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Sunday, October 25, 2009


I love Miles and Miles and Miles of Austin. It was a great game...everyone said oh they have to win this game ...stupid people..we have to win them all..
I love your Mommy Buddha Boy...but I hope Arizona kicks the Giants ass. We need them to lose. Be nice to see Washington beat the Eagles Monday night. Well, it's always nice to see the Eagles lose. Life is fucking good.


Intense Guy said...

I enjoy hearing that the Eagles lost (of course I'm not watching 'cause of the boycott) - somedays I just wish they all would lose.


jan said...

Glad there is some joy after today's games. I'm seriously thinking of watching infomercials on Sunday from now on.

Nit Wit said...

You feel about the Eagles the way I feel about the Yankees.I love it when they lose.
Now I have to put up with them in the World Series since they won tonight.

John said...

It was a good win for the cowboys. What do you think of Tony Romeo? Just wondering with all the people coming out against him.


intenseguy:some animal shelter will receive a large bag of dog food for every time vick gets sacked..haha..
nitty:you should be happy then..they lost yesterday and last i saw they were losing tonight too.
john:i'd like to see a better back up for him. I think he'll do better when they get a couple of wins under their belt and he can relax.