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Friday, November 05, 2010


Well, they started moving out the first 8 apts..well, 7 of them..one of the ladies didn't pack up every thing and just drove off in her car. So no one is going to pack it for her..so the apt is still have full of her stuff in boxes and the rest, not. Every one is pissed. I will be going out the 10th after a JACKIE'S KITCHEN at West Rest Haven. I am making pies and punch. My new friend Suzanne R is going to help me and think Anissa is going to come down too. Suzanne is making 2 pies for me so I only have to make 4 pies and do the punch. This is the day before I have to finish packing and get ready to move out the next day. Plus that evening I am supposed to drive back so I can join in the Westfest meeting. I hope I'm not too tired. Because I sure do have some ideas and not going to be nice about it either. The old farts have ruined Westfest.
So I go to get a hair cut so I can go get my drivers license renewed. Not so fast Jackie. She informs me that "I'm Special."..In the 10 years since I got my license they have a new law. You have to show a birth certificate or a passport. Neither of which do I have. The state I was born in doesn't have me listed as having being born there. I don't have a passport as I told the lady, why would I ever leave Texas?...So I'm fucked. Going to give my home state one more chance to claim me and if they don't ? Don't know what I'm going to do. But my hair looks good. Nap time see you later gators.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Awesome stumbles today, YDG! And Nitty FF is too cute for words! I'm glad Dexter has adjusted well to a new rival for your affections. Maybe this will cause Dexter to settle down and be a good role model for the kitten -- hahahahahahaha!

Kulkuri said...

Re: driver's license, when we moved to GA a few years ago, we ran into the same bullshit with either show your birth certificate or your passport. I had to use my passport to get my license, but because The Old Lady's was expired she was no longer a citizen and they would not allow her to get a license. My sister-in-law had problems in Alabama because her birth certificate wasn't the original one, but a certified copy. Funny, it was good enough to get her in the military but not good enough for the desk monkey at the DMV!!!

Stole the "Does Stoopid Hurt??" picture. Thanks.

Jan said...

I love your Putin cartoons. I may be getting a crush on him. :)

Rumor of Jackie's birth have been grossly exaggerated?

female, I shit you not! said...

Come to my state. :0)
No proof of citizenship is required here.
Hey, you are in government housing, correct?
That should count for something.
Good Luck !

Anne Johnson said...

If you don't have a birth certificate, does that mean you were never born? That's such BS. They should take your social security number as proof you exist.

But remember, you are the maverick living in Texas. They WILL try to make you BORN AGAIN so you can drive! (ROTFL, don't let 'em!)

Charlene said...

Ah, the irony of unexpected consequences bite the butt.

I liked what Truman had to say. He was right.

Rand Paul was born in Texas. As a Kentuckian I want to say, you can have your idiot back now.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Great stuff, Granny, I grabbed the "hatching cat" for my post today. Thanks!

DaisyDeadhead said...

Probably will grab Glenn-as-Pope at some later date--that one is just too good.


Debra:nitty will keep coming at Dexter and then he will put his paw on nitty's forehead and just hold him off, won't even look at him.
kulkuri:I don't know what I'm going to do if I can get a birth certificate. this is just bat shit crazy.
Jan: i too have a thing for Putin..especially when he's pouting..ha
I'm special.
female:you'd think the fact that I've been receiving ss for 5 years, have military id, and had a drivers license from texas for 34 years would count for something.
anne:good point, this is probably a Christian ploy for me to be born again..ha
charlene:hell bush wasn't born here and he's been claiming us for years..bastid.
daisy:steal all..I stole them ..

Intense Guy said...

Nothing like a mindless "I've got a little bit of power" drone/moron at the DMV where "service is our motto".

No wonder dealing with the government in any way leaves a foul taste in my mouth...

I think Birth Records are supposed to be maintained by the county you were born in...