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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


this is Shady outside of the place they stayed when they were in Taos about 3 weeks ago.
The brunette on the left is me at about 36. The one below is Shady as a model. She calls it her androgynous look.

This is Jamie and Harrison her husband. They live in Virginia. I was looking at the picture of them and I'm thinking ....why don't I like this guy..then I snapped...he looks like asshole#1....ole Bob. Explains why every time I would see him I always had this urge to smack him right upside the head.


jan said...

But you didn't smack him. What strength of character you show.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Three smokin' hot girls!

Nit Wit said...

Great pictures!
I was doing a post to let people know whats up with me,with a few pictures in it but it wouldn't load.

I was going to redo it for the 6th time tonight but my fortune says
"Just slack off today." I should follow my fortune or The Gods might make my life hard.

Elizabeth said...

Ha! he does look like an asshole! but you look like a cutie pie!

sageweb said...

You are as cute as they come..then and now. I think that guy looks like an asshole..I am not big on tiny mustaches tho..you either have to have them big like Sling or dont have one.

Intense Guy said...

You and your friend Shady are beautiful.

I wonder how much of that "self-made widow" thing ties into the no sex for 24 years...

I mean... I just see Black Widow Spiders and how they kill off their male mates.

rosemary said...

i feel that way about my son-in-law. but he only reminds me of himself.

texlahoma said...

You were pretty.
I might have stayed at that place in Taos a long time ago, the stars at night, were big and bright...

apositivepessimist said...

I’m sorry but that’s the mo of a motherfo right there.

I like the sling-mo also or the mo+chinny beard look.

What a stunning couple you and Shady woulda made.


jan:and I soooo want to smack him.
nitwit:I keep waiting for you to post...blogspot hates us..some times it works..some times it dont.
so? how are you feeling?
elizabeth:and the bad thing? he is an asshole too.
sage:nothing worse than one of those weak sister mustashes...bip, bip, bip.
intenseguy:oh i had sex after him, he's been gone for 35 years...I'm still waiting for antonio banderas.
rosemary: bip him.
tex:were being the operative word ..ha..I have the name of it someplace ..she loves it there.
apos:the more i look at him the more i want to bip him..haha

billy pilgrim said...

what's asshole #1 up to these days?

does he speak kindly of you?


NITTY, I'm in contact with Asshole#1's sister Marie and she says he's a misserable old wino. Has a wife who is so dumb she has stayed with him while he verbally abuses her daily. He has no friends and all he does is stay home drink wine and listen to his jazz collection.

Sling said...

HA!..I saw the 'stache and thought,'Dude..You need to wipe that stain off yer face'.

apositivepessimist said...

*looks above her*

Now THAT's a bloody mo!

Kelly said...

I like you!

I can't believe you are so honest and yet live in Texas!

I wish I would have known you when I lived there.

Josh said...

It took me a second to realize in that last pic that they were standing in front of a statue of a swordfish. For a moment I thought it was a sculpture of some kind of an H.R. Giger alien claw about to strike.