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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Pork roasts were on sale, and the more I thought about it the more I knew I had to make a green chili Pork Stew. It's one of my favorites...and is a combination of about 3-4 different recipes..it has tomatillos, green chili enchilada sauce, chicken broth, a small can of Herdez Salsa Ranchera (Mexicana) Sauce, which is red fire in a small can.But the flavor is so good..Let's see, green beans, corn, peas, mushrooms(fresh), carrots, celery, bell peppers, red onions, and the pork ...I take the roast and flour it with seasoned flour then sear it on all sides..take out of grease let cool, then cut into bite size pieces, toss it into the pot and let it cook for a couple of hours..I use canned corn, green beans and peas sometimes and then sometimes I use frozen. Doesn't matter. But I use fresh bell peppers, carrots, celery and potatoes. Depending on how much I plan on making is what makes the amounts..This is a big batch, so had one full can of every thing...The house smells delicious...I have the oldies and goodies station turned up full blast. Already made my trip to town, so I'm in till I go to work Monday. I think I may be better. I'm still coughing but I'm coughing up stuff and can breathe a lot easier...Still feel like hammered shit, but at least I think I see light at then end of the tunnel. Of course with my luck it'll be attached to a fucking train.
Oh..I was emailing Shady Lane and she mentioned something about the time she pulled a gun on some guy...I said what? I don't know that story, tell me all about it. She had some rich yuppie asshole, who will be referred to not by his given name, but by what he is..DICKHEAD. So anyhow, Brewster (husband) and her run Custom Fiberglass Boats in Austin, Texas and they have all the rich assholes for customers. So DICKHEAD brings in his boat and a box of parts. Not new parts with numbers, tags, or anything. Just a box full of parts. They end up doing $14,000 of work on the boat. Really entailed a lot of work, plus since they couldn't use the box o' parts, new parts. It comes time to pick up the boat and Brewster is out on a call and Shady's in the shop by herself when DICKHEAD and his DICKHEAD friend come in to pay for it..Except DICKHEAD starts whining and going on about it's too much money, why didn't they use the box o'parts, yada yada. Lane says it's $14,000 write me a check. DICKHEAD keeps whining, then it dawns on Lane, that she's there by herself and there are 2 DICKHEADS. So she goes to her car, reaches under the seat and pulls out her little velvet bag with her gun, takes out the gun, walks over slams the gun on the hood of his car and says "write the check." They wrote the check..I have such great friends.Have a great weekend..
Oh, the radio is playing " Midnight at the Oases."...I loooove that song..



oh man. I just had the first starter bowl of green chilie pork stew..it fucking rocks...I did good.

Wendy said...

I love it when DICKHEADS get what they deserve.

Course I also love food that takes all day to cook and makes the house smell like heaven. When can I come over!?

Jan said...

I thought that was how business with dickheads was always conducted by women in Texas.

rainywalker said...

The pork stew looks wonderful, gonna have to make a pot and see what my daughter thinks.

Robin said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this...but you owe me! I've been searching for a good green chile stew for ages...I get close, but notsa good! Pencil it, as best you can...and forward?

I say I'm crazy, wasn't it 3 weeks ago I said NO MORE CANNING!? Yeah, well! I lied! Made some more jalapeno pickle relish today, my garden coughed up enough so I owed it to them?!

But that was AFTER marinating my best beef jerky...ever...and after SE marinated his best summer sausuage...ever....my kitchen is hell...and going to get worse tomorrow when we cook it all!

ARRRGGHH! Glad you're better though...cedar shit going bye bye and I'll bet the pollen count was a huge part of your angst...take care of you!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Great that your feeling better.
Sounds like I'm gonna hafta fire up the crock pot and investigate this green chili pork stew bsns 4 myself...
Damn straight about the gun. When I was young, dumb and working 3rd shift convenience store clerk in Amarillo, I had a 15" length of concrete-filled led pipe under the counter "for emergencies" I called My Buddy. He damn near broke the legs of many a beer-run asshole as they made for the door Sunday nights without paying, as I was a deadly throw.
One night, four squad cars go racing by, headed for the Toot-&-Totum about three blocks away. Half an hour later, one of them stopped by and we got to talking about what happened. Seems some wetback tried to shake down the place and brought a knife to a gunfight, as the graveyard person there was a sweet li'l old lady named Maggie with a .44 magnum in her purse.
Cop said "Ya didn't hafta cut 'im in half, did ya?"
She said "Both halves match, don't they?"

Nit Wit said...

