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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's official..he's Dexter. My own little serial killer with his own little dark passenger. He can shred tissue, newspaper, and assorted garbage faster and more thoroughly than any office shredder known. I was on the computer, just typing away and he came running into the room, jumped on the table, jumped on my shoulder, gave my ear a nuzzle, jumped on the keyboard laid down and fell instantly to sleep. My keys were still on the keyboard. I made 2 pizzas for Babs and I, so she came over for dinner and he's not fond of pepperoni, but likes cheese. Eats oatmeal and doesn't like sausage...Oh shit here he comes. False alarm, he just collapsed on the floor by my feet. I fecking love this guy. He's funny, goofy, adventurous, and a little psycho. I talked to Jenny today (they got their $8,000 from Obama for being a first time home buyer) and she said she thinks he was either born end of May or first part of June..So he's really young yet. I'm letting him go out side for short trips but he's fearless, even with the rain. He sleeps with me till I throw him out of the bed..He purrs so loud, and kneads and sucks on me till it drives me nuts. I'll throw him to the other side of the bed and then he attacks my hands and feet. Loves to attack my head, which is not what I'm used to. Being attacked on the head by a wacko kitteh at 3a.m. is a little startling. I'll put all of his toys in a his basket and he drags them out and scatters them all over the place. Damn, he's fun.
Today on the news there was a great sports clip on the 'always exciting West Trojan games.' they have 4 games by rallying in the final quarter to take the win. This makes us 5-2 and evened their 7-AAA at 1-1 in district. They won the game against China Springs (who was heavily favored to win) by scoring a touchdown and there was 45 seconds left on the time clock. They play this Friday at Hillsboro for another 7-AAA game and they are 1-5 and 0-2 for District. The Freshman squad and the seventh grade sq
uad beat China Spring too. So we had a sweep. Hilllsboro is only 17 miles away, I might go this Friday and watch them play. But when I go they lose...so?...Anessa might not let me go. Which reminds me..she thinks they have a rabid opossum at their place and only guns they have access to are Termite's and all he has is a shot gun and a 357...not exactly opossum killing guns. (Dexter is running through the apartment, psyching himself up for a table leap, shoulder leap and keyboard plunge..) I just heard something hit the floor. Just dumped everything on the table by my chair on the floor...My pills and vitamins scattered all over..sigh*
Lady Trojans volleyball team won twice in 7-AAA District playoffs. Hot dang!
Other Trojan news, the West Band earns a Division 1 rating for the second year in a row. It's the largest band I think they have ever had with 83 members and 18 seniors. I personally think the band director is a dipshit and these kids could do it all on their own..but....that's my opinion.
Now here is some news that is one of the reasons why I love my little town. Remember 5 weeks ago I mentioned a house burned down and they set up a fund?...The house was 101 years old and thought to be one of the oldest homes in the city. So everyone was pretty upset about that and the fact that the family lost nearly everything and was out on their butts. Well, the mayor found them a house that night, it was empty and they had the lights, gas, etc. all turned on that night. The family was able to salvage some furnishing from the fire such as a cross, some family photographs, and a stainless steel measuring tape pulled from a charred desk. Not much but every thing saved is now a treasure. The family was over whelmed by the donations, both material and monetary. The husband, a former Marine said he grew up in small towns and remembers when everyone helped each other during times of tragedy, but after living in larger cities he thought those days had long passed. he said the kindness he and his family have experienced since the fire has reminded him of that small-town community spirit which he thought was no longer alive. I won't go into detail about what all was done, but let me say, they have everything they would need, including clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. This came from individuals and local business's. I love my town.
There is a Tractor Pull scheduled for October 30,31 at the West Rodeo Grounds. You'll be glad to know that the pull will use TATPA rules and trophies are to be given.
A bake sale and raffle benefiting Amy Morgan of West is scheduled from 12-3 p.m. this Saturday at the Sports Authority at the Central Texas Marketplace in Waco. Amy is a full time TSTC student and suffers with Scoliosis and has her whole life. She has had numerous surgeries to try and correct this problem. All have resulted in temporary relief. She recently underwent her last surgery on September 15 in Plano. A week after the surgery, she was rushed to the emergency room as a result of a blood clot which later resulted in internal bleeding. Proceeds from Saturday's benefit will go toward her medical expenses.
A Ranch Rodeo is scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday at the West Rodeo Grounds. The event is produced by H&R Productions and admission is $6 for adults and $3 for children 6-12. Children 5 and under are admitted free.
The Ross Volunteer Fire Department is having a Horse Shoe Tournament this Saturday at Ross Country Store.
50 years ago Raymond Kubula a 6-foot, 208 pound center for the West Trojans, hit Steve Lewis so hard in the 64-14 win over the Connaly Cadets that he thought he was dead. When all the rival opponents from the District 16-AA teams were asked about good football players they all said KUBALA.
50 years ago a total of 826 West voted and approved the sale of beer and liquor in West. 709 for the sale and 117 against. (826..wow) 50 years ago you could buy a brand new Maytag Washer for $124.95 ..less trade from F. G. Gerik and Son Appliances. (which is still open by the way.)
Alfons Joseph Cinek Jr. manager of the Tokio Store, has filed a lawsuit seeking 414 State Judge Vicki Menard to reverse a decision to deny a beer permit for the store. A hearing on the case is set for Oct. 29. TABC cannot issue beer permits without the approval of the county judge or higher court. Gee, wonder who Cinek pissed off and why? They have always sold beer there. It's a grocery store/bar/domino hall/etc. and beer and ring baloney is a staple there.
The Tale Tellers will present a Halloween program and will be a Halloween Hullabalooza with spooky crafts, silly games, and treats for area children. Activities will be from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the library. Children are asked to wear their costumes. Sort of like what I did 3 years ago..For some reason I'm not asked to do anything at the library any more. Not sure what the deal is. Don't know if Nancy is afraid I'll take her shine or I pissed someone off...more likely I pissed someone off..Probably Missy Sulak, who I'm not fond of and usually don't try and pretend differently. snort*
West Knights of Columbus 4th Annual Turkey and Dressing Dinner on October 25 at 11 a.m. $7 per place, dine in or take out.

