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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"The idea that the body is a vehicle for reaching consciousness with the divine...that's just not Christianity." Southern Baptist leader Albert Mohler, explaining his call for Christians to avoid yoga...(Associated Press)
What the fuck is praying? dipshit...jackie

"I don't have to say it because I'm an American.":..Mississippi attorney Danny Lampley, defending his decision to stand in silence and not follow a judge's order to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, which cost him several hours in jail.(Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal)
I agree. I always felt the pledge of allegiance was sort of Hitlerish to me. I can remember when Under God wasn't even in the Pledge. Didn't get added until that great Republican General/President Eisenhower had it put in. And if your old enough, you'll remember that kids used to put their hands straight out with hand up like the Nazi salute when they recited the pledge too. jackie

"It's like the old lawyer's joke that a good settlement of a lawsuit is where everybody is unhappy, so this must be a good rule." Attorney Tom Watkins, assessing new ethics rule that would prohibit Texas lawyers from having sex with their clients.(Dallas Morning News)..
Gee, you would think that would be an automatic law...I mean really? How many ways can a lawyer fuck you and have it still be legal?..jackie

"I don't listen to him on the radio, I don't watch him on TV, I don't read his books."..GOP political strategist Mary Matalin, outlining the limits of her devotion to the career of her outspoken husband, Democratic strategist James Carville. (Dallas Morning News)
Which is why she is a stupid bitch AND a bad wife...jackie

"The principal said, 'You are a male, and males can run for king, not queen.' Dallas ISD spokesman Jon Dahlander, outlining the rules on who qualifies to be homecoming queen at North Dallas High School after a male student awaiting a sex-change operation sought the crown.(Dallas Morning News).
She's been going to school as a girl all this time. They all refer to her as a her and she. So what's the big fucking deal?...Judas priest. She's living as a girl let her run as queen...jackie


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hahahahaha, your commentary is right on! You should have your own TV show. If those right-wing nutcases can get on the air, MSNBC or someone should recruit you to "tell it like it is!"

Jan said...

Homecoming queen is such an outdated custom. At least the students at NDHS have a human and not a cow or pig running. If she gets the votes, what is the problem?

billy pilgrim said...

saying pledges, singing national anthems and prayers drive me nuts. it's a bunch of bullshit to glorify whatever dickhead is charge of the gathering. if i could only fart on command, sadly it's a skill i never mastered.

Rainwolf said...

And these people live and breed.

Shrinky said...

You have a wonderful way of hitting the nail right on the head. I'm stunned about that flag of allegiance thing - pul-eeze tell me that's a wind-up??

Nit Wit said...

I wanna find an island and only allow sane people to live there.


debrah:if there is a tv news show that will let me say "what? are you fucking crazy?" I'm in.
billy:u can't fart on command? well, that's plum sad.
rain:they shouldn't be allowed to breed if nothing else.
nitwit:all the ones that read my blog.

Elizabeth said...

Some days I just want to move back to the People's Republic of Berkeley and pretend the rest of the country doesn't exist.

texlahoma said...

"With liberty and justice for all."
I think liberty means freedom, so wouldn't that include the freedom to not say the pledge?

Avoid yoga?!!? LOL!
Reminds me of a Zappa song

"...So he gave me a doughnut and told me to stick closer to church related activities."

Kulkuri said...

I too remember reciting the original pledge when I first started school, then the FuckingRepublicans inserted "Under God" in it to show those Heathen Commies!!

As for the idiot saying that christians shouldn't do Yoga, as my redneck friend says, "Southern Baptists give a bad name to Southerners and Baptists"!!

Anonymous said...

This needs to be a regular bit. You are bang on!

Heff said...

I agree with you SOME of the time.

Some times you feel like a nut, sometimes you DON'T :)


elizabeth:west is good..1957 here.
tex:zappa had the answer to everything.
kulkuri: oh i love that..southern baptist quote..may steal that one.
heart:i'm thinking about doing it at least once a week.get back to posting more often like i used to.got lazy.
heff:yes, there is a Goddess..making progress on you little buddy, making progress..

FoxyMoron said...

Well said as always, even though I don't always get the US specific stuff.

And yeah, the "Yellow Dog Granny Show". I'd watch it.