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Thursday, April 02, 2009


We have had some excitement lately with the First Lady of Texas being here to help us celebrate out induction into the Main Street City's of Texas. They will contribute some money which I think the city will match to renovate the main Street of West, which coincidentally is Main Street. They also choose a building that represents West to have a painting done of it, and it's the Old Corner Drug Store. Which hasn't changed all that much. Well, I don't think Kirk sells .5cent cigars any more and there is only one front door instead of two for the main entrance and they have added a side door that opens out to Oak Street. They will be remolding the main street to look like it did say 100 years ago...Which will be pretty cool..I'd like to see them put out more benches an plants too.
The sad news is, ole Freddy Shaw is retiring after 32 years with the phone company. He was never just your average telephone guy. He's rescued cats from trees, tennis shoes off wires, or trimmed some trees for you. Once he got a call to a house for repair and found a lady all upset because her husband had bought her a new car and she wouldn't drive it because she was afraid it wouldn't drive like her old car. So Freddy got in the car and drove it up and down her drive way assuring her that it was just like the old car and would be fine for her to drive.
Once when he was at my old house working on the wires(every time it would rain the phone would quit working, he finally replaced every wire on the outside for me.) and I gave him a glass of tea, which started us talking about teas in general and then I said something about my grandma used to make tea with a weed that grew wild out in the fields and he said his mom used to make him wild tea also..He said he s
aw it growing out on some of the old roads he would drive on to repair jobs and would bring me some the next time he found some. Well, you know people say that kind of stuff all the time...but I'll be damn if about 3 months later here comes Freddy with a huge handful of wild tea weed, so I fixed up a jar and we had a nice cold glass of wild tea. He does a lot of work at the Bold Springs Baptist Church and most of his friends call him either Deacon Shaw or Brother Freddy. Let me be the first to tell you ..this is a gentleman...and a gentle man. Everybody needs a Freddy Shaw in their life.
St. Mary's is having their annual drive through Stations of the Cross this Sunday. West KJZT is sponsoring a bake sale from 10a.m.-1 p.m. at St Mary's cafeteria. SPJST Youth Club is scheduled to meet from 1-3 p.m Sunday at Lone Star Hall. Each child needs to bring 12 eggs for a Easter Egg Hunt. KJT, KJXT is having a pancake breakfast from 7 a.m.-10 a.m. Sunday at St Mary's cafeteria. the price of the breakfast is free-will donation. Everyone is asked to be generous as all proceeds from this will go to help defray education expenses for Father Anthony Odiong, who will be continuing his education this summer at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio.
The Boy Scouts are still collecting aluminum cans, Goddess knows what they do with the money. They have been collecting them for 30 plus years and I have never once read about what the spend the money on. Smokes and beer, knowing these Czech kids.
Last week we had 3 deaths and about 8 births, so that was a nice balance for us. This week no deaths, and one birth. Luke Michael Lednicky weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20 inches long. The Mynarcik family's are having a reunion at the K.C. grounds. Meat, utensils, tea and coffee will be provided, and those attending are asked to bring veggies, salads, or desserts.
Renee Gremminger and Thomas Gillette exchanged vows on February 21. They will be honeymooning in Jamaica, which is a popular spot for honeymoons here in West. I'd hate to say it's because of the ganga, but who knows.