New arrivals mention the most beautiful Kenna Jo-Ann Claridy. Grandparents Debbie Oden of Temple and David Oden of West. I am posting the picture they have of her. I have seen that same look on her Pappy's face when he was passed out in the floor, sleeping right next to my dog Bill who was not to happy with the sleeping arrangements at all.

Amelia Grace Cole celebrated her first birthday with a Mickey Mouse Cake which was made by her mawmaw Dupree.
Macy Hancock turns three with a birthday party at the Playdium Pool. She and her friends swam and then enjoyed her 'cowboy' cake. Ernest and Evelyn Bezdek celebrated their 60th Anniversary, along with Willie and Eileen(Webb) Svrcek and Herman and Stacie Ann (Bacak) Rossler. To get married in those days you had to get a blood test, and a permission form by a parent if the male was under the age of 21 and the female was under the age of 18.
West Food Mart has Blue Bell Ice cream 2 for $7..hmm, I have ice cream cones and no ice cream. I see a trip to the store coming. Community Grocery has ground beef on sale for $1.99 per pound..Might make 2 stops. OOOOh..cabbage 3 lbs for $1.. I love cabbage.. I still have a container of sausage meat ball/ cabbage soup. Good..
Looks like that is all the news from West. Still raining and even though it's not hard its steady and now Hill County (we're in McClellan but right next to Hill so it means us) is under a flood watch. OOps here comes Dexter..ijoefiroqgmtojghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhppp150]qy50q2yj0;95 I think that was pussy for howdy.


Ted Amadeus said...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yay Dexter! And I laughed at your comments about the "New Arrivals" baby's pappy!


pappy is what I have convinced the kids to call David who is the 'grandpa'...I thought pappy would be more apt to piss him off..ha

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I suspected that "pappy" might in fact refer to Grandpa, not Daddy. When I hear "pappy," the image that comes to mind is an old geezer with scraggly whiskers, a straw hat and a demi-john of 'shine. In other words, a terrible stereotype right out of Dogpatch.

Sue St Clair said...

Love the name Dexter!

joy said...

Dexter! Now keep him away from the saran wrap.

Missbehavin' said...

Dexter huh?
Great show and a great name for a Kitteh.

rosemary said...

Welcome Dexter to your new blogging family....helping your mama type is a good thing. I wish I could get a new washer for 125 bucks. Living in a small town is special when it comes to the needs of local families...in particular a Marine or service person losing everything.

Rox said...

Oh Jackie, I am so happy that Dexter has come into your life! He's only been there for a few days and he's already making you laugh and be happy. What a furry little blessing!

jan said...

Dexter is keeping us all amused.

What a great place to live where everyone helps everyone like it used to be all over the country.

Sling said...

Howdy back at'cha Dexter!
..Watch out for that Yellerdawg,..she'll bip ya right into the middle of next week.

Nit Wit said...

I guess it must be all that Chek food that builds so many great sports teams in West.
Maybe someone on the library board is afraid you will start teaching the kids to think for themselves question authority.

My human to cat dictionary says Dexter is saying, "Stop bothering my new slave when she should be pampering me. Just last night I had to box her ears for seeming to enjoy a dream too much".
Well my dictionary is a little out of date. I haven't had a cat for 14 years.

Green tea said...

Dexter is the perfect name for that little shit..your welcome..!!
I assume I am the godmother.. :D

Anne Johnson said...

I wish I could tell you that Dexter will grow up and allow you to get your ZZZZZs. But alas, my Beta wakes me up at any hour for a cat massage. You'd think she would get the message -- no massage!


Let me tell you..he is really something..he keeps me laughing all day long..I got a laser light today and he chases it all over the place..Annie wouldn't play with it..her way of thinking was I was supposed to intertain her not her intertain me...he's just the best.

Rainwolf said...

Dexter sounds like great company, glad he's making you laugh.

Intense Guy said...

Someday I'll learn how to read pussy with a southern texan accent...

sageweb said...

I love the name! My favorite show!

Josh said...

Congrats on the new pussy! I am woefully behind on my blog reading but I am trying to catch up.