

School Starts August 27th...hot dang.

The Eagle Scout's of Troop 494 raised money to but 3 30 foot aluminum flag poles near the time capsule on the City Hall lawn on the Reagan Street side of the gazebo. There are also 3 flags measuring 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall. So we will have a new American Flag, a new Czech Republic flag and a Texas flag..This is really cool..They raised $2,400 for this project.

Mr. and Mrs. Ervin R. Jupe celebrated their 45th Anniversary. wow..
and we have more babies..and another Olivia..this makes 4 that I know of..

Sister Mary Jacinta Berger is celebrating her 60th year as a Sister of Divine Providence.
We lost as many as were born..So it's starting to balance out.

Football season starts next week.I think they will have hold the Trojan Bowl again this year at Baylor Stadium. But not sure.

The Lady Trojans opened the 2012 volleyball season with a win, against fort Wroth Castleberry.

50 years ago we had a 57 day drought here. Thankfully we're receiving some rain. Not a lot, but enough  to make the farmers happy.
Holy Sweet Goddess, I just noticed that West Food Mart has Blue Bell pints on sale for 5/$5...ok..I'm going for it..I can resist most things..but not a Blue Bell Ice Cream Sale..sigh*

Still have some great housing deals. West ISD, 4/BD/2.5 BA, formal dining, 1.96 acres on Gerald Lane for $125,000.
updated  3/BD 2.5 BA, brick on 4 lots.Guest house for $199.500.
Well..........that's about all the action for West. Slow for now..everyone is fasting and not drinking so they'll have plenty of room for Westfest food and pivo. 

West Rest Haven will be having their Little Westfest after the regular one and I'm making about 250 cake balls and will run the little booth like I did last year. Need to get Marissa to make me a sign  like she did last year.
Every one have a great week..wish you were going to be here for Westfest.. I'd get a Dr Pepper on ice for you just in case..


Rox said...

Can't even buy 1.29 acres of bare land here for that price, never mind one with a house on it!

I've missed your West posts! What a delicious treat for a Sunday morning. I hope you stay away from all that deep fried goodness, don't need you keeling over on us!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Westfest sounds like it will be fun again this year! I hope the weather stays tolerably cool so everyone can enjoy it.

Now I want cake balls and ice cream. Your fault!

Jan said...

Happy eating yourself into a coma. Wish I could join you.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, cake balls. My mouth is watering.

I'm with Rox about the price of a house. When I read that I about died! I can't even say what that would cost here because it would depend on "what side of the tracks" it was located but the bottom line is for $125k in Jersey, you could buy yourself a tool shed.