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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


But this made me feel better...This is Buddy Guy, he http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC21GWwaqegwas on Letterman tonight singing this song...almost made me forget how miserable I am. I went to work Monday and Tuesday and today was sick again..actually never was UN sick but thought I was well enough to go to work....not!...Went back to Dr. E and he gave me some allergy meds that I have to take once a day along with the antibiotics and he also gave me a coupon for a free inhaler...which I take a hit off of once a day too. I feel a little better, but my chest still feels like I have an elephant sitting on it, throat is sore from all the coughing and just feel like shit ..sans the marshmallow in the center. I called Tom when I got back from the Dr. and he said he was more concerned about me getting well, and to know come back to work until I was. That Family $ gone along just fine before I came to work and they will get along fine without me and I needed to stay home and get rid of what ever the fuck it is that I have. I know what starts it...and as bad as I hate to even talk about it or think about it...I have to face the fact that I'm allergic to Annie and she's responsible for me getting so sick..I go along for a few months with just the sniffles and sneezing and then it builds up and I'm sick for any where from a week to 3 weeks...and then I start it all over again...I can't keep doing this...it's ruining my health..although I have lost another 4 lbs..but not exactly how I want to lose weight. Coughing till I throw up...and the antibiotics give me gas...I'm like a fart popcorn machine..fartfartfartfart....fart...pthththth, fart...I am convinced they don't smell, but that's because I can't smell anything anyhow..

I read in the DAM newspaper that the Nazi Pope is going to have people reading the Bible every day for a week...Where are all the Evelyn Woods readers when you need them?

I was going to post about the Horned Toad comeback, but I'm too fucking sick and tired. But for all of you that were raised in Texas and Oklahoma when you were young and remember the Horned Toad, and wondered why you don't see them any more..They're making a comeback...Texas Tech is breeding them and they have 30 brand new babies and they'll be breeding and making more little Horned Toads..I remember catching them when I was a kid and trying to make pets out of them. They would always die, so finally my Daddy said I couldn't capture them any more. Reading in the paper I find out that they live in an environment of 1,000 yards or better..and even picking them up and walking off with them for a few feet and putting them back will confuse them enough that they will die..I'm probably responsible for the death of 50 Horned Toads...I feel horrible..If you people that aren't from Texas, Oklahoma or Arizona you probably never saw a Horned Toad, but you can google them and see. I would do it for you, but I'm too fucking sick...and I'm going to take a big slug of cough syrup and go to bed..fuckme I'll never dance again.


Sling said...

This is no shit!..I used to catch horned toads(which my Texan Grandpa called 'horny toads') all the time when I was a kid growing up in southern California.
I'm talkin' 45+ years ago.
Then,for the longest time they just vanished.
Not two weeks ago I was watching the news about something or other that was going on around O-Town,and the camera focused on an actual horny toad basking in the sun!..That was so cool!

Elizabeth said...

I saw Buddy Guy on Letterman too. What a fabulous performance of an incredible song. Going to download it on itunes tomorrow. Sorry you're still sick. xoxo

Nit Wit said...

Gotta watch out for those Puddy Cats. They will steel your soul when you least expect it.
That Buddy Guy is pretty good. I always forget to record Letterman.
It's nice to know that your workplace hardly notices when your gone.
We notice when you don't post and feel poorer when you don't.
You could always shave all of Annie's fur off. But be sure to take pictures.

Nit Wit said...

I always thought a Horney Toad was just a women’s description of a fella.

Mittsie said...

Hope you're feeling better!! Let me know what your email address is that you use to log into blogger ... I'll add you to my "invite only" list on blogger. (Due to DRAMA LLAMAS, I had to make my blog by invite only!)

mrsb said...

I'm allergic to my cats. I take allergy meds every day, cuz I damn sure am not getting rid of my cats! My eyes still get goopy if one of them sits on my lap too long, but I deal with it.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

sageweb said...

oh I hope you get well soon. I am allergic to Cats and dogs. I just take the drugs and deal with it. I nevr saw a horny toad..but I feel like one.

sageweb said...

I cant get the link to work for the video. I wanna see.

Allan said...

Hope you are feeling better.

I read the Bible. It's so clumsily absurd on it's hypocritical face that reading it converted me to atheism, so maybe the Pope's idea isn't so bad.

PeeJay said...

Hope you get to feeling better. I'm just 34 but we caught horny toads when I was a kid too. We used to have regular toads all over the yard during the summer time too, but not any more. I haven't seen a horny toad since I was about 10 years old. I'm glad Tech is doing something useful.

yellowdog granny said...

sling:i would love to see one in the wild again..maybe some day
elizabeth:i LOVE buddy Guy..he is the man..Letterman always has the best bands on his show.
nitwit:I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Annie, Babs may be looking for a new pussy and may let her take her for me.
I miss posting too.
Nah, we just call them 'assholes'..ha
mittsie:it's jsroycroft
I'll try and come by and give it..
mrsb:I don't think I can take another pill a day for allergy's as it messes with my blood sugar count..
sage:i'll have to find a picture of one and put it up..maybe on the sidebar if I knew how.ha.
You a horny toad?....
sage:I thought i had deleted this post as I couldn't get the vidio to link up and was to sick to keep messing with it. so deleted the post..but it showed up anyhow..dang...so will also try and find the video of him singing it cause it's really really great.
allan:I think I'm going to read Shel Silverstein on my blog fo a week...think that would be more intertaining..

