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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I think that's an old disco song ..isn't it?...I'm watching the Texas Longhorns play the Oklahoma Sooners. So far it's been a defensive game and the score is 6-6...I would normally be rooting for the Texas team, but I actually don't give a fuck so I'm rooting for the Sooners to show my support for my good friends Texlahoma and Sooner. I know they are sitting about 4 feet from their TV screaming at the top of their lungs...... Uh oh...the Longhorns just scored the first touchdown of the game..they are both probably laying on the floor in a fetal position or on the way to the refrigerator for another beer..sorry guys.
My truck is dead..well, at least the battery is..It has been hard to start the past week or so..and there are days where I don't move it so one morning ..dead..Called Babs and she came over and we jumped it and it started right up...and then I'd go out every morning and start it even if I wasn't going to drive it..Then yesterday...dead..Babs came over and it wouldn't jump..not even the click click click..just zipadeedoodah fucking nothing..I have been on phone calling around trying to get the best price and so far it's the House of Satan and it's $75..fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
I called Jennifer and told her I wouldn't be able to come out to their house as we were having funeral services for my battery..She said she'd come and get me and bring me home. Either she really loves her Granny and misses me or she really wants Grandma's home made pizza...I'm sure it's both...Plus she wants to show off her new house with all her new furniture..I will take the camera and will take lots of pictures.
I stayed up till 4 a.m. this morning finishing off my Sara Pretsky book...I so like her books..V.I. is one of my favorite characters from books. She's one tough broad. I also was baking about 4-6 dozen chocolate chip cookies..I thought it was more but when I was separating them into 3 different tins it was closer to 6..(Holy shit..Sooner and Tex are on their feet screaming, as the Sooners just scored a touchdown.) I gave Babs some and will take some to Jenny's and gave some to Jennifer at the $ General as she just had 4 back teeth pulled and I figured some soft chocolate chip cookies might make her feel better...I got 2 big hugs..coming and going..Nice.
I pulled up all my okra plants..they were not getting past the tiny penis stage and I needed the room so I could plant my 28 garlic bulbs. Will have garlic coming out my ass in June and will repeat and plant some more. Which I forgot to do this year.. I may not do veggies this year..I may go for looks and just plant a bunch of flowers..I want to get some honey suckle(or as I call it sunny huckle) and Gardenias. I fucking love Gardenias...Maybe get some more rose bushes..(oh sack by Texas)The apartments are supposed to be getting new owners, maybe they will allow the old farts to plant a community garden. Which I have wanted to do since I got her. Maybe they will also let us have satellite dish's too as I'm sick to death of them fuckers at Reach Cable and I can't wait till I get a dish and can call them and tell them to kiss my rosy red ass.
West Trojans won against China Springs last night 21-17..I asked Inky Friday day if Devin was going to play and he said no, he'd flunked 3 classes and couldn't play for 3 weeks. A week for every F...I don't know what's wrong with the kid...he's always made A's...Aunt Jackie is going to have a talk with him.
West Food Mart had chicken breasts on sale for .99 per pound and roast pork butt for .79 per pound. So I got 2 packages of chicken breasts and 2 pork butts(Babs and I love to say pork butt) (cost me $17 for all that meat.)and along with the flounder and salmon I already have, I'll be set for weeks. Now I can alternate the fish with pork and chicken. I was already getting pretty fucking sick of fish. Had perch for a week..(except for our trips to Sonic for the $3.99 chicken strip dinners and the bacon cheeseburgers at Pizza House for $4.25) If the weather stays cool I will make some green chili pork stew, which is a big favorite around the homestead.
Jenny sent her sister Jamie a round trip ticket to come home for a week. She will be here the 13th of November. So it's the day after my big 66 birthday and told her I couldn't think of a better birthday gift than to see her. We're going to have a Thanksgiving dinner for her and Jenny's new house. I will bake a turkey, make Jenny's favorite mac and cheese, and a pumpkin pie for Jamie, a chocolate cream for Jenny and a Pecan pie for everyone. I am so excited to see Jamie..think it's been a year since she was down last.
Think that's about all the news. Oh..the city council honored the 2 police officers that helped rescue and save the little baby that got kidnapped. Which I thought was pretty cool. They had the baby back within 2 hours of being notified. I think the best news in the West News this week was 90 year old Edward Snider finally got all of his medals from World War II. He had never got them and our Senator Chet Edwards presented him with them. He had served in Africa, Sicily, D-Day in Normandy, France, Holland and Germany. Just weeks before the German surrender he was captured in Berlin and was a prisoner-of-war. The awards he received were the Bronze Star, POW Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, American Defense Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal(with one bronze service star with one service star with arrowhead), Army of Occupation medal with Germany clasp, Combat Infantryman Badge 1st Award, Belgian fourragere, Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII and the Sharpshooter Badge with Rifle Bar. Snider was on the second wave hitting the beaches, Snider was among those in the landing barges waiting for their arrival. The constant rat-tat-tat sound of German fired bullets whizzed by as the troops neared the beaches. "I was scared as hell." he said. He was with a group bringing vehicles on land and what he witnessed as they neared their destination was a horrifying sight. "We lost a lot of soldiers. I could see the dead along the edge of the water and shore. I saw American parachuters hanging in the trees dead. The shore looked like it had been plowed from all the shells and bombs hitting it," he recalled.
Snider as you can see, is not Czech. He is German. His great-grandparents migrated to the United States from Germany and settled near Gerald(near Leroy..which is near us). They always spoke German growing up and his knowledge of German came in handy during the war as he acted as an interpreter on several occasions. "That was a pretty sweet job, " he told several news media when he was getting his medals. His ability to speak German proved beneficial for him and his fellow soldiers as the Germans retreated they left behind land mines. While walking through one town a German woman was yelling something to the troops and Snider understood her and she was telling them to watch out for land mines, so Snider told them and they stopped and then they found the land mines. Snider was also among the U.S. soldiers involved in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium, described by many as one of the bloodiest battles of WWII.
While in Hanover, Germany Snider along with 2 of his buddies made a wrong turn and ended up close to the enemy lines and were shot at. They knew they were out numbered and Snider yelled in German they wanted to surrender. They took him to German Headquarters in Hanover and wanted to know why he spoke German, when he explained they wanted to know why he was fighting against Germans and he told them he was fighting for his country. Lucky for him, they didn't shoot him like he thought they were going to. He was only a prisoner for 2 1/2 weeks. The only food they had was bread and potato peelings. He said it always effected his appetite after that, always eating everything on his plate, except when he ate a baked potato and he said he couldn't bring himself to eat the potato skin.
Thought you might find that story interesting.
Sooners and Longhorns are switching back and forth intercepting each other.Its Texas 16 Sooners 13 as of now.
Jenny just called..she's on her way..have to go make the dough for the pizzas.


