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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


There is a new, nonpartisan poll out and while it is pretty much what I expected, it did have some surprises.

79% say don't touch or use only a "little bit" of Texas $8 billion rainy day fund to help close the looming $21 billion state budget deficit.
Hmm..I'm not sure what that means..Don't use even a little bit or just go ahead and use all of it instead of just a little bit. I'm not sure they know either.

48% oppose accepting federal stimulus money. Last year the state absorbed $12 billion in stimulus funds, which was largely responsible for the state balancing it's budget.
Which fly's in the face of ole "Good Hair Perry" who said "money? we don't need your stinking money, " to the adoring crowd, but then turned around and took it..The lying mother fucker. While living in a house that cost us over $10,000 a month while the Governors house is being remodeled
also at our expense. I hope the fucker gets the mange.

34% support legalizing gambling and taxing casinos to help balance the state budget.
If it's good enough for the Indians it's good enough for me.
27 % favor increasing taxes on alcoholic beverages.
No surprise there. Which means 73% booze it up every weekend and don't want the price of their beer to go up.

63% say health care for the elderly, mentally ill and poor children should be top budget priority. There was also an article in the DAM News about how the fund that furnishes AIDS's program that gives out the drug cocktail is going to be $23 million short by 2012. If they cut that or restrict it in any way, it's a death sentence to many people.

52% support either civil unions for gays or same-sex marriages.
Now that number surprised me. I think people here are more concerned with getting a job then they are if 2 gay people marry. There maybe hope for our state after all.

48% say the State Board of Education's revision of textbook standards was driven by conservative and religious interests that overpowered professional standards.
Then they slide back into 'stupid'...

I wish I had ran that poll....I bet the numbers would be different from area to area. Like East and West Texas would show different results than say North and Central Texas. And South Texas would be completely different from them. When You have a state as big as Texas where there is such diversity in race and religion, your going to find a huge difference in opinions.
Which is why I get so pissed when people lump us all together as illiterate rednecks...Painting us all with the same brush is really a disservice to the Texans like me that don't fit into that cookie cutter mold. I hope that the Democrats have a victory like the one at Goliad this election and not the like the one we lost at the Alamo. We NEED White to beat Good Hair, and Edwards to beat Flores. Do me proud Texas....do me proud.


Jan said...

That is a fantastic graphic at the top. How did this come about? It looks real, not photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

Here's to hopin', Jackie.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting poll -- glad to see that 52% of Texans want to see some form of relationship equality for gays and lesbians! And I agree -- stereotypes are never accurate, not even of Texans!


it is real jan..it came from Texas A%M's website.
yeah Heart I always have hope for Texas...pray for her daily.

yup..Debra..I know there are a lot more like me in Texas..well, maybe not LIKE me..but are democrats and not all wrapped up in religion and stupidity.


you all will be proud to know that I fixed the rear light on the truck and not a dick in sight.

Heff said...


I live in a red state, lol !! (and not just around the neck)

Intense Guy said...

Go you! For fixing that tail light.

What is the rainy day fund supposed to be for?

Travis Erwin said...

I too hate Perry and have been blogging recently about his idiocy, but I'm afraid he will win going away. Least he won't get my vote.

jadedj said...

I am not familiar enough with Texas politics to comment on that...but, I grew up in the south and I understand what you are saying about misconceptions. In my travels I have found that a large part of the other states see most southerners as sister fucking hillbillies. This of course is as erroneous as thinking everyone in New Jersey is a member of the Mafia.

The bottom line, there are peckerwoods and dumb asses in every state in the country.

BTW-LMFAO at "I hope the fucker gets the mange". Definitely stealing that one!

Charlene said...

I did some paid consultant compiling work for a sitting member of Congress a couple times. It was amazing how the survey questions were worded.

I don't trust any survey designed and sent out by a politician. They are self-serving and by their design get the results they want so they can publicize them.


Heff:I'll pray for you sweetie..you'll come around with the help of the Goddess.
intense:when we're all out of jobs I guess.
Travis:how can so many people get fucked on a daily basis by that man, and still vote for him asking for more?????
Jadedj:yup..I've seen some really dumb people that weren't rednecks, but you couldn't tell by listening to them.
Charlene:i tool an on phone poll the other day..I'm sure it fucked up their numbers.

Nit Wit said...

Don't BIP me please.

Kulkuri said...

I agree there are idiots everywhere. Seems like no matter where I am, I'm in the minority. I think the problem is that most people will allow themselves get fucked rather than have someone else get something that will make their life easier or better, especially if they think they won't get it for themselves.

Most of the people I know that are against welfare and food stamps have applied for those programs and have been turned down!!