Roxrocks said...

Feel better, toots!

LostInColor said...

Take care of yourself and get better! I like that Buddy Guy song. When I went to school at New Mexico Tech there were Horned Toads all over the place.

rosemary said...

We have tons of cute little frogs in our yard looking for a warm spot....like in through the slider next to the heater. Not smart.

I am sorry you still don't feel well. I was sick last week....getting a flu shot tomorrow.

yellowdog granny said...

peejay:im just wondering if they can breed them and then put them out someplace in the wild..???
rox:im feeling a tad better...
lic:buddy guy rocks..
and i still want to have my own horned toad..
rosemary:i kept hinting to dr. e i wanted a shot, but he didn't go for it..

Anonymous said...

Well, that's two of us down for the count - one gimping on one leg and the other a fart machine ...

Life's a bitch.


Green tea said...

I can't be around cats either unless i take an antihistamine..
I accused my youngest son of getting a cat just to keep me away from his
love nest.
Told him it won't work, I'll double my pills.

hot blackberry brandy and water..try it..

That Rude Girl said...

Sending lots of good vibes your way, Jackie Sue. Hope you can get rid of whatever you have soon! We need you in tip-top shape on election day! :)

Cheesemeister said...

I'm sorry you're still so sick. Me and antibiotics don't get along very well either. The only one that doesn't give me the splats is Zithromax. Also, take a ton of acidophilus with it.
My colon tends to want to cut the cheese all the time as it is. I saw on some medical program where men fart more during the day and women fart more at night while sleeping. I guess that's because women think they have to hold it in during the day. It's all gonna come out sometime!

tsduff said...

We called them horny toads growning up... loved catching them in Malibu Canyon (rural, brushy canyon). I haven't seen one in years upon years - along with the black tarantulas and white & red velvet ants we loved to catch. I think they are becoming extinct.

Very sorry you are still sick. My Bear has had the creeping crud the past 3 days, and now, TONIGHT, alas it is my turn. I feel it coming on - tomorrow a.m. I will be singing the blues. Your "sick" saga inspires me... I know I'll live through it if you could. :)

tsduff said...

ps: I'm so sorry I missed the Goddess this trip... been gone myself, and now that I'm home... well, I'm just in the doldrums. I won't miss her next trip. Thanks for the heads up.

Ted said...

Will be lifting you in prayer.
I know for a freaking fact Il Duce wouldn't have people reading the Bible so they could learn the truth, so I wonder what he's up to.
Used to see horned toads all over my "second home state" New Mexico. Dint know they were in decline until now, much less making a comeback.
Looks like you're about to lose a good friend, if you wish to regain your health.

mrsb said...

Granny, you won the disco witch apron! I'm so jealous, I LOVE that thing, lol! You need to email me your info for shipping.

mrsbbradley AT hotmail DOT com

unokhan said...

last time he played here buddy guy led a procession outside and all the way around the arena and back inside --in the middle of the show-- he had a remote pick-up and never stopped playing.

hope you are on the mend now and your freak flag is flying high

Anonymous said...

Once when I was visiting my grandfather in Texas, I caught a couple of horny toads (I'm with sling, that's what I was told they were called) and made little yarn leashes so i could take them for walks. I did eventually re-release them in the yard where I found them, so I hope they were okay.

Anonymous said...

Just saw BG in this movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0372279/

yellowdog granny said...

ziyena:I'd rather be limping than farting.
greentea:im thinking about letting babs take her for a trial basis..vacuum really good, wash all sheets and see if my allergies get better. is they do, she will take annie and at least i'll be able to see her as she is 3 minutes away by walking..
rudegirl:take more than being sick to keep me from voting for 'that one'...
cheesy:if i didn't fart, I'd explode.
tsduff:hope you all get well faster than i did.im feeling a lot better, but still not 100%.
tsduff:Goddess will be back next week sometime.
ted:i really miss horny toads, and babs may take annie for me.
mrsb:cool...it's such a cute apron. can't wait to cook in it..thanks so much.
unokhan:buddy guy rocks..and i'm getting my freak back on..slowly but surely.
cotw:I used to capture them and lay them on their back and rub their tummy...they'd go right to sleep..
regalily3:i may have to buy that for my collection..it looks great..

evilganome said...

Love the Buddy Guy. Sorry about the allergies and the gas. I have trouble with antibiotics myself.

We didn't get horned toads here in the northeast, but I remember we used to be able to buy them in pet shops when I was a kid. My mom wouldn't let me have one.

I hope you are feeling better soon and cats are pure evil. Mine just demanded dinner in no uncertain terms. I will have to catch ask the goddess next time around.