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Friday, January 01, 2010


A public service from yo'granny.

Step 1
Start treating your hangover before it even starts. As soon as you walk in the door, drink 8 to 16 oz. of water with a squeeze of lemon. If you have some asparagus extract, mix 10 drops with a small amount of water (about 1/4 cup) and drink. If you don't have the liquid, just swallow one of the capsules.
Step 2
Once you wake up, immediately drink another 8 oz. of water and take another 10 to 20 drops of asparagus extract or another of the capsules. Sip the water slowly so that it doesn't upset your stomach.
Step 3
Wait about 30 minutes and assess how you feel. If you don't feel that great, the ideal breakfast for you will be-you guessed it-asparagus.
Step 4
Prepare the asparagus any way you like. According to researchers, the asparagus shoots contain more
beneficial amino acids and minerals than the leaves.I personally like to roast it and finish it with a squeeze of lemon juice. Homemade asparagus soup (minus the cream) is also soothing, but if you're hung over, my guess is that you won't feel like cooking anything elaborate.
Step 5
Sip water throughout the day and see if you feel better. You may want to give yourself another dose of the extract or take another capsule as the day goes on.

Why hangovers hurt

1. Alcohol is a diuretic. A diuretic is a chemical that kicks your urinary system into overdrive. All those trips to the bathroom at the bar can add up to dehydration- which causes a painful headache among other things.

2. Excessive amounts of alcohol are toxic to cells. This means that excessive amounts of alcohol are toxic to you. If binge drinking doesn't kill you, it doesn't mean you won't feel the damage in the morning.

3. You danced too much, fell, got a tattoo, and fought a group of people when you got drunk. (I did all of this in one night once upon a time)This may not be directly related to a hangover per say, but acting a fool while drunk could hurt in the morning.
Step 2
Prevention if you can take a few preliminary steps, you may be able to cure a hangover before you even get one. First, if you are planning on drinking, you should consume a full glass of water before you begin. Second, take a
bottle of water to leave in your car when you go to the bar. Finally, make sure you eat some food before you go out.
Step 3
While you drink order a glass of water with every other drink. This will help you fight dehydration as you use the bathroom more and more throughout the night. Extra points if you can squeeze a lemon in your water for extra
vitamin C.Also your choice of drink will affect your hangover. Red wine and most other dark wines, beers, or spirits will tend to worsen your headache in the morning.
Step 4
After you drink this is also an important time to cure a hangover. Drink that bottle of water you left in the car while on your way home (with a sober friend driving of course). When you get home, if you feel up to it, you could also eat a small snack and drink some more water before you go to bed.
Step 5
In the morning if you wake up with a hangover... there is still hope! The worse thing you can do is stay in bed (if you can help it) because you aren't going to feel much better until you at least get some fluids in you. Cure a hangover by replenishing fluids and electrolytes. I recommend a
sports drink because they are easy on the stomach. Take a couple pain killers. If your stomach isn't bothering you then coffee, or another form of caffeine can help relieve a headache and get you moving in the morning.Take a hot shower and eat some breakfast.

Step 1) Drinking alcohol the night before is usually fun--the next day when you get your hangover is not, especially when you start getting older. (I quit just in time)The first step in getting rid of a hangover is SLEEP. There's no substitute for getting some sleep when you have had a lot to drink the night before.
Step 2
Step 2) The second step in curing a hangover is MEDITATION. When you wake up with a hangover, your mind is literally going a million directions at once. Not only that but hangovers make you very emotional. Meditation will help to slow your mind and allow you to focus your efforts in one direction.(I think a good mantra would be 'om I'm never getting drunk again...om I'm never getting drunk again)
Step 3
Step 3) The third step in curing a hangover is
COFFEE and SHOWER. The caffeine jolt early in the morning with a hangover really makes you feel better; so does a good shave and a hot shower. Make sure you dress extra nice the day of your hangover. This has a way of making you feel better.(Shady Lane and I would rate our drunks by how many Dr Peppers we drank before 10 a.m. I think my record was a 6-pack by 11. and I lost my cowboy hat(not Cowboys hat, but a straw hat with a roach clip with feathers and a ton of hat pins, my favorite one was "If you ain't for Texas you ain't for shit.")
Step 4
Step 4) The fourth step in getting rid of a hangover is HAVING A GREASY BREAKFAST. Eggs,
bacon, toast with butter. Your body is craving salt and carbohydrates so flood your system with them.( I could never understand people wanting to go have breakfast after they closed the bar down. My theory was "Hey, I paid for this drunk and I'm taking it home with me...Not going to spend $30 to get drunk and then eat $3 worth of eggs and get rid of it.""
Step 5
Step 5) I hope this has been a helpful article on how to get rid of a hangover. Good luck!

