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Thursday, October 01, 2009


West High School is 4-0. The won the game last week against unbeaten Maxia in the last seconds of the game by
28-27. This Friday is their home coming game and will be playing against another unbeaten team with a 4-0 record, Godley. Yes we have a Godley, Texas..ain't it grand?..These are our very beautiful Queens, Kings, Princess, and Dutches. We had the Homecoming Bonfire last night. I was going to go see it but I forget every year. I think the Machac boy is a cousin of Jennifer's fiance, Jason. Seven different classes are having their high school reunion..From 50 year reunions to 7 years. They are having a Weststock Reunion for the class of 1969 with a Woodstock theme. That should be fun to see. The West Trojan Homecoming Tailgate Party is planned for Friday, from 4- P.M. in the West ISD Administration parking lot as the Catholic Brothers and Sisters United (CBSU) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) join forces to rally the Trojans to victory. I know I should go and wish now I had gone last Friday, but I'm still not up for happy yet. But then if I did go and they lost Anessa will never let me go to another game as I'd be considered bad luck.
St. Mary's is having a Homecoming Carnival on October 11 at the KC grounds in West. Hamburgers are to be served starting at 11 a.m. An auction starts at noon along with a children's area, bingo and a cake walk. There will also be a raffle drawing after the auction.
West Main Street will be hosting 3 organic gardening workshops during the month of October. They will be centered around 'keyhole gardening' techniques. The first workshop will involve the actual material structure of a 'Keyhole Garden'. The second and third workshops will include the compost and other materials used in the garden along with the various plantings in the garden. I think I will try to attend them. Sounds interesting and could learn something.
The Tokio Baptist Church is going to be celebrating their 100th Anniversary on Oct. 11 at the church in Tokio. There will be Gospel music throughout the day along with a barbecue dinner with all the trimmings for $8 and also a action is planned at 1 p.m.
Gina Greener and Haze Roberts were married on September 26 at St. Mary's Catholic Church of the Assumption in West, officiated by Father Ed Karasek.
Elnora Uptmore celebrated her 88th birthday in Cottonwood. Helping her celebrate were 2 of her sisters, her 6 kids, 16 grand kids, 30 great-grand kids, and 2 great-great grand kids.
Holden Sinkule celebrated his 3rd birthday by going to his first Ranger Baseball game. There is a great picture of him in a Rangers cap, t-shirt and holding a glove.
Ross Volunteer Fire Dept. is having their 24th Annual Benefit at the Willis Country Store, Downtown Ross. Plate dinners, bbq sandwiches, brisket and sausage along with an open horseshoe tournament and auction.
Some of the highlights from the West/Mexia game was the fact that West recovered two onside kicks. Plus the fact that Mexia Blackcats won their other 3 games by such a large margin the Mexia defense had never had to really play a full game and because we kept it so close they had to play more and they were exhausted. West had 185 yards rushing and 140 yards passing.
West Lady Trojans opened District 7-AAA volleyball with a road victory over the Whitney Lady Wildcats last Friday. They beat them 3 games straight. 25-22, 25-18, and 25-21. West Middle School football team won 2 out of 3 games last Thursday. The West Trojan Red freshmen squad defeated Mexia 15-14 last Thursday. The West Middle School eight grade Lady Trojans volleyball took first place in the Lorena Tournament on September 19.
80 years ago : G.W. Oliver and wife are now comfortably domicled in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Lusby, where they have an apartments. Mr. Oliver is now the new prescription clerk in the Old Corner Drug Store. He and his estimable wife are gladly welcomed into our midst.(word for word from the paper...) cracked me up...
Kayla Urbanovsky is the Senior Class President.
West Food Mart has top sirloin steak on sale for $2.99 per pound. And thank you Goddess, Community Grocery Store has Wright's bulk bacon on sale for $2.79 per pound..I'm telling you folks, this is some gooooooood bacon, and when it goes on sale I get at least 2 lbs. Good stuff Maynard. Tomatoes are on sale too for .79 cents per pound..make me up some blt's..
All the news from the West News ....My news: I made 3 chicken pot pies. One for me, one for Babs and one for Tony our resident Englishman who lives across from Babs. He told me that he had trouble sleeping lately but after eating my chicken pot pie he went to bed and slept for 8 hours.. They both said the pot pies were good. But it was the first one of the season and it was a little soupy to me. Good, but soupy. I don't know if I had mentioned the fact that I always carry dog treats in my truck for any dogs I meet along my travels. When I go to Babs the lady that lives in the front has a little poodle doggie named BoBo..and when he sees me he goes nuts barking, jumping up in the air, running in circles cause he knows I have treats for him. I had ran out and didn't think I could handle going into the pet section of Family Dollar so I haven't had any the past 4-5 times I have been by Babs and to say the least..BoBo's been pissed...I finally went and got some treats from F.D. yesterday, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Especially since Margaret and one of the other lady's ambushed me yesterday about Annie. Sigh*.....Margaret didn't say anything but she hugged me..which is all it took..started crying and then the other lady hugged me and jeez..I was a mess. I'm ok as long as no one mentions her, or touches me ...hugging me makes me a sobbing mass of tears. I know in time I'll be ok..but right now..? not so much.
I have little okra penis's all over the place. All this rain (it rained today for a little and supposed to get more the rest of the week and into next week too) has really made my okra thrive.
I don't know if you know that Babs and I make fun of the snuggles that are advertised on TV all the time. Or as Saturday Night Live calls them Slankets...We just rip them up...we hate them..I'm sure they are great..(not) and some of you out there have them and enjoy them (saps) but not for me...not for ole Babs...So (you can see where this is going can't you) I get a phone call yesterday from my friend Sarah A.(Inky's sister in law) and she and her daughter Marissa were right out side the apartment and had a gift for me. So they come in and Sarah says, "Mike(her husband...Inky's brother) bought one of these for me and Marissa and as soon as we saw it we knew that we had to get you one too." and whipped out a box with a zebra pattern snuggle ..I had to bite the inside of my mouth to keep from bursting out laughing..(I should be nominated for a Oscar..for best performance in the leading Actress division)...I oohed and ahhed and hugged and thanked them so much. Couldn't wait for it to get cold so I could snuggle up on the couch and read my books in my snuggie...holy shit!...Do you know how big them fuckers are?...It would fit me and the 2 of them. The sleeves are 6 inches too long, the bottom is 2 feet longer than your body..I know they are made big like a blanket but Judas priest..it also comes with one of those clip on lights to read books with. It doesn't work for shit, but it's cool when you press the little button on the side it snaps up and whips out and stands up and tada there is light. I clipped it on my book and it was on my forehead, my shoulder, and every where put the pages..and when it did it was at the bottom of the page or the far left or right instead of in the middle so you can actually read..maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it doesn't work.
I'm going to go to Jenny and Jason's this Saturday, to see their new house all decorated with their new furniture. I'm bringing Pizza House pizza and mozzarella cheese sticks. Plus I have a bunch of books for her new book cases and other stuff I have for their new place. I am starting to get the Halloween decorations out for the apartment and what I don't need or want will give to Jenny. I'll take some pictures when I'm there and of the decorations.
Guess that's all the news from my neck of the woods. I haven't been doing much ...sort of hiding out..Babs called yesterday and said I sounded sad so took me to Pizza House and we had bacon cheeseburgers and french fries..she had them and I stole some. It's hard to be sad while eating a PH bacon cheeseburger..Them suckers are big, fat and juicy and have just the right amount of bacon and a bacon cheese burger is $4.25...so take that Burger King.I'll have a Cowboy recap and Monday Stumbles and then probably a post about the visit to Jenny's...til then...ya'll have a good day, ya'hea?


