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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


All of these beautiful people are the direct descendants of Oscar Franklin Roycroft and Maud Anderson Roycroft. You did good old timers, you did good.


Intense Guy said...

Oh wow.. such a great looking bunch!!

And all those Roycroft ladies are umm... well, well-built upstairs!!

I'm sure the little ones might "sprout 'em early".

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A good-looking looking harvest from the gene pool!

female, I shit you not! said...

Love the ones of Maud smiling. :0)
Her serious face makes me think she is saying, " What the Hell did I do?"

Jan said...

I love all the happy faces.

I'm totally envious--my family is scattered all across the country with no matriarch to bring us all together.


Karl:yup we all have big boobs..thanks to 'big mama' Maude.
debra: yup..we did good.I kept teasing my cousins that the younger kids were much better looking than we were as kids..took all that watering down of the roycroft blood to come up with these beautiful kids.
Ishit:that's Leola..(WOWO)..Maud and Oscar are my grandparents..the parents of my aunts and uncles..

Anne Johnson said...

Oh, a family reunion! Where everyone isn't killing everyone else! I can hardly imagine it.

billy pilgrim said...

beautiful pictures.

nothing beats a picture of a small child with a big can of pop.


anne:no fights, no arguments, no spats, no trauma..was amazing..
billy: I loved that one of him and the sodi pop...ha