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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It you know who Soupy Sales is you will recognize him in this picture with:tada...my friend Shady Lane. This was taken she said in Miami in 1964. She was there applying for a job with American Airlines. She didn't hear back from them so she called them and they said she wouldn't get hired because she was too pretty and they figured she'd meet some guy and end up quitting to get married. Shady said she figured that would be a problem with the ugly girls, as the pretty ones wouldn't be that eager to settle down. Shady says that Soupy(Shady and Soupy..sounds like a sitcom) was well endowed in personality, humor and other things, if you get my drift.

This is my old Buddy James Hand.

Latest picture of Mojo at some musical festival. Can you tell she's a Texas girl?
an older picture of Thom showing his Texas roots too.

Me and Jenny at her graduation. This is actually a good picture of me ...As I normally take terrible pictures. Trying to remember how long ago this was. Four or five years I would think..maybe longer.

Thom and Candi in Virginia while visiting Jamie a couple of weeks ago.

I have some recent ones of Jamie but for some reason they are now downloading correctly. Will do them later when blogspot isn't fucking up.
A bit of humor for you guys. I was talking to Anessa on the phone and we were talking about someone who has a dubious reputation. While talking about her I said she was a nice person but was a 'serial fucker.' Annessa and I laughed so hard we were gasping for breath. More to come...


Sling said...

HA!..That photo of Soupy & Shady is terrific!
No doubt,legends of his prodigious,..umm,..talent,.. will continue.

Nit Wit said...

I remember Soupy getting cream pies in the face all the time on TV.
Hmmm that could be a dirty joke with just a little help.
You and Mojo are both looking good but Thom I can't see for through the hair.
Serial fucker... That's almost as good as self made widow.

jan said...

I remember once Soupy got fired for telling his audience of kids on New Year's day to sneak into their parent's bedroom, take all the money out of the wallet and send it to him.

Buzzardbilly said...

What excellent pics to share!

Soupy Sales was from West Virginia, you know? So sad to see of his passing the other day.

And Shady was too pretty for the airlines. Shady should've hit the modelling agencies or asked Soupy to be on his show.

Love love love the pic of you and Jenny at her graduation!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great photos, YDG, especially nice to see you in a photo. I loved Soupy Sales when I was a kid. Your friend Shady partied with the best, I see!

Blueberry said...

I loved Soupy too. Shady is a much better name though. James Hand plays good country music. Haven't seen him in a while but hear him on the radio sometimes.

Willym said...

The Shady and Soupy Show - hmm wonder what their speciality act was??????

Love Jenny's photo with that sexy looking woman - her sister?

Intense Guy said...

I remember Soupy... he was on a lot of Philly TV... I'm thinking maybe he made "it big" there...

But anywaysy... Sandy Soupy wouldn't have been appetitizing ... so Soupy Sandy it would have had to been... Sandy reminds me of someone - I just can put my finger on it just now (don't ya hate it when that happens?)

And you and Jenny are BEE-YOOO-TEE-FULL!!

sageweb said...

Great photos..and the one of you is adorable..I love the serial fucker...that is funny.

apositivepessimist said...

Shady Lane certainly is/was a stunner huh. Her friend ain’t too shabby herself.


sling:i've been thinking that Shady and the Big Soupy would be a great tv series.
nit:I loved his show..and still think serial fucker is right up there in my list of top things im glad i said..along with self made widow.
jan:but they were forced to hire him back when the kids and their parents picketed the studio.ha
BB:she was a model too..will post her androginous photo for everyone.
debra:she went on tour with the stones to ireland, a rock song was written about her..she's left her mark.
blueberry:I've known james hand for 30 years..old boyfriend..great music.
willym: hahah..
aren't you sweet.
sage:i made myself laugh with that one..
apos:she's still hot for an old broad..ha..not so much her friend.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Beautiful photos, Jackie... just love looking at your old pics. I'll miss Soupy!

Rox said...

I love all the pictures and the stories that go along with them. Um, the one of you at 36? Holy shit! Hot mama! =)

Love a story about a well-endowed dude.


sigh...them days is looong gone.

Green tea said...

You were a hot little chickadee weren't ya Kid? :D

Josh said...

Great pics! Soupy was a little before my time--I'll have to YouTube him.