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Monday, March 09, 2009


Babs emailed me this morning to remind me that it was THE DAY. Yupper, the day the ladies of Bold Springs Baptist Church make their cheesebugga's...So I zipped by Community Grocery and snagged me 2 Dublin Dr Peppers and then drove the 5 blocks or so to BSBC and parked in front of the No Dogs Allowed sign and chuggged my ass into the Church's center. Was in such a rush I rushed right by the lady that takes the money...She laughed and said I don't think I've ever seen anyone in such a hurry...since the last time you were here. $7 for 2 great cheesebugga's...Mine with the works and Babs dry with lettuce..Took it over to Babs and we had lunch together then sat out in front of her apt. and watched Bandit silently beg for bones, treats, scraps, etc. Fattest little beggar you've ever seen. Then we watched Tina T. ...she is a character..Babs didn't let her out for the longest time, and now that she's had a taste of freedom, she's all over the place...when Babs was walking me back to the truck Tina went up the tree in the front by the roof and yes...she got on the roof and went from one end of the apts. to the other...I thought for sure we were going to have to get a ladder to get her down, but she figured out (with some coaching by Babs) how to get back to the tree and come down. I'm telling you...she has no fear..She was named well..Tina Turner would be proud.
This morning I planted seeds in my little pots..2 rows of parsley, 2 rows of yellow squash, 2 rows of zucinni and 2 rows of eggplants. I also planted about 8 okra seeds too. I was over at BuzzardBilly's and she was showing all the seeds of 'maters she was going to plant..Oh my Goddess, what a treasure hold of tomatoes...I've never seen such terrific tomatoes...I mean really..unfecking believable..
So what else..oh..had a cool weekend..One of the kids that used to hang with my kids when they were teens and is like one of my own kids just got out of Federal Prison..seems like they frown on making your own speed...or at least being in possession of 532 packages of sudafeds...ha..I say kid, but he's not a kid any more..He's 39..and has learned his lesson. He'll be officially out of the half way house on Juneteenth..Which if you live in Texas is a African American Holiday. It's when the white folk of Texas decided to tell the black folk of Texas 'oh incidentally...y'all is free now'...2 years after they were actually set free..So on June 19th, it's a big celebration ...Lots of Big Red's are consumed..So Mike will be able to go about and be a free person, except for 3 years of probation. This past weekend is the first weekend he got to spend at home here in West at his Dad's house. So I made him a pecan pie to take back with him to the half way house..Got to spend some great quality time with him. He's a good person...just made a mistake and paid for it..His birthday and my daughter MOJO's birthday are on the same day and for years and years they have celebrated their birthday's together. Mojo said when she moved to San Francisco that celebrating her birthday was just not the same with out Mike there to celebrate it with her.
Saturday while I was out finding boxes for the books at the library and trying to unload all them fecking Texas Highway magazines I ran into Inky's big brother Mike..you remember, the Heart of Texas Snake Handler? The one that kisses cobras? Any how he's back from Arizona and I got to see him, and that was terrific..Hadn't seen him in a year...So got to see 2 friends I haven't seen in over a year and that's a good thing. Also got to see Inky's wife Anessa and kid Devin...I haven't seen Devin in about 4 months and holy shit..The kid is damn near 6 feet tall and he's only 14 years old...I asked Anessa how the other two boys were and she said one's in trouble and one's in jail...So things haven't changed on that front...sigh*..Damn I'm glad I don't have to raise a kid today. There is nothing for them to do but get into trouble..Especially in West.
Well, I've run out of bullshit, so guess it's time to go finish reading my Scarpetta book...It's hard reading..usually I really enjoy her books, but this one is not doing it for me. Besides I think I'm ready for a nap after the BSBC cheesebugga...y'all come back and see me y'hea?
I tried to down load some pictures of the snake round up but blogger is fucking with me..so will do them at a later date..
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Rainwolf said...

Scarpetta being a hard read is not encouraging, Annie just left it ont he table for me. I just started The Simple Truth by Baldacci.
Catching up on all these years I was illiterate.

Lilly said...

I for one love your bullshit.

And I love me some cheeseburgers too. Home made ones like you no doubt got. I made a hamburger on Saturday with the works - so damn good arent they?

So you are one with nature and your vege garden are you? Nothing better. My parent live off their vege garden. I would like to live off the land except I am seriously too lazy I think. Yep I would hate to be a kid nowadays too. It was bad enough bringing up my daughter - we got there in the end but it was a struggle. Glad things have worked out for 'the kid'. I hope things go from strength to strength for him. Pecan pie, you never so much as offered me any. Hey, how about your recipe then? Do you ever go to San Franciso to see MOJO? Never been there but my daughter has. She got mistaken for a homeless person and someone tried to offer her money (long story - lets just say she is her mother's daughter all over).

yellowdog granny said...

rainwolf:its ok...but just slow moving..but the baldacci book rocked...I love his books..
lily:haven't been back to San Francisco since I left there in 93...want to go back for a visit with with her.
shallow dish:
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup kayro syrup
3 eggs room temperature
3/4 stick of room temperature butter
1 tsp vanilla
dash (a little over 1/2 tsp) salt.
mix it all up pour into shell then add 1 cup of pecans.I use my finger to sort of blend the nuts in till they are covered...bake in 350 preheated oven..for about 45-50 minutes..all ovens are different..till the pie don't jiggle.
if you use a deep dish pie shell make it 1 cup sugar 1 cup kayro...
you'll know it's done when its a rich golden brown..some people like the nuts really crunchy and cook it till it's a darker brown..I like it the rich golden brown color.

jan said...

After Scarpetta left Virginia, I thought the books went downhill fast. I loved the early ones with all the gruesome details.

You should organize West into a horticulture and garden club society to help with your gardening and keep them out of jail.

sageweb said...

Yummy. very cool that life is good. IT is too bad that kids dont have a lot to do in West...that is like the town I grew up in. If you hang around after 18 you are sure to end up in jail.

tsduff said...

We had a hard frost last night... I wasn't expecting it and didn't even cover up my orange tree. So no seed planting going on around here quite yet. Yours sound great though. And why do I all of a sudden have a hankering for cheeseburgers?

Intense Guy said...

Who needs speed when ya got homemade Cheeseburgers, pecan pie, and eggplant on the horizon?

Well, except for maybe that guy handling and kissing the snakes.

angel said...

that burger sounds divine... i could so do with one now!
which scarpetta are you reading?

yellowdog granny said...

jan:i agree and hate that she had marino rape scarpetta...that sucked
i think it's going to take more than a garden club to keep these assholes out of jail.
sage:there is just nothing for them to do.really sad.
tsduff:baaaaaacon and cheeseburger.goood!
intenseguy:we do have great food here.and you would think that's enough to keep us happy..but noooo.ha
angel:the name of the book is called scarpetta...it's the latest one..i'm further along and it's getting better, but not the same..

Roxrocks said...

Again, I'm days behind. Love the stumbles and the lolcats. The grey one with the white feet laying in the sunbeam looks just like my Kamir!

I'm a Scorpio too!

And I feel like crying when I read about planting seeds. Jackie, we still have two feet of snow on the ground!