Jessica Russell, a FFA member from Abbott(Willie Nelson's home town, 9 miles away) exhibited the grand champion Hampshire Barrow in the Junior Barrow Show at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Nice pig Jessica.
They are still looking for meteorites and offering big money for them.
Lady Trojans split with China Spring and Hillsboro in softball. We have a kick ass softball team every year.
West Trojans are 1-1 in District. Three West Trojan power lifters placed at the regional meet.Tommy placed third in the 114 pound division by lifting 340 pounds in the squat category and 320 in the dead lift for a total of 825 pounds. Tyler Klander and Chase Marak placed 4th and 5th. The West High School Dazzler Dance Team completed in the Heart of Texas Classic Dance Competition and brought home 5 awards including the sweepstakes trophy and the Gussie Neil Davis Award, as well as the Judges Award for Pom, Best Overall Precision and Best Overall Presentation.
West Food Mart has shoulder roast on sale for $1.99 a pound. Community Grocery has Catfish fillets on sale for $3.29 a pound.
If your interested in some land you can get 134 acres, nice elevations, scenic view overlooking creek, pasture land with hay field, large tank, road frontage on 2 sides for $2,500 an acre. There is a very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 10 acres with great floor plan, beautiful kitchen, extra garage or shop with unfinished loft, small pond, coastal and paved road frontage in West for $235,000. If your looking for a LVN/RN job, we have plenty. Between the assisted living home they just opened up and the West Rest Haven (or as we call it ..The Old Farts Home)...they are always looking for help. Or you can buy a nice 1991 Infiniti convertible for $1,495. Jill Blaha will be hosting the PBS music show Texas Music Cafe. A similar to Austin's City Limits. Except with bands no one has ever heard of..
Babs and I went to town today to terrorize the locals. We were harassing each other at Community Grocery, forcing Patsy to tell us 'Now you girls behave.'.....We stopped at Family Dollar to check out the rakes($5) and talked to Jennifer who was whining because I hadn't baked her anything for a while. Told her since it has been a little cooler at night I'd bake her a pecan pie..She said 'oh I'd love a piece...' and Babs said no..she doesn't do pieces she does whole pies...' Jennifer was jumping up and down and fanning her face, saying 'oh I'm going to cry'...So now I have 2 pies to make for tomorrow..Can't bake one and not make one for ole Babs. Which reminds me..The other morning the phone rings at about 6:30 a.m. and I'm thinking 'there better be blood involved'...and it was Babs. She says 'get up we have to be in Dallas by 9 a.m.' I'm thinking 'we?'...She has been having a little problem with her eye that she had the surgery on and the Dr. made her an apt. at Desoto, which is about 50 miles from here. So she drives and won't let me sing the blue bonnet song and got tired of me going 'baaaaacon, baaaaaaacon' every 20 minutes or so. She gets her eyes checked (after a nice cholesterol laden breakfast burrito at Sonic's) and they of course dilate her eyes and she gets a clean bill of health and we head back to West. I'm not good at driving other people's cars..I drive a small Mazda truck with standard transmission. She has a SUV the size of Nevada and it's an automatic. I kept stomping on the non existent clutch and shifting all the time. Plus she's happy with the results and is chipper and chatty...I'm steering the Queen II and freaking out and she's giving me directions and alerting me to every lane change, and construction sign...Yes, terrific, I'm glad you can fucking see Babs, but I can see too...I came home ate, fed Annie and fell asleep in my new $25 recliner for 4 hours. I don't travel well anymore.

