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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

new mouse...isn't working..and I can't

move the mouse (this is what happens when your mouse doesn't work..the fucker.)by using the pad..I'm a mouse kinda girl..so no post today..hopefully I'll figure what the fuck happened and will be able to post before Friday..so cross your fingers and hope that I figure the broke mouse out..and how to make the fecking font smaller..later gaters


Debra She Who Seeks said...

As Jinx the Cat said -- "Oh those meeces! I hate them to pieces!" I hope you're able to figure out the issues and resolve them.

Leanna said...

love to eat them mousies
mousies I love to eat
bite hey little heads off
nibble they tiny feet
Kliban Kat

yellowdoggranny said...

bought new mouse works fine..will do a post Friday.right now I'm so tired I"m left handed..laters

wibble said...

'Ere now - I resemble that remark! ~:)P

pam nash said...

I have one of the wireless ones and it has a mind of its own - jumps everywhere! My sympathies!