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Friday, October 24, 2008


New Tricks centres around Sandra Pullman who out of desperation to put her flagging police career back on track recruits three old veterans to lend a helping hand.

They work cold cases...It's Sandra and the three old farts...It's my new favorite PBS show. It comes on Friday night at 10pm central time. They manage to solve the crimes, and they're all smart old dogs, trying to learn new tricks, but they are so goofy. They do the silliest things, and the dialogue is very funny and very smart...I just love this show...If you haven't seen it, you should check it out...What else is worth watching on TV on Friday night?...Well, there is LIFE, on NBC, with the hot redheaded English actor as a cop who was framed and did 10 years in prison (where he became one with Zen) before he was proved innocent and he sued the city of Los Angeles and won a multi-million dollar settlement and then goes back to work on the LAPD as a homicide Detective..Mainly to find out who framed him, Alan Arkin is his x-cellmate who was in prison for fraud or embezzlement and now is his money manager and room mate..I love this fecking show..
I know, I know..nobody watches TV but me...in between reading 5 books a week. Sigh*...I need a life.. This is the them song for the New Tricks TV show...I swear I wake up in the middle of the night and the song is running through my head...It's alright ..it's ok....doesn't really matter if your old and gray...ha..love the song..
ok...can you tell I'm bored...this is what you get when I'm bored. I'm looking for some old posts to reprint for all you newbies...Gotta go...there is a 1/2 pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream calling my name... Gonna split for some Banana Split...
New tricks theme song.
It's alright, it's ok,
doesn't really matter if you're old and grey
It's alright I say it's ok
listen to what I say!
It's alright, doing fine,
doesn't really matter if the sun don't shine,
It's alright it's ok
getting to the end of the day!
Hi tech low tech take your pick
cause you can't teach an old dog a brand new trick
I don't care what anybody says, yeah yeah yeah!
Those 2 verses are sung about 3 times by Dennis Waterman one of the main characters of the show.


Nit Wit said...

I also watch Real Time with Bill Mahar on HBO on Friday night along with Sanctuary. Mmmmmm Ice Cream.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I gotta check it out...I love PBS.

billy pilgrim said...

i smoked a little something and watched batman returns.

i'll have to watch the last 20 minutes again because i forget how it ended. i was basking in the glory of the riddler and mr two face.


nit:i wish i got hbo..i called my 'cable company' the ripoff..and wanted shotime to get dexter...they don't offer showtime..them bastids..i love bill mahar.
ted:it's really funny.
billy:i think you would like it..they do that british humor so well...
hahah...I'd have to play the entire thing over..I can only last about 15 minutes with reefer..

Anne Johnson said...

Hey, I thought I was Queen Annie, The Ruler of Every Fucking Thing! Now I know why my printer won't work. Send your kitty to fix it, please.

Nan said...

Haven't seen that show in the local listings. I'll have to look for it.