If you just woke up with a hangover - ouch - one of the simplest remedies is a kiwi smoothie. As a hangover cure, you can't beat it. It sounds easy, but it really works (and I'll explain why as we go along). If you know you'll be drinking or hosting a party, you might want to have the ingredients on hand in advance. Now break out your blender and add the following...
Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:
Blender or Smoothie Maker
3 kiwi
2 banana
1 cup juice (apple, orange, or citrus)
1 cup yogurt
1 teaspoon fructose OR honey (optional)
ice (optional)
Step 1
Peel up three kiwis, and toss them in the blender or juicer. If you're not fond of the tartness of kiwi, you can drop this down to two or even one, but it's the basis of this hangover remedy. Why? Kiwi is high in potassium and electrolytes, with the added bonus of lots of
vitamin C, water, and fructose (for energy). Everything you need to replace what gets lost during a drinking binge!(I'm assuming that this will meant a trip to the grocery store...just remember not to stop by the bar to borrow their blender...sort of defeats the purpose.)
Step 2
Add two bananas (without the peel, of course, duh).Why? These are a great source of potassium, plus they help replace electrolytes. They also taste good.
Step 3
Add one cup of yogurt.Why? It coats the stomach, and adds some body to the shake. It also includes protein and
B vitamins like B12.
Step 4
Add 1 cup of juice, either apple, orange, or citrus.Why? On a nauseous stomach, fluid is usually the last thing you crave, but you need it to replace the fluids lost after drinking. Juice has vitamins, water, and it tastes pretty good. Pectin is also nice to calm the stomach, which is another benefit of juice.
Step 5
Add honey or fructose. One teaspoon of the sweet stuff is enough. This is optional.Why? It boosts energy and tastes pretty good. The sweetness also helps with nausea.
Step 6
Add ice. This is optional. Anywhere from 2-4 ice cubes is enough. Why? It chills the smoothie, encouraging you to drink it slower. It also adds some extra water to the mix, to replace lost fluids.
Step 7
Blend it up. Drink your juice, and then chase it with a few eggs for breakfast. Boiled, fried, whatever you can stomach. Eggs are a good source of cysteine. Be sure to keep drinking fluids during the day, steer away from caffeine, and take a Tylenol.

I hope this has been helpful..if not for this year, you might copy it down and use it for next time. Happy new years y'all..


Anonymous said...

I've been so hungover at times, I haven't been able to hold down water. The only thing that helps then is bawling and sleeping. LOL! I had one glass of wine last night. I was well-behaved! I feel for those who weren't though.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The strongest thing I drank last night was Diet Coke, so I'm good to go! Happy New Year, YDG!

Doralong said...

So much for my diner breakfast with a bloody mary theory.

Nit Wit said...

My problem when drinking is that I don't seem to get hung over much.
I eat a lot of fast food or greasy breakfast food.Drinking a lot of water is something I always do anyway.
I don't know about this disabled life.
I didn't have a drink this year. Nothing since I got sick in April as a matter of fact. Doesn't seem natural somehow.

billy pilgrim said...

god i miss those days but drinking is a young man's sport.

now when i get up it's as good as it gets.

oh yeah, happy feckin new year!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Thanks for the advice, it won't be wasted: Play-offs dead ahead, fuckin' TV won't show the only MNF channel in town, you do the math.
I can get frozen asparagus by the pound cheap, and I still got bacon left from the $1.25 blow-out at HOS a month ago, frozen solid, too.

Rainwolf said...

I have that coaster set. Imagine that. Good list, thankfully I didn't have to use any rememdies this year.
Happy New Year.

female ( I shit you not ) said...

Where were you the dozen or less times I was praying to God to die???? Hubby was fond of saying
" can't keep up with the BIG boys,eh?"
This year I managed to stay awake ( wasn't easy) to see the ball fall in Times Square. Not bad for a gal in her 70's. rah!rah!rah!
A Happy & Healthy New Year to all.

sageweb said...

Hahaha..I like the part where it aid I drank so much I got a tattoo...hahaha

texlahoma said...

I had a bad tequila hangover one time. I had a strange thing happen (might have told you this before)
[Gross Warning]
I had the dry heaves, stomach completely empty, drank a glass of iced Kool-aid. I threw it back up, it was still cold and tasted just as good going out as it did going in.

Green tea said...

Thank God I didn't need this post,,have gotten smarter in my old age Goddess..
Too many past New Years Days wasted... :D

Blueberry said...

Hangovers are too painful anymore to be anywhere near worth it, not to mention the ass I make of myself when drunk.

Not worth it. One or two drinks maybe, but more than that is a mistake. Water, water, water.... and keep 'em coming.

Sling said...

Outstanding hangover prevention advice!
I would only add that you don't 'switch' liquors.
That is,if you are drinking Vodka,lay off the Tequila shooters...like that.

yellowdoggranny said...

I can't even remember my last hang overs..but I could make a list of my top 20...and 10 of them are about tequila.

Kulkuri said...

Back in the day I used to take pain-killers before going to sleep and it seemed to help. When I could remember to do so.

The bad side of waking up sober is that that is as good as you are going to feel all day!!

Intense Guy said...

Its been a long time - I don't miss the hangovers much - and nowadays I can feel drunk just standing up too quickly.

Hey.. when did I get old?

James Franklin said...
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James Franklin said...

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Rohan said...

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