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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I wish Miss Henrietta was still here. She would be so proud of her grand kids. Dalton M. won the Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat. Every year the West kids do really good at the Mcclennan County Junior Livestock Show. This year the kids sold their animals for approximately $57,000 at the Sale of Champions. West did the best in the market goat category as nine students had goats place high enough to qualify for Friday's sale. Dalton had the Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat. Jolee M.,Shelby W. and Kylan M. each had market goats winning first place ribbons. The M. kids are Miss Henrietta's grand kids. She never missed a showing and they showed all over the state. She never missed a football, basketball, or baseball game if one of her Grand kids were playing. She made all the games for a few years because her Granddaughter was a cheerleader.
West had two students with steers placing high enough for the sale. Payton S. had a second place steer while Christy J. had a fifth place steer at the show.
Jessika F. was crowned the new Miss McLennan-Hill Czech-Slovak Queen during the group's meeting last Sunday in the West Community Center. Her little Czech Sister in the pageant is Brooke F. her actual sister. For her winnings, Jessika received a $500 scholarship, crowns and Czech crystal from the McLennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society, state sashes from Maggie's Fabric Patch and Larry and Kathy Podsednik, a flower bouquet from Flowers 'N' Things, jewelry from Blessings, a gift certificate from Divine Designs, and a Czech recipe and folk tales book, hand-cut Czech decorated eggs and a stain glass Czech flag from Olde Czech Corner Antiques.

They're having another hearing to discuss whether or not Tokio Store will get it's beer permit back. They have had it for years and years and years, but all of a sudden they have new neighbors who say it's too noisy and they got some Judge to take the permit away and then another Judge gave it back and now their having another hearing to see if they get it back again. It's really stupid..Tokio Store is a grocery type store(old) with pot belly stove a bar and some tables and people go there and listen to bands, juke box, drink some beers, raise a little hell and go home. I hope they get it back.
State Tarok Tourney set at Cottonwood Hall. The SPJST Lodge at Cottonwood Hall (about 9 miles from West) is the site of the 2010 SPJST State Tarok Tournament set for February 6. The tournament is open to everyone, both SPJST members and non-members, ages 16 and above. The entry fee is $7 for memebers and $15 for non-members. The entry fee includes snacks and lunch. There will be $200 in cash prize money with trophies presented to the top four winners. Cash prizes are to be presented to the top eight. I'd love to say I know what Tarok is...but I haven't a clue.
West Public Library has started a paperback exchange program. Nancy came up with this idea. People keep donating paper backs and we have no more room for them on the shelves. She sells them at the book sale but the .25-.50 cents she gets for them doesn't add up to much. Lots of people buy and read paper backs and then either give them away or trade them. So she figured we'd get in on it and the books that are traded are added in on our circulation numbers and help us get funds and grants. Nancy is doing such a great job. She's started a Friends of the West Public Library and the ones that join will be used as slave labor. Ha..Not exactly, but we will be able to pick out a section of books that we will be in charge of and will be expected to keep them in alphabetical order, straightened, dusted, etc. We'll all take turns doing the windows, cleaning the hall, the bathrooms and the room they rent out for Showers, receptions etc. That way it doesn't all fall on her shoulders to do. I go up there and shelve books and help out when she needs it, but she's been using people doing community service(speeding tickets, etc.) and most of them are kids that are in trouble and they get sentenced to so many hours of community service and they are pissed and don't want to be there and don't care if they do it right or not. Nothing worse than looking for a book by Patterson and finding the book your looking for in the paper backs or in the W's...
The West Lions Club is meeting at noon Thursday at Nors Sausage and Burger House. The West Library Board is meeting Feb. 8 and I think I might attend. Might attend both meetings. See what kind of mischief I can get into.
The Lady Trojan High School girls power lifting team placed first last Saturday in their Blooming Grove meet. Get this: Lady Trojan lifters over 220 pound class, Tianna R. 1,125 pound total.
We do really great in this competition every year. Kolache fed girls rock.
Lady Trojan basketball team are in contention for the playoffs. They finished the first have of the 7-AAA District in third place.
Paxton Pustejovsky turns 3 years old with a Thomas The Train themed party. We have a new baby in West..7 pound 2 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long Sophia Isabella Loya. Ti Brock turned 8 and Ray and Betty Sorcek are celebrating their 45 Anniversary. Plus a set of triplets Abby, Ally and Audrey are celebrating their 8th birthday too.
89 years ago Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wolf opened a new grocery store at the Capital Service Station Building on South Main. St. (in the 70's, 80,'s it was known as the Capital Bar and Jackiesue's favorite hang out.)
Here's a nice buy if you want to live in the country. 7.9 acres with 2-story, 5 br., 2.5 baths, office, 2 barns, storage building, in-ground pool, covered patio and much more.10 minutes to West, 10 minutes to Waco. $252,900.
But the best news of all?....Community Grocery has Wright bacon on sale for $2.89 pound. I'm so excited I'm giddy. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacon.
Well, that's all the news for the tiny town of West, Texas. Come on down for a visit...buy you a Dublin Dr Pepper...