Going to take Annie back to Dr. Tom tomorrow. Hope he will say she's well enough not to have to be seen 2-3 times a week anymore..She's more mobile than she has been, but still has no control over her bowels, plus her tail just droops...she can't hold it up...that's sad...Welp folks...it's time for me to fix my eggplant lasagna for dinner and then watch the saddest night on TV....last showing of ER....feck...I'm really going to miss that show. Was hoping someone would pick it up and keep it going. Guess not..Damn..what will I do now on Thursday night at 9 p.m. central time?...I know I'm not watching that buttroy Leno. I'd rather have my nose picked by Edward Scissorhands. Fuck me I'll never fly a kite again.


Junebugg said...

I can just picture you and Babs on the trip back home (snicker) You two are a hoot and I miss y'all both.

Did you ever find the special food for Annie? If not let me know and I'll search around here and if I find it I'll overnite express it to ya

Sling said...

You got it made there in West doll.
Good friends and neighborspecan pies,and an unbeatable price on shoulder roast.
That's the good life!

Disturbed Stranger said...

You are full of spirit :)

Intense Guy said...

Thats great story about the weed tea. :) Sounds like yet another thing to drag my butt to Texas for...

Kulkuri said...

I know how it goes with being used to driving one vehicle and then driving another. When I was in high school I had a '35 Ford with a floor shifter. When I would drive another vehicle my right hand would be all over reaching for the shifter. A friend said when he was in Britain, his right hand kept reaching for the shifter and he would beat the hell out of the door doing so.

Roxrocks said...

Did you notice Jackie that there is a new show debuting (is that spelled right?!) next week in ER's time slot? It looks like it might be okay. I've skipped the last few seasons of ER but I've been watching it lately and I watched it last night and only cried 14 times! I love Carter! Anyway. Like all good things, it had to come to an end. They had a good run.

Poor Annie. Are there little kitty pants you can put on her? I hope they can help her.

sageweb said...

Oh I love that Jessica has a nice pig!
You and Babs are probably like West's version of Thelma and Louise. I really would have loved to be in the back seat of that drive home.

billy pilgrim said...

that's a lot of news.

evilganome said...

Sounds like you've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Annie.

Glad the new recliner is working out.

yellowdog granny said...

junebugg:we are so goofy..i swear..
she is eating nothing but the canned AD feline now, which is about $10 for 5 cans..which is arghghgh as she eats 2 cans a day..feck!
but she's doing so much better...
sling:we have some great sales on meat..chicken breasts go on sale(tyson's) for .99lb. brisket for $1.49 lb..we grows our own beef here..
and I keep pumping out them pecan pies..ha..yup..life is good here.
disturbed:well........I'm full of something..
intenseguy:im telling you it's really good..it has a nice 'tang' to it..you should come for westfest..kolaches, chicken dance, sausage, and all the beer you can drink.
kulkuri:i know i looked like an idiot reaching for a gear shift and stepping on the non exsistant clutch.hah
rox:i saw that and it's by the same guy that wrote ER..but man..I'm going to miss it so much..watched it every week for 15 fecking years..and it was just the best show week in week out..sigh*
I cried like a baby all thru the show last night.
sage: i think we're more like lavern and shirley..
and it was a nice looking pig.ha
billy:busy me, busy town.
evilgnome;oh i love the recliner..it has this huge back.and reclines almost flat...gooder than dirt..
annie is doing much much better.

Anne Johnson said...

A drive-by Stations of the Cross? I would so go to that.

Allan said...

I'd like to buy that Infiniti...almost in my budget.

Best wishes for Annie.

jan said...

You have to collect all these blog posts about West and put them into a book. It's a way of life that sadly not too many people will ever know. Of course then everyone will want to move there.

texlahoma said...

I know just what you mean. When I drive my wife's car I try to push the invisible clutch, my left foot smashes loudly to the floorboard.
I'm going to miss ER too.

tsduff said...

I think Jan has a bright idea - all your posts about West are so newsy and interesting - makes a normal (not Texan LOL) person just want to go on down there and check it all out. (still want to get me one of those skunk balls or whateverthehelltheyares).

Too bad Annie eats the caviar-priced stuff - but hey, if it helps it's worth it.

Nit Wit said...

I feel better now. I got my West Texas news fix.
I might even post something.

Heidi said...

I'm telling you, you have to get some kitty diapers!

yellowdog granny said...

anne:isn't that cool?
allan:i saw the car, it's in good shape..too bad i can't drive it to you.ha
jan:I could just send you guys the weekly west news, it's all in there.ha
as wonderful as it all seems here..sometimes it's a pain in the ass..been here 30plus years and i'm still 'not czech'...
tex:hell i already miss ER..
tsduff:hah...skunk eggs..
im going to ask dr. tom if i can get the science diet that you can get at petsmart..it's a lot cheaper and have coupons for it..ha
nitty:yeah, nitty's posting again...life is good.
heidi:where do i get kitty diapers?..i'd get them..