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Monday, October 18, 2010


the first 14 pictures are taken at my favorite cousins Terry and his wife Beadie house. (I adore her..she's absolutely the greatest. Smart funny and has always not given a shit about my pagan Democratic ways..can't beat that.) Which is the coolest place I've even been too. When you first walk in the room to the left which as Terry said if they were fancy would be a formal dining room, but he said they aren't fancy. So it's Beadies's doll collection room. She has every body. John Kennedy as the little boy at his Daddy's funeral, Diana in her wedding gown, the little rascals, Cher, Elvis, the Little Rascals and Petie the dog,the Grease dolls, Marilyn, every important movie star. Photos, books absolutely wonderful. These are Jenny's pictures and want to do them first because of Terry's house and then I'll do mine of the reunion. I was slack jawed and in a daze and forgot to take one picture. The kitchen and the rooms off of it where the booth and table with chairs is all Coke...I am crazy about the car hop..I love the car hop. He has a juke box with no songs past 1959..The coke machine takes dimes and they are the old fashioned small bottles of soda..root beer, coke, Dublin Dr Pepper, Grape and Orange Crush. When he went to get my DDP it was stuck so he just reached in and got me one..about 15 minutes we're standing in front of it admiring it and a DDP shot across the floor. I cracked up laughing..so I got 2 DDP's..fuck my blood sugar.. She has a room for the granddaughters that's the DIVA room, every thing you could imagine for little girls..I would say I wanted to live there, but then I saw the boys room I changed my mind. Half Pittsburgh Steelers(she's from Pittsburgh) and half Dallas Cowboys. She has a signed #12 by Roger Staubauch official shirt. Every poster you could think of from both teams. Will give her my Cowboys and Pittsburgh books for her collection. I gave her several books I had, Carol Burnett, Gary Moore, etc. I have a Howdy Doody book and also a Howdy Doody Record I'm going to give to her too. She has one guest bathroom that is all Paris..I went to pee and was in there for 15 minutes just looking at all the stuff. The other bathroom is all decorated up with girly stuff too. I was in hog heaven. When we left the Reunion to go to Terry's he said it's not far from here..so knowing we still had to drive back to Waco..we thought..ok...45 minutes later we're at his place. Only in Texas is it's not far from here mean 45 minutes.
For all her collections you'd think she'd have a hard time picking her favorite. nope..It's the piece of wall from her kitchen in the old house where she raised her 4 boys. It's where they had all marked their heights all the way from little kids to grown men, plus their kids and anyone else's kids that showed up..Her boys cut it out of the wall and had it framed at gave it to her for either birthday or Christmas..That's her favorite. The picture of me and the 2 women is Beadie on the left and my cousin Jr.s wife in the middle. For the life of Rin Tin Tin I can't remember her name..I knew it Saturday, but today? nope..

I love the picture with Jenny and Jamie with my Aunt Wowo..Jamie also took a picture of her red Mustang. I was going to ask her if her gun was under the seat but afraid one of the kids would hear and go get it.

Oh I love the picture of me and Wowo. She is my heart..She's responsible for me not being raised in a foster home or worse. From the time I was 6 months to 4 years I lived with her. When Daddy and Mother remarried and came to get me the only reason why I would go with them was the idea that I could eat pork and bean sandwiches with them on their honey moon...Ha
She and my Uncle Terrell lived in a log cabin. Oh my Goddess, that was the coolest house in the world. All the wooded area around there..and that great old tree we hung Michael Raye from while playing Cowboys and Indians. We were ok, till we built the fire under him.

The 6th picture from the bottom is me not paying much attention to finger waving cousin Bobby(Terry's brother) who is a wonderful person but is bound and determined to bring me to Jesus. Yeah, I don't think so. When we first got there Jenny just sort of wandered up to the garage and saw him and said "I'm Jennifer, Jackiesue's granddaughter. Bobby said "Yes, I believe in God and your grandmother believes in a Goddess, but we get along just fine." Jenny was sort of mentally looking at her watch and thinking..hmm. 2 minutes.
I kept telling all my cousins..do you notice how the grandkids are the best looking of all the kids? It's like the Roycroft, Beeler, Liles blood had to be diluted down .and then bam..good-looking kids..
Ok...I'll post more on my pictures...But want to say again...my granddaughters and my new grandson are absolutely the greatest in the world..to drive all that way, round trip, just to make sure their grandma got to see her aunt..well...you don't make kids any better than that...I love them so much.


Clance' McClannahan said...

These are awesome Jac!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What great photos -- love all that Coca-Cola memorabilia. And how nice that you got to spend time with your Auntie Wowo! Glad to hear you didn't convert to Jesus while you were at the reunion, LOL!

Intense Guy said...

Those are awesome pictures!! My goodness.. what a coke-head.. LOL!

I think I'd get dizzy just taking it all in -

Jenny is looking as hot as ever!!


Sounds like you had a blast - even with the "Jesus Freak" laying it on.

Nit Wit said...

I'm surprised you didn't convert him.
That's a great house.
The other house looks like one that I got pictures of in an E-mail from down there.

female, I shit you not! said...

Family is where it's at. :0)

You lucked out Jackie.

texlahoma said...

Man, that's a cool house, great pics.


I have cool kinfolk ..even the ones trying to convert me..and my Aunt Wowo is the strongest woman in Texas.

Heff said...

Bitchin' jukebox.


Heff...it was fantastic..every song you could think of from 1949-1959...was like being a kid again.

jadedj said...

I want that diner booth. In fact, coveting it. It's me.

Looks like a fine bunch, YD.