Nit Wit said...

Oh boy you posted. I was starting to worry because you skipped a day.
I wonder how many of the kids considered just grabbing some regular from one of the bars and trying to enter him as an old goat.
They seem to always be electing Queens around West.
Sounds like Nancy is gonna help the library get even better. I wonder if she can get the Library Board as slave labor. If they care they should be there every day.
I was going to ask you what a Tarok Tournament was but if you don't know it must be a big secret.
They are all the time announcing Tournaments on the radio around here and I cringe every time they do. The most popular one it seems is called a Corn Hole Tournament. That had a whole other meaning when I was young. Almost as bad as calling yourself Tea Baggers.
I know my mind is still in the gutter.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Go load up on bacon! And that is one fine looking Grand Champion Market Goat.

Yes, I DO still have a record player. I bought a little portable one a few years ago to play old records that were never re-issued on CDs. If you're sure you want to part with your bagpipes LP, send it along! Thank you for your generosity!

If you leave me a comment on my blog with your private email address, I will not publish that comment but I will send you an email with my mailing address in it.

Nit Wit said...

This post is still growing.
That fella on all fours in the first picture looks just like a guy I split a pitcher of beer with once.
I just ate steak and now I want bacoooooooooon.


i look at the goats and i think cheese..i look at that bull and i think rib eyes...sigh*
i could never be a vegan or vegeterian..and now im hungry for baaaaacon..

billy pilgrim said...

i hope the goat and the other champions don't end up in the soup pot.

Intense Guy said...

Now that is a hunk of beef!!

Tarok is the Czeck version of Bridge. Way to complicated for me!! But pretty cards... Rules of the Game if you are interested in eyeballing 'em.

Bacon! Yes!!!! Heck, I'd love a Skunk Egg today... woke up hungry.

Blueberry said...

I think I like the Tokio Store. Hope they get their beer permit back.

sageweb said...

that is a pretty a awesome deal for the house and land...and only 10 minutes from you!!!

jan said...

I really feel like I'm getting to know these people.

Didn't get the part about beer being noisy though, but there is a lot about our court system I don't get.

texlahoma said...

I was interested in that house for a minute, then I realized it had one too many zeros. We're getting hammered with freezing rain, I hope the electricity holds out. Everything is very pretty though.


billy:oh yeah, it's bbq right about now.
intense guy:what? i always thought it was some sort of domino game..haha
you have to come to west for westfest and i'll feed you nothing but skunk eggs, kolaches and dublin dr pepper.
blue:I think there is a website on line that has pictures of it and if there is i'll post it..it looks like something out of the 1800's.
sage:lots of great deals on houses here..come on down..ha
jan:i think it is the activities after the consumption of the beer that makes it noisy.
tex:your supposed to get the worse of it..by the time it reaches me in central texas its pretty mild..i hope..ha

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same as Sage! That's a pretty good deal to have a pool AND two barns! I love barns! I wish I had one.