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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Every one knows I love Dublin Dr Pepper. This is the website where you can find out all you want about my favorite drink. I also stole their opening line in case you have no interest in checking it out.

What makes them unique? Besides being the oldest Dr Pepper bottler in the world, Dublin Dr Pepper also has the distinction of being bottled with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar - the original Dr Pepper formula.
Dublin, Texas—also known officially as Dr Pepper, Texas for one week each June during our annual birthday celebration—became the site for the world’s oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in 1891, just six years after the drink's invention in nearby Waco.
Nectar of the Goddess.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have one for me, YDG!

jan said...

Just because of you I had my first Dr. Pepper recently. I liked it. When I was a kid my favorite aunt said it tasted like medicine, so I didn't ever try it. Weird how childhood things hang on.

Ted McLaughlin said...

It is indeed nectar of the goddess. I have to have my Dr. Pepper every day. I never have understood why anyone would drink Coke or Pepsi when Dr. Pepper is available.


debra:oh i will.
jan:would i lie to you?...ha
ted:that's how i feel ..everytime i see the coke/pepsi wars i just laugh...no contest...pepper every time.

John said...

Dr. Peper is great. I love it is one my faves. That and Pepesi are my top two. Can's say which is top. To close for me

Twain12 said...

one of my favorits

Ted Amadeus said...

Aw hell, you really had me goin'.
All this time I thought you were talking about a mixed drink (Dr. Pepper w/ scotch or Baileys or something).

Nit Wit said...

Funny how things happen. I went to Bingo with The Boss and went to the machine to get a Pepsi and they were out of everything except Dr. Pepper so I go one. While I was drinking it I found myself wishing it was made in Dublin. I don't like any soda much anymore. First they stopped putting it in glass bottles and then they put that crappy High Frutouse Corn Syrup. Plastic bottles and cans ruin the flavor of everything they put in them.
My all time favorite soda is called Vernor's. It's sorta a supercharged spicy ginger ale. they stopped putting It in glass bottles too.
Funny, in the olden times soda came in deposit bottles and you could recycle them 100%. Plus the 2 cent deposit was a handy way to get candy and Ice creme money.


john:dr pepper and pepsi?...oh my goddess, that's like ...well, that's like...i can't even think what that would be like..but its bad..haa
ted:im a alcoholic, dont drink any more...dublin dr pepper is just dr pepper made in dublin texas.
nitty: i dont like canned dr pepper or the plastic bottle of dr pepper..only drink it if there is nothing else..
i've had vernons..used to get it in a deli in austin..good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love Dr. Pepper!

Intense Guy said...

I drink Dr. Pepper and I'm proud I used to feel alone in a crowd
Now if you look around these days
There seems to be a Dr. Pepper craze!

Oh I'm a pepper
He's a pepper
She's a pepper
We're a pepper
Wouldn't you like to be a pepper toooooooooooooo!

sageweb said...

I have been lucky enough to try one..and they are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I've never had a "Dublin Dr. Pepper" but does it taste like regular "Dr. Pepper?" Because there is nothing like a Dr. Pepper, a bag of plain chips and a Laura Secord French Vanilla bar chaser to really remind me of my childhood. The good parts.

Yankee Girl said...

I haven't had Dr. Pepper in so long and now I am thirty for it!

texlahoma said...

Those are better for you than the corn syrup kind, really.