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Friday, January 29, 2010


I was looking on line for Tokio Store's phone number so I could call and find out if they got their license and found this...this makes my heart swell with pride for a tradition still alive and well in Texas. I couldn't find a phone number for Tokio Store. I doubt if it's listed..most of the bars are unlisted. Keeps the bartenders from having to lie when some wife calls and asks:"Is that no good rotten sonsabitch in there?"


Sling said...

I made the mistake of lying to a customer's wife only once.
The phone rang,he waved me off,I said,'No he isn't',..and she stuck her head in the front door and said,'Then who's that bastard sittin' right there!'..She was calling from a pay phone right outside the front door.

Nit Wit said...

Looks like a lot of nice places in Texas. I have even heard of a couple of them.
The storms are missing us to the south for a change but it got down to 8 degrees last night.

texlahoma said...

That's cool. Nice to see a dance hall, coming from the city in "Foot Loose" where that would never be allowed. "Sinners!" (:

billy pilgrim said...

i like the herring store in westphalia. it has a bit of a deadwood look to it.


sling:i always told the guys i wouldn't lie for them..so when the phone rang anyone that didn't want me to lie for him would run to the bathroom..and then i could honestly say 'sorry i dont see them.'..
nitty:glad your not getting the bad weather..it's in the 40's today and down to the 20's at night..but it's still damn after the 6 inches of rain and i cant get warm.
tex:i always say thats why baptists dont have sex standing up so that no one will think they are dancing.
billy:all of them sort of have that old west feeling to them..

Kulkuri said...

Is that an old picture of the place?? I've noticed in Tejas and other parts in the South that some businesses look abandoned even tho they are still doing business. It's like the only ones that know they are open are the locals.


nope..thats what it looks like..I've been here for over 30 years and dont think it's ever been painted..

Nit Wit said...

Why spend money on paint when the customers don't even notice.
Should have been a good weekend for you. After all the Cowboys didn't lose this weekend.
Now I'm gonna get bipped for sure.