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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

 me, my date(snort) Joshua's sister Hilary and their beautiful mom Sonya.

 he kept saying ho ho ho..I was starting to take offense.
 me and Joshua's son Cooper ..looks like his dad so much..he's 16 and is 6'4"..and still growing.
 he's such a hambone.

 John is standing between the girls and is Hilary's husband..it's funny there is a space between Peewee and Sonya, just like Josh was standing there..
 the world famous dr cujo..his wife and he beautiful kids..Cujo is Sonya's nephew..it's all in the family here in West.
 we all were having so much fun and not paying attention .no one remembered to take pictures till the end..we had a great time.no fist fights over the chinese christmas..I got a firestick.I brought a jar of moon shine and Thom got it ...
 Dylan and Grandpa..Dylan is first boy born  since his grandpa ..53 years..
 Dylan would not smile as long as we tried to make him smile..

 Dylan really likes Daniel..

 my step grandson and my buddy..
 Abby loves her skates..
 Thom and his youngest Jamie.
 Thom and Candy.
 solemn Dylan ..
I got a new couch from Thom and Candy..I'm so excited..will take picture when I get it in..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What great family photos! And a new couch -- how did they wrap that and get it under the tree, lol?

pam nash said...

Beautiful photos, lovely family. Extra nice that you were able to spend the time with many of them. And Santa came to your house for a photo session. NICE!

yellowdoggranny said...

it was a great christmas...everyone had a great time. the couch was in the back of Thom's truck..or the sleigh..ha..getting it Saturday..

Willym said...

Such great photos - particularly of my favourite Great-Grand Ma!

My hope for you, all those who love you and all who are loved by you, is that 2020 be a happy and healthy trip around the sun.

much love