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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Holy Bullshit and cowabunga...The Vatican says Homer Simpson is Catholic. Which is a great surprise to the producers of the show who report that they are Presbylutheran's. The most Catholic newspaper the L'Osservatore Roman wrote in it's weekend edition that Homer and Bart are Catholic. Oh Sweet Goddess, if your not busy with 'war and love' that your in charge of , please give the writers the go ahead to rake them fuckers over the coals. I am just a plebe at writing funny shit and I know there is just a wealth of material in that sentence alone. But that's just the icing on the ole Catholic cake..they are also praising the Beatles(wait..weren't they more popular than Jesus?) and Harry Potter, the little wizard...Well, hell we already know they think the Nazi's are good guys and deserve a big raised hand up.
Wonder if they came to this conclusion before or after the Mexican security forces seized 105 tons of U.S.-bound marijuana in Tijuana where some of the pot was labeled with images of "Homero Simpson."...Especially since the Vatican seems to think they are a good role model for children. Like they even have a clue what would make a good role model, since they don't see anything wrong with Priest's getting hand jobs from 9 year old choir boys.

"I'm a little late on my mortgage-seriously. But I have my priories. There's baseball, my wife and baseball."..Dallas fan, waiting in line to purchase $1,000 worth of tickets for the Rangers-Yankees playoff series. (Kera Radio)
Fucking near makes you gag don't it.

"Buddy, first of all I want you to win..you can count on full support. You are going to win."..phone caller identified as La Familia drug cartel leader Servando Gomes, speaking to Mexican congressman Cesar Godoy Toscano during an interview with the W Radio Station(The Associated Press)

That could have been the voice of the head of a corporate cartel in the USA speaking to a Republican running for Congress.


Anne Johnson said...

True, true, true, and OH SO TRUE! Way to go, Granny, you are Ali and the bastids are Liston! Knock 'em down and dare them to get up again!

I will always be in your corner, girl.

Charlene said...

You are RIGHT about that analogy!

The Vatican is just trying to hijack a popular program for their own fame. Anytime you hear this kind of religious proclamation it's a publicity stunt. You know, like when the president of the Southern Baptist Seminary here in Louisville decried yoga as evil.

jadedj said...

"...105 tons of U.S.-bound marijuana in Tijuana". OK, that's how much they FOUND. I'm thinking the boys in the Vatican got the other 200 tons of the shipment, and started asmokin', which of course, gave them all these bullshit ideas.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Is the Vatican trying to drag itself into the 20th century? Surely not! It's barely out of the 1600s!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, the Vatican also says an old guy who claims he's never had sex is the only person who God talks to and is the right person to decide whether or not we can use birth control. Those guys are nuts!


anne:I'm always in your corner too.
charlene:if the vatican wants to clean up their image they should teach their priests not to diddle little boys.
jadedj:any weed they smoked would only be an improvement.
debra:never happen...there will have to be a revolt by the parishioners..
slizabeth:yeah, like I'm going to listen to an old man wearing dorothy's red slippers and my granmothers dress.

Nit Wit said...

That's what happens when you get a bunch of senile old men who talk to their invisible master and hear answers back decide what's right for people who actually live a normal life.
On the other hand, If sitting around watching TV and going out to Moe's for too many beers is the life of a role model, I may have to look into this religion stuff.

Anonymous said...

The Vatican likes Harry Potter now? Because I remember when they called to ban those books. I was raised Catholic, but I'm allright now.


Jan said...

Harry Potter got a lot of great publicity when he was called the spawn of the devil.

Ted Amadeus said...

Never took The Whore of Babylon or the old geez in The Magic Jammies seriously, and that was LONG BEFORE I ever opened a Bible and discovered almost everything she teaches is bullshit...If that is the "one true Church", I guess I'll just have to go to Hell and burn for believing God's Word instead:

Proud to be counted among the "heretics"!

texlahoma said...

Hippie Dog, Adopted Dog and grumpy old evil farts.

Intense Guy said...

Most Dallas fans probably need professional help....