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Friday, January 29, 2010


I swiped these off of the Tokio Store on My Space. I used to go there pretty often when I drank and when ole Bimbo Hand ran it. The main thing I remember about it was the old wooden floors that creaked when you walked on them. It wasn't as 'fancy' as it is now..Before it was just a bunch of tables and some couches and ring baloney sold out of the refrigerator.

Most of these pictures were taken at their annual fish fry. If you look in the back ground and see how many houses there are and how close they are you can see why some of the people might object to the beer license being given back to the bar. But really..they have been there for over 30 years...get over it.
They should find out if they get the license back today. I hope they get it..some traditions shouldn't be held back by people's lack of sleep. Join the party.

Nice bikes..which also attributes to the noise factor.

I may drive Babs out there and take some pictures. Well, after it warms up and quits raining. Weather is crappy again, but can't complain. North Texas and Oklahoma are getting hammered with snow and ice. Over a foot in places.

Need to check on Tex, Sooner, Joy and Tina and see if they can find their ass in all the snow.

I think this was a birthday party and this was his gift..ha.


Tina said...

Lookie, lookie..I'm trying to be a better blogger bud! ;)

It's cool to see a small business last so long! yup, they should join the party or get some earplugs (chuckle)

I love fried bologna and cheese, but i havent had it in years...

jan said...

Let me see if I have this right: People bought houses near a noisy business and then demanded that the business not be noisy?

People suck.

sageweb said...

Hey that looks like a good ole fun place.

Kulkuri said...

"Let me see if I have this right: People bought houses near a noisy business and then demanded that the business not be noisy?"

They do the same next to airports. Buy a house right next to an airport or under the flight path and then bitch and complain and push to shut down the airport because of noise.

People are just self-centered and stupid!!

Beer is the nectar of the gods. Long may it flow!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I kinda hesitate to ask but -- do you know how "ole Bimbo Hand" got that nickname?

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the inside of a bar in years...

Intense Guy said...

Wow... ring baloney sold right from the fridge... can't get more upscale than that!

I think thats what I'm gonna have to dinner tonight - Tokio Store looks really cool - and that fishfry looks like it was fun!

Nit Wit said...

I think the last time I was in a bar was 1992. That was only because it was a VFW and they were trying to get me to join up.
Almost all the long established bars in this sorry town have been shut down by the Churches who challenge their right to the booze license. The only real bar left downtown is called Shakers and is owned by one of the Chamber of Commerce good old boys, and never have anyone making trouble for them. They have fights and serve minors all the time but their biggest claim to fame was that the Girls Gone Wild bus was parked out front for a whole weekend when they were being filmed for The Wildest Bar in America DVD. Don't know if they made the DVD as I never look at stuff like that.
I'm thinking about filing a noise complaint against the churches for all that singing and bell ringing they do on Sundays.
You think that people would notice the bar right in their front yard when they were thinking of buying the house. For a lot of people the location would be a selling point.

Anonymous said...

When you live within walking distance of a bar, the last thing you want is for them to lose their liquor license. Duh.

texlahoma said...

Looks like a fun place.
I'm ok, survived the ice storm, power's back on.


tina:the baloney your talking about is miles from being like this ring baloney..when you come down I'll buy you some.
jan:I think long time along the business was small enough that it didn't make too much noise..not any more. They have been discovered.
sage:i used to have fun there..I think..hard to rememember..I was always drunk by the time I got there..it's outside of west about 10 miles or so.
kulkuri:and Tokio has the coldest beer ever..I do remember that.
Debra:that's his name Bimbo Hand. He's James Hand's brother. If he has another name besides Bimbo I dont' know it.
heart: you'd like this one.Especially the fish fry's.
Intense:they have class coming out their ass.
nitty: lucky most of the customers of the bars are full time members of the local Baptist Church or St. Mary's..must remember..these are Czech's..beer is sacred.
JP:my daddy's dream was to live within crawling distance from a bar. Some of them folks can.
tex:duck sweety, another storm is heading your way.

Ted Amadeus said...

Jan, Kulkuri, fuckin' A:
If ya don't like noise, DIE! It's very quiet 6 foot down, so let the yuppie set buy their precious damn real estate there to rest their fake ass-tate.
That bar looks like an awesome party spot!

W. Va. Fur and Root said...

Lord ha'mercy, I haven't been honky tonkin' in forever. I'll have to remedy that.

Blueberry said...

Looks like a great place. Hope to visit it someday.

tsduff said...

This looks fab - makes me want to ride my Harley on down.

Nelda said...

Ok Folks I grew up there as a young child. My grandparents Ornell & (Hat)Herman Herring went there every day to have a beer all the way from West. That was a way to relax and talk to friends.
When I went there Georgie & Blackie owned it.
Yes it was an old General store. When you walked in there was counter on rightside and down the counter was the old time glass meat market refrig long type.Along the middle and left side all the way back was tables. There way a pool table in back with the old juke box.My memories was the old metal tub they use to come play.
Now to go to bathroom you went out side door and went around to back of building. I knew Georgie and Blackie so I use to go out and play with all the livestock you had to encounter along the way to the restroom. LOL
They even had an old glass phone booth on the left side of the building out front and 2 old gas pumps.


Nelda..I remember Georgie and Blackie..the place hasn't changed that much..ha
the bar is on the right, the floor dips and rises and is so uneven I can't imagine how you could walk to the bathrooms if you were drunk..I was sober and tripped about 3 times..the meat market is gone but they have glass coolers on the wall by the bar where you can buy stuff. Bimbo Hand ran it for awhile..Al Cenik runs it now..I hope this brings back memories for you..I have so many people that used to live in West and this blog is how they keep up with what's going on..I need to do a west texas post this weekend..lots going on..Chili Cook off at Wolf's tomorrow ..hope you continue to drop by and see what's going on..jackie.