jan said...

What a remarkable man. Thanks for telling his story. He certainly deserves recognition.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, Snider's story is great, I'm glad to have read it. Sorry to hear about your poor old truck battery.

Nit Wit said...

Jackiesue has been playing with tiny penis's out in her garden.

Her Dentist might not like yo giving chocolate chip cookies to someone who has just had her teeth pulled. Must be one of those Texas customs.

Edward Snider sounds like he is a true hero. Not many of them left from WWII. He's in good company though. Lee Marvin, Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers, and a whole host of others who never traded on their records. It's a shame he had to wait so long to get his medals.

Sounds like nobody wants to win that football game.

Sling said...

I lovr the Mr. Snider story!..Those guys deserve to be recognized,even if it's a little late in cominng.

Intense Guy said...

Stands up and salutes Mr. Edward Snider. Wow, what a story and a ton of medals too!

Hope you enjoy Jenny's place! She sounds like a real sweetheart like her granny.

texlahoma said...

Thanks for thinking of me during the game. Sooner will be bummed out for three days, I'm more like "Oh well, maybe next year."


Im really proud of our senator for making such a big deal out of mr. snider as he is a true american hero...and chet edwards does so much for the vets..
football between texas and oklahoma is like war...sorry it turned out the way it did tex..i was rooting for ya..

rosemary said...

Umm....i just visited slings blog....do you have a secret you'd like to share? i am holding a moment of prayer for the battery.

Rainwolf said...

Poor battery. Thank you Mr. Snider.

billy pilgrim said...

could be your starter.

i had the same problem and bought a new sears battery. it didn't work and i demanded a new one, same thing.

turned out to be the starter.

weekends just aren't the same when the cowboys aren't playing.