sageweb said...

We had a St Marys that had a hamburger fest everyyear..those burgers were awesome.

What is an okra penis? Maybe I dont want to know.

jan said...

Snuggles is taking the country by storm. I wish I had thought of them although I also keep making fun of them.

Okra penis sounds self explanatory.

Nit Wit said...

Your sports teams sure are a winning bunch.
I never heard anyone refer to them Okra penis' but that sure does give me another reason to hate them. All the other food you talked about made me so hungry that I might have to stuff myself with food,
I know it's a product that everyone wants at least two, but I think they have gone a little to far now offering snuggles for dogs.

rosemary said...

Someone actually named their kid Holden Sinkule? I love chicken pot pie....wish I loved closer. The snuggie I got Steve is called a Slanket.....probably the slut version of yours.


sage:bold springs baptist church makes the best cheeseburgers in west..even better than pizza house..they rock..ill take a picture if okra penis's..
jan:i would think so too, but i dont think sage has seen a lot of penis's..ahahahahahaha..sorry sage.
nitwit:we really have some good teams this year..maybe i should pack up a west care package of food for you.hah
i saw that suggie for dogs, oh my goddess, now that's scary.
rosemary;some of these czech names are hysterical..and I can't pronounce some of them..oh my Goddess, you bought a slanket?
hahahahahahahahahahah...oops, sorry Steve.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My God, you've been busy, YDG! All that and a snuggie too! You'll probably come to love it!

Sling said...

As long as your making up food packages,slip one o' those homemade chicken pot pies in the mailbox for your old buddy Sling!..and a Dublin Dr.Pepper..and some Kolaches.
That's all.

Junebugg said...

If you're gonna be wrapped in zebra stripes that really makes ya a wild woman! Quit with the ass shaking rain dance already, this is my one day off, the yard is knee high and it's raining like pouring piss out a boot.

Rox said...

I'm the same way, I'm good until someone is nice to me or asks me how I'm holding up, then I fall apart.


So, cheeseburgers. Hmmmm. Where Dev and I grew up, you could go to this restaurant called Chris' and you could get the best fucking Cheeseburger Deluxe with gravy for the fries and we'd always get a float or a milkshake, just to be pains in the asses. I should have gone there this summer because I'm not driving ten hours, one way, for a burger. Shit.

Intense Guy said...

I wonder if Jenny and Jason would like a zebra pattern snuggle for a housewarming gift...

And what do you suppose became of good ol' G.W. Oliver and his wife?

:) at the doggie named BoBo... My Great Uncle had a dog named that - he (the dog, not my Uncle) was one whacky in the head dog! But he was a good un, always with the tail waggin's.

texlahoma said...

I just started getting a lot of little pepper dicks and green tomato tits.
(Just be glad I don't grow zucchinis!)

So Not Wishy Washy said...

I want some of that bacon. I'm heading to the store now to buy some. Not the same. But at least I'll have a serving of fat and nitrates, right?