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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Only good thing?...I'm 60-23-3.


Jan said...

Today was a day for incredible endings to the games. You gotta admit that was an incredible one.

texlahoma said...

Sorry your cowboys got beat. Even OU got beat on Saturday by some team. I can't remember who it was.

Ted McLaughlin said...

I thought we were supposed to have a great offensive line, but today they couldn't seem to block anyone. Today was just embarrassing -- something has to be done.


jan:no i don't.
tex:now i know how you felt yesterday..but damn texas and texas tech and baylor played some FOOTBALL yesterday...
today...not so much.
jobsanger:the coach needs to bip some heads and kick some ass..i want to see some emotion on the sideline

Robin said...

texlahoma..I know! I know! Picke me! THAT was a GREAT game.

Especially in comparison with todays. Offensive line just folded, Romo is going to be sore as hell tomorrow. But I have to admit, so will Warner. Weird damn game.
What I saw that irritated me is our defense just "hitting" guys like they were two-a-day dummies instead of wrapping them up and taking them to the ground! It seemed like it took 3 lineman to take down one runner!

The Cardinal Receiver (you know who I'm talking about, can't remember his name because the dred's covered it up...and SE has the volume so low only normal people can hear it...and that ain't me!) Anyway, that guy...great hands, amazing catches. I was torn being wanting to kill him or recruit him!

It was almost a red letter weekend! Texas beat OU!!! (Oh yeah, texlahoma...that'd be them! lol!) Tech pulled one out of their ass. A&M got smacked (which I love!) and (drumroll please!) Texas is now NUMBER ONE in the polls! (which may not be good, #1 teams have a tendency to get smacked!).

All in all...and okay weekend for me...except the cowboys...I have wine!

Nit Wit said...

I still think there is something wrong with you doing so well in the pool when your team gets beat.
The reason they have no fire on the sidelines is they are all busy worrying about what's going to happen to their portfolios when the stock market opens this morning.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"Every time it looks like we're about to score...heheeet,he...an' we don't score!...hehe, he...Dammit!"
- Beavis

billy pilgrim said...

did jessica simpson give romo the clap? he doesn't look the same.


robin:it always hurts more after a loss..when your a winner the pain is nothing.
I've been watching the quarterback for Texas Tech since he was a freshman at Ennis High School..that Gramham Harrell is fucking fantastic...always wanted cowboys to draft him.
texas is #1..far fucking out.
nitwit:did you see the shot of romo on the side line with fulk/folk what ever his name is kicked the tying field goal?..like we had lost the game.it's contagious from the coach on down..everyone acts like they have better things to do..fuck,makes me crazy..im at home screaming yelling, having a stroke and coughing my lungs up and they act like their going to a pta meeting...arghghghg
Ted:my sons always called me butthead and i call them the 'bevuses'..
billy:i think she's cut him off or something...no pussy, no td's...jeez!

Allan said...

My team lost to Houston. On a QB sneak with 0:02 to go...know any good bridges I can jump off of?

Anne Johnson said...

I knew I'd see a lot of f-bombs here today. Am not gonna rub it in. It was a tough game.

sageweb said...

Dammit they screwed me again

Travis Erwin said...

But my Saints won!