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Friday, March 06, 2009


I'm cheating and doing some more of these because I need to get them off my computer..so I can add more...on the ones with print you can double click on them and they will get bigger..or they're supposed to.
have a great weekend...js


Pom said...

LOVE the thumb war one... my daughter used to do the "1,2,3,4.." thing to us all the time a few years ago!

I have a theory about the breast ogling article. It's a conspiracy by the American Beef Council! Why? you ask. Well men in this country start staring at breasts "for their health" which leads to women in this country punching them in the eye and what do men put on black eyes? That's right! STEAK!! (notice the research had to be done in Germany!) They'll be rolling in the dough.

texlahoma said...

Those cattle ranchers are a tricky bunch!

Lilly said...

Hhe he. Love the Madonna one, and the patience one and, well all of them. So clever!

Elizabeth said...

Mission accomplished! I did LOL! Yay!

Josh said...

Oh, that religion one is zing-eriffic. :)

rainywalker said...

Say, what does that banner on the bus mean about flying into buildings? The second half doesn't make sense. I know I'm stupid?

yellowdog granny said...

pom:you may be on to something with the steak on the eye thing.ahah
tex:what? did i miss something?
lily: i can actually see her out on the road grabbing her crotch at 90 yers old..ha
elizabeth:my work here is done.
josh:right on the nail head huh?
rainy:you josh right?

Intense Guy said...


I really like that dog that wants a night light.

Be right back, gonna take my medicine and ogle a couple breast for a half hour!

buddha_girl said...

I'd bet money that my HG would say he's known about the boobie gawking thing for years.

yellowdog granny said...

intnenseguy:you made me laugh.
buddha:im sure there alot of ole boys in the know on that subject..ahah

kath said...

I love LOL cats ! I swear it keeps me going on those long days. I read a few Scarpetta.. the new ones are not as good imo

I am currently reading The Kennedy Legacy: Jack, Bobby and Ted and a Family Dream Fulfilled
By: Vincent Bzdek . I got it to review and I am loving it. I have been a huge admirer of Ted Kennedy for years. I like him even more after reading this.

I have a Dean Koontz from my B-I-L to read next, I think. Will see when I am done witth the kennedy book.

I have become hooked on the show House. He is a mean SOB.. and I hate him. I watch the show all the time as it is always on one of those rerun networks..

more funny photos please

take care

Heidi said...

Those are really funny. Love the kitty in front of the CAT. Also loved the big kitty and the little puppy eating.

sageweb said...

Oh all these were so good..I am using the thumb war one today!

tsduff said...

Holy Cow - that Madonna one is making me laugh! I once took my young girls to see her - not understanding that at the time her tour was all about rolling on the oversized stage bed with a bunch of guys simulating sex... nothing wrong other than I wouldn't have brought my 11 and 9 year old daughters to her show had I known... there is a time and a place for such stuff.

tsduff said...

I'm just dying here... they are all too funny!

angel said...

i LOVE lolcats!!!