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Sunday, March 29, 2009



tsduff said...

I don't think anyone can tell you are a cat person at all... ha ha. I like the one with the skunks - I think I better get my glasses prescription updated because there are a few of those around here.
Hugs and best thoughts and prayers for Annie xo

Elizabeth said...

Still no word on Annie? I'm so sorry! Hugs and prayers for you and her!

billy pilgrim said...

i've lost track of all the cheeseburgers i've fed to dogs. i had a dog that ate everything but the pickle, he wouldn't eat the slice of pickle for all the tea in china.

sending cosmic healing vibrations annie's way.

sageweb said...

love all the stumbles..good laugh

kath said...

These crack me up ! lol

hugs to you and Annie~

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Too bad you don't like cats. They're a ball!:)

I know a little of what you're feeling. The first dog that ever owned me as an adult, started stumbling, as his back haunches would temporarily give out. The vet said it was a bad disc in his spine, and there was nothing could be done; it would only get worse. It did, until one morning I got up for work, and instead of running over to lap my face, my precious dog was dragging himself across the floor with his front paws, tail wagging in greeting. I knew it was time. I walked into our vet carrying my dog and crying like a baby. I don't think I stopped all day.

Animals are pets. They can't take themselves to the Doctor at any time like we can. They are totally Dependant on us to know when it's time to give them the last, and greatest, gift of love we will ever give them. Peace from their suffering.

I hope it doesn't come to that for your Annie. I hope you have many more years together. But if it does, I pray that your higher power will give you the strength to give your friend the greatest gift of love you can give.

Heidi said...

When you hear something about the little sweetie, I hope it is good news! I love the cat chewing on the croc. I don't understand what is so great about those shoes. They look so uncomfortable! I saw a woman wear them to a job interview once and just about fell over.

Intense Guy said...

I love the one about the "stiff neck" ROFLMAO!!

And the one about looking for the chicken of the sea... LOL..

Thanks Granny! :)

Hope Annie improves today!

yellowdog granny said...

tsduff:i like the frankly my dear i dont give a meow..
taking annie to the vets today..called the other vet and told him he'd never tough another animal of mine again.bastid.
elizabeth:took her outside to eat some grass and she just laid there,couldn't move.
billy:my bestest dog ever Bill loved hotdogs but didn't like onion on them..loved the relish and mustard..but no onions.
hope the healing wishes work.
future:made me cry and taking your advice to heart..we go to the vets today.
heidi:they have to be the ugly's shoes since the oxford saddleshoes..when they were popular i was about 13 and i refused to let my mother buy me a pair.said they were too ugly to put on my pretty feet.'

rosemary said...

Waiting for any news.....love to you Jackiesue...and Annie too

Ted said...

Jesse&Al going POOF! takes the cake.
Too bad all the rights-cause/gimme-group heads can't freaking disappear, or at least become irrelevant like the "Kock Krunchin' Krapheads".

Nan said...

Love the old dude sitting there in the breeze.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Annie.

McRaven said...

Very funny stuff. Love you and my thoughts are with you today.