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Friday, July 31, 2020

it's Friday yellerdawgers..lets here if for trump.all together now



Debra She Who Seeks said...

The adolescence one is right on. And speaking of being an adolescent, I got a good laugh at "Buffest, Buff and Buffet."


Debra, yes, buffet was my favorite..ha I also like the last one..match made in heaven..

Anonymous said...

Cinderella, good one. stay safe. Caren

Valerie said...

Great way to start the weekend! Thanks, Jackie Sue.

Richard said...

Thanks. Those were pretty good.

Mr. Shife said...

Wow. I guess I have had my buried in the sand regarding COVID deaths in South Korea. I didn't realize how few deaths they have had. At this point, it is ridiculous that anyone can even consider voting for that asshole. Good lord, that figure alone should make you repent for supporting 45.

Mildred Ratched said...

FUCK YOU TRUMP....wait! Did I say FUCK YOU TRUMP? Louder? Let me get my depends on first! Okay! Now I can give you all I've got! Are you ready?

and the horse you rode in on...oh, that was Melania, sorry, Melania!


thanks Carin, chin up tits out.
Valerie, thanks..considering I'm wore the fuck out..had abby all week and then olivia joined us thursday and friday..took the gg's home and dylan was so glad to see me he took everything out of the refrigerator and gave it to me..then when I thanked him and said we needed to put it back, he'd put something back and then we'd clap our hands..he cried and was whiny when I left..next weekend I'm having abby and dylan so mom and dad can have date night..I miss that little boy so much..went from seeing him 3-4 times a week and then nothing because of the covid.. so now that we've all been on lockdown I can see them more..
thanks Richard..I appreciate it..
isn't that the truth mr shife, isn't that the truth.
oh Mildren, you cracked me up..I laughed out loud...

Jerri said...

Sorry I'm late! Shoutout to the Loser-In-Chief...Fuck you, Donnie. You are an amoral black hearted vacuum. Waste of skin and oxygen. Yes, NOBODY with a lick of sense likes you. You are a joke, a loser. You're fooling NO ONE. You canceled the convention ' cause no one was coming. Karma will catch you. You too, Barr. There is a special place in hell for you.
Thanks, JackieSue . I feel much better.
In dire need of perspective and smiles...I AM the first meme.

First of all...demon sperm? OMG He IS throwing everything at us. Distraction is his managerial skill. But demon sperm?!?
Bet Coco understood the questions.
Chick-fil-a BBQ Passover .
Clackers! SO true.
And yes, Mr. Rogers, we can spell...and smell..."cover up". Oh, how I miss him.

Haven't hugged my grandkids since March. Leaves an ache. What do the kitties think of gg and vice versa? Thanks for the smiles. Be safe and avoid assholes.


ahh, Jeri, you bring joy to my heart...the gg's and kitties love each other..well abby and the kitties are a match made in heaven, but Olivia could care less..
I hate that you haven't hugged your grandkids since march..damn fucking trump...if he had did this right..? we'd be damn near over with it..

everyone have a great weekend..

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