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Friday, October 24, 2008


My BABY PHATS, and Queen Annie, Her Royal Highness, The Ruler Of Every Fucking Thing.(her official title)
I love my Baby Phats.. Even if they are two big..I wear a 61/2 and these are 71/2...but when Shady Lane got them for me, I still had swollen feet from my diabetes..then I lost 40+ more lbs and now they're too big, so I don't wear them as often as I would. But every time I wear them I get comments. Everything from Oh those are cool, to what the fuck?...I mean, really...West, Texas isn't exactly the lime green metallic tennie shoe type of town. ha.
Gotta go ..the Kolache Fairy left me a Charlotte type Kolache at Babs house, and I can hear it calling my name from here....
Jaaaaaaaaaaccccccckiiiiiiiiiie.....come eat me...So what if it's all my carbs for the day...it's blueberries/cream cheese wrapped in crispy filo dough...It's hell living in a town with 5 bakeries..


sageweb said...

Oh my goodness those shoes are somethin' else. I bet you get a lot of "what the fuck" comments.

Oh the kitty in her thrown is adorable.

jan said...

Are you turning into a fashion blog? Those are really cool shoes, but I'm not sure how you would accessorize them.

I don't actually know what that means, I read it someplace.

mrsb said...

Haha! If I didn't have orangutan size feet, I'd offer to buy those from you! Awesome!

Roxrocks said...

Bitch, now THAT'S A PAIR OF SHOES!!!! Love 'em!

LostInColor said...

Green shoes! Love them! And the pictures of the Her Royal Highness all perfect, beautiful kitty.

Raspootin said...

Yum Kolache, my sister in law's mom makes that every christmas from her traditional Polish receipe, kind of my Xmas highlight!

Nan said...

Great shoes. Glad you're feeling better.

Ted said...

My son Justin would love them gaudy-ass shoes, and would probably give you phat jack for them.
NEVER had kolache (not sure how it's pronounced either) but it sounds incredible.

texlahoma said...

I don't even know what a kolache is but it sound great. 5 bakeries? Wow, we don't have any!
Oh yeah, a strange cosmic thing happened. I forgot my password to some stupid website. I could reset it or just let them send me one so I opted for just send me one. Guess what it was.
It was YELLOWDOG! Spooky, I think we were destined to meet on the web. Maybe that was just a push that had already been set into motion in case we hadn't met yet. I probably would have googled Yellowdog just for the heck of it and found your blog that way.

yellowdog granny said...

sage:i just wish they fit me better..yeah, annie is a pretty girl..and she really does think she's a queen.
jan:i just wear them with jeans and tshirts..they go with everything ..haha
mrsb:maybe I should have a contest and the winner gets the baby phats..ha
rox:nana nana boo boo...hahahah..I have em and you dont..hahah
lic:i think i should get annie some of her own baby phats.ha
raspootin:we have some poles here, but mostly czech's and germans.
nan:i feel good, but still coughing and peeing...
ted:hah, like i said.i may have a contest for them..
oh kolaches are so good..especially the way gericks makes them. they are the size of a softball..
tex:see, now you have to come to westfest..we were fated to know each other..come on down and i'll make gr. chili stew and give you kolaches till you slip into a sugar coma.
that is so weird that your password is yellowdog...betcha don't forget that one..

rainywalker said...

I have been making Kolache's for about 40 years at Christmas each year. In Ohio they call them Balish. I have made the ones that have filling in the center and the ones that are folded over. The ones I like the best are the homemade nut filled ones. I have found that if you put them in a sealed tub for about three days, they taste different. But they are my favorite anyway!

Just Kim U said...

Yeah...I'm finally back this way to make a comment or two.

5 bakeries? Holy moly...wow. My kids would pester me everyday. Every. Day. :)

Nit Wit said...

You need to wear two or three pair of orange fuzzy socks then they will fit perfectly. One of the supermarkets here and the local bakeries make Kolache's at Christmas and Easter. All different kinds.
Strange things happening today.
Tex and the Yelowdog password is strange and last night My son The Artist called from Pittsburg to see if I could put some money in his account so he could buy some shoes to wear if he gets the job at the theater near his dorm.
I came home and looked at my homepage to see my fortune for the day and it said: Don't spend too much money on shoes.
Then I came to visit you and here are shoes.
There's a new show on Sci-Fi channel called Sanctuary that I haven’t made up my mind on, but I love Heroes.

Josh said...

Hot damn honey, those are some sweet-ass shoes.

billy pilgrim said...

baby phats or converse?

which brand gets the most wear?

yellowdog granny said...

rainy:ive never made them..why learn to make something you can buy all over town?..ha..the one bakery that is on I-35 is for tourists..the one in town makes kolaches about the size of softballs. more fruit, less dough..and the charlottes are fantastic. they also make the sausage ones and they have one that is breakfast sausage with cheese and it's so good..babs my friend loves them...it's all local made sausage too.
justKim:if you get up about 4-5am and go outside ..the aroma is killer...all of the bakeries pumping out bread, kolaches, rolls, cakes, pies...it's like heaven.
nitwit:i wear a pair of purple halloween socks with them..they have vampires all over them..ha.
dang, I think I hear the theme from the twilight zone playing in the background..shoes, yellowdog passwords..how cool is that..
I've watched sanctuary and so far I like it but it's hard for me not to do double takes over the lead actress in a brown/black wig(or dye) after seeing her for so many years as a blond on stargate...and I keep looking for the rest of the crew to show up..ha..
oh...angie baby is playing on my radio..just listened to imagine by john lennon...I love sat's with my radio.
allan's radio show will be starting soon.

That Rude Girl said...

Cool shoes! Annie looks so cute in her bed! All hail the Queen!