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Saturday, October 03, 2009

.......SOONER NEWS.......

Some mums from a Soonerfan.

Life is great in Soonerland.
Landry Jones has inherited the reins of Q.B. in Norman, and he has been recognized by the National Institute of Mustaches as one the finest stache wearin' college players in the nation. W
e are sporting t-shirts with the dire warning, "Beware of the 'stache'".
His is wispy at best, but it is connected to a damn fine throwing arm via his face, you get the entire package... like it or not.
The Cowboys anointed Jerryworld with a disjointed victory, now Jerry can relax that death grip he had on his armrest in his luxury suite , "the skin was pulled so tight on his face that I thought he was about to split open like a ripe melon,"...laughing all the way to the bank with his 58 dollar six packs and 60 dollar parking.
A shrewed owner that got his way with his big-assed video monolith, he even backed down the N.F.L. Now that's carrying a big stick and swingin' for the fences.

OK, he fucked. Big deal.
I am just glad that the sleazeball that was trying to extort from him is in jail and STILL will have to pay the 6 grand in child support and alimony when he is "Bubbas girlfriend" in general public holding cell block.
And Dave, how did it go breaking this to your wife...ouch.

I am planning to go out in a blaze of glory when the world ends in December.
I am going to to be shot out of an air cannon into an incoming Japanese bullet train on FOX news live.
Just as long as my kids get 100 mil. if the Mayans were wrong. Got to take care of the kids.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What beautiful mums! And in wonderful fall colours! Yes, I'm sure Mrs. Letterman is not pleased. But at least he did the right thing by exposing the blackmailer.

Ted Amadeus said...

Gotta talk that old boy into joinin' me in FarmVille...His green thumb would serve well!

Buzzardbilly said...

The mums are gorgeous! I'm pretty sure Mrs. Letterman knows that she wasn't Mrs. Letterman when that shit started because being an employee he had a relationship with was how she became Mrs. Letterman.

LMAO at the 2012 plan! What a way to go!

jan said...

Can't wait to see the 2012 spectacle.

O, wait, yes I can.

rosemary said...

Yup, Letterman is in a heap of trouble I bet at home.....but what did his wife expect after 20 years of "dating?" That he was truly faithful? As for that 2012 prediction....I'm gonna be right there next to you but you have to split the 100mil with my 3 kids....let me know so i can have my attorney draw up a contract.

billy pilgrim said...


i'm still paying off the bunker i had built for Y2K.

Nit Wit said...

I'm a little involved with surviving 2009 to worry about 2012.
The flowers gave me hay fever.

texlahoma said...


My advise - Wear a helmet.

Anonymous said...

Sooner here,
Thanks for all the wonderful comments, but I have a confession to make, the mums were store-bought to give a little fall color to my compound/fortress,... as weird and tacky as old Sooner may seem, he still likes pretty flowers. It helps cheer me up after my teams lose.

About 2012, it was a toss-up between the train or being locked in a sealed room with Ann Coulter screaming in my face until my head explodes, I prefer the train.
I hope that all of you are well, and it is truly great to hear from Mr. Netwit, I miss you old freind.
Best wishes and prayers to all of you.

just me said...

I bet a lot of people would pay good money to see that Ann Coulter thing...

I do love me some mums...

Ted Amadeus said...

Sooner, I think as the date looms massively closer like The Big Rock they say is gonna fall out of the sky, you might want to cancel that date with the cannon and bullet train...
Like Bill Dana/Jose Jimenez:
"People of the United eStates of America: Please no let them do this to me!"


thanks everyone for welcoming my buddy sooner again..i love it when he posts...and as soon as you said the flowers gave you hay fever nitty, I sneezed..ha..

The Sports Lounge Team said...

hey there,

thanks for your commment, glad you liked the blog. we usually talk more about AFL than rugby leauge but it was the Grand Final and we are from Melbourne so it was exciting for our little one club town. Sorry your friends Eels lost.
P.s. love your animal pics/captions. might borrow a couple.


Intense Guy said...

That gives me a little more than two years to figure out how to program the VCR or whatever this digital thingy is called.