I cooked a giant batch of Spaghetti the other day and froze half of it. Good sweet Italian sausage and lots of spices.
Glad your feeling better and have the weekend to get even better.
I'm doing OK right now but don't go to any trouble about baby clothes. She has more than she will ever wear now. I'm not sure of the size now she walks real well and is getting taller. I once bartended in a disco bar and we had a band that was so bad we let them go after the first night and I got stuck doing the honors. My boss gave me this little pearl handled 32 in case of trouble. They tried to give me a hard time and that's when I opened my hand and they realized I was holding a gun. It was so small I could close my hand over it and nobody knew it was there.
I liked it better when we did show bands. We used to have The Drifters in when they still had a couple of the original members.
It's beginning to look like you’re my only reader now.
I recorded SNL tonight. Time to go watch Tina Fey if she's on and then get nightmares from Palin.

Nan said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Green tea said...

On my way to get my flu shot after reading your blog.
Too much to do in this last two weeks before the election..
Now about your Green Chili stew,
when you are forwarding your recipe to Robin add me the the list...

Josh said...

Wow, that sounds delicious. I'm going to have to talk my mom into making that. I don't trust myself in a kitchen; I've had too many kitchen mishaps over the years that frankly I have no excuse for. (Cooking ravioli in a plastic cup in the microwave, ferinstance.)

Robin said...

You just THOUGHT you were feeling better. This game is going from bad to worse, to hell.

Ohmyhead! Yikes!


wendy:come on over I still have a huge pot of it..
jan:seems to be doesn't it..
rainy:i hope it comes out good for you..it's a big hit here.
robin:sent the recipe, hope it turns out ok..I'm thinking that jalapeno relish would be good in it.
ted:I think I'm going to have to actually write the recipe down in my files as I've been asked for it by everyone..
texas women like to handle our bidness with guns..
nitwit:oh i love italian sausage sauce..can't eat the pasta but can eat that sauce.
I'm feeling so much better..well, except for the cowboys lost.
I'd say I'm 95% better.
ok you guys go read nitwit...that's an order..
I've only used a gun once and you all know how that turned out.
sarah just stood around while they insulted her..she's so lame.
nan:I really am..still coughing but not like before and can breath so much better now.
geen tea:sent you the recipe..hope you like it.
josh:if you want i'll send the recipe to you.
robin:arghghg, don't even want to talk about it..I quit watching it a 3rd quarter..watching band of brothers.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

My only issue with guns is they're much quicker and merciful than most DICKHEADS deserve.
My Buddy was great for delivering just the right amount of whup-ass, and right on target when used properly...Besides, most law regarding A&B/ADW allows you ONE free hit, and with that pipe, that was usually enough.
"I dunno where that thing came from, Officer...He musta' been carryin' it under his coat, dropped and tripped over it. After all, he was fuckin' drunk!"

"And remember kids, weapons of mass destruction CAN be dangerous, and should only be handled by professional homicidal maniacs and mass murders...DON'T try this at home!"

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Vikings, Colts AND Cowboys got beat...I can't take anymore; my ass hurts!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

That sounds delicious!

evilganome said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Stew sounds great. It was 36 degrees when I woke up this morning and I guess it really is time to start thinking soup and stew here in the northeast.

sageweb said...

I am hungry for your stew. But too lazy to cook it myself.

LostInColor said...

I'll take a bowl of that stew! YUM!


ted:I had a friend that carried a bag of oranges to use as a weapon. slam up side the head..didn't kill them but sure hurt like hell. 'no officer, i didn't mean to knock him out, but i needed to protect myself and that is all i had.
and football will drive you to drink.
mrsb:it really is good. even if i do say so myself.
evilgnome:it turned out better than i thought and my friend babs liked it so well, we went to the store got all the ingredients and I made her some. she copied down the recipe which is more than i did.
but i think i will figure it out and post it so everyone can have it to try.
sage;hey, babs can make it..it took less than an hour to make.
lic:come on over still have a bunch left..

Allan said...

95% is a lot better! Hoping for 100!

AngelConradie said...

cheez an rice woman... while it sounds divine, and i am hungry, i will have to leave the hot stuff to you!

tsduff said...

How can anything be so impossibly delicious? Ummm, I must have some green pork stew. Food of the gods.

PICO said...

nothin' finer than green chile pork stew. Now, me, I'm a purist. I need me some hot Hatch green chiles, white potatoes, tomatillos, carrots, onions, and cilantro. Maybe some pintos. And then a stack of warm corn tortillas and a fridge full of beer (NOT Coors).

I like your site. More please. And then check mine. You'd be welcome. It's called Wild Chihuahuas: http://www.wildchihuahuas.blogspot.com

All the best!

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