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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Before I start handing out the local news of West, By Goddess, Texas I want to let you know that I won't be giving you my opinion on the elections. I have to calm down. I have to pick up the bits and pieces of my brain that are scattered all over my living room. Because my brain did explode when I woke up this morning and read what had happened while I slept. I watched reruns of Cheers rather than the election results for fear I'd either have a stroke or a complete meltdown. Sufficient to say I'm fucking livid. I don't know if I should spit or go blind. I'm so pissed I'm left handed. Enough to drive me to drink. Thank the Goddess I don't drink any more, because I'd still be drunk and probably be seeking the assistance of a bail bondsman. Fuck me I'll never smile again. Ok..to the West News. sigh*
The above picture is for you dirty ole men who enjoy looking at the beautiful girls in West. The won their games and are heading into the play offs. The Lady Trojans qualify for regionasl in the Cross Country Teams. They won the District 8-AAA Championship last week and will compete in the Region I Meet this Saturday in Lubbock. (pronounced Lubb ock.....not as some think, Lu bbock..)The Lady Trojan Volleyball team advance to the area playoff around this Friday as they take on the third ranked 3A team in the state, Abilene Wylie, in Stephenville, Texas.
The West Trojans lost to state-ranked Alvarado 28-26. Crap!. The loss moves the Trojans' season record to 5-4 and District 8-AAA mark to 2-2. They play their final game tomorrow In Kennedale. Hope they win.
We had a great Halloween turn out down town for the kids. The city had set up a receiving line for the kids in front of the City Hall, Fire Dept and Police Department. I had planned on going down and take pictures but I stayed home to watch the Rangers lose to the Giants in the World Series. The Cowboys lost again and the Houston Texans lost on Monday night football. But just to prove that the Goddess hasn't completely abandoned me...The Baylor Bears beat the Texas Longhorns at Austin for the first time in like...100 years..really. It was just beautiful.
This is the first year I didn't decorate, or make stuff for trick or treaters..I have boxes everywhere, most of my baking stuff is already packed and my decorations are packed too. sigh*
I did haul my butt out to Strickly to be one of the judges in the Chili Cook-off. Judas priest..didn't I say last year I'd never do that again?...I'm such a schmuck..Mike A was there(Marissa's Daddy and Inky's big brother) and one of my best friends and we talked each other into judging. It was Goddess awful.There were 5 judges and Mike and I were the only ones that had ever judged before and I knew we were screwed when they started talking about how they made their chili. Sweet Goddess they used bell peppers...Mike and I were giving 4's and 3's and maybe an occasional 7...these 2 women were giving 10's for chili that looked like tomato soup with hamburger in it. One was brown color...no red at all. So we both said next year? We'll enter our own chili. fuck em..
I am moving out of the apt. the 10th of Nov. (hopefully) and be there till the 17th. So I'll be spending my 67th birthday in a Motel 6...Now that I think about it I think I spent my 35th, 43rd and 46th birthday in a Motel 6.. But that's another story for another post..snort*
Westfest membership meeting is the evening of the 10th. I had wanted to go so I could stir up some shit. But after making sure the movers don't break all of my crap, ferry 2 psycho cats and the stuff I'll need to survive for a week to the Motel 6 in Hillsboro I may not be up to coming back to West and tackling the Westfest board. I'll have to see.
Both the KJZT and JCDA are having bake sales. Kolaches and Buchtas. Which are sort of like a strudel and are so good.
Alzheimer's support group to meet at 10:30 a.m. on Nov 9th. I thought about going but I keep forgetting.
Our annual food drive is starting and will go through the 19th. We always collect a huge amount of food. Need to go through my cabinet and give some canned veggies.
West Community Center will have their annual Thanksgiving meal on Nov. 25th and I'll volunteer for that again. I really enjoyed it last year and was so proud of our town for the amount of food that we gave out. I may make a couple of extra pies for them. I'm already in for 8 pies and 2 cakes for the bake sale for the West Haven, so what's 2-3 more.
Louis Eugen Bajer came into the world weighing 7 pounds and was 19.5 inches long. Celebrating his 92nd birthday is Ben Knapek. We lost 2 old timers too, George C. Kubacak and Travis T. McMorrough. Both in their 80's so they had a pretty long life.
Robert and Marty Kreid are celebrating their 30th Anniversary.
50 years ago a 3 room house with bath and hot water at 505 W. Walnut was renting for $15 a month.
Derek Hutyra was named to the TSTC Honor Roll. Derek is a student in aviation maintenance.
The West Kiwanis Club is hosting a community blood drive to benefit Carter Blood-Care from 2-7 on Nov. 11 at the Community Center. Anyone like to drive down and donate some blood?
The West FFA is selling fruit and meat for their annual fundraiser. I bought some fruit from them a couple of time and while pricey the fruit was always really good.
I'm not buying a bunch of stuff for groceries as I'll be in the motel, so got some cans of tuna fish, a 3 pound box of bbq Sausage links for $5.99. They are Slovacek's and they rock. Plus Wrights bacon was on sale and got a pound of it..think I'll fry it up and then can reheat it in the microwave at the motel. Also taking my oatmeal and crunchy peanut butter and blueberry sugar free jelly. Some bread and maybe some lunch meats and cheese..For 6 days I can make it on sandwiches and salads. I'll have a refrigerator and microwave and they serve continental breakfasts. The thought of being in that room with those 2 fucking cats is enough to make me rethink sobriety. Nitty Fucking Flowers is a kitten and they are insane until they are about a year old. Dexter was going to kill him at first but now they actually play together and sleep together at the foot of the bed. But Nitty gets pissed because I let Dexter out to go visit the neighbors and he has to stay in. He makes sure I suffer for it.
West Food Mart has vienna sausage 3 /$1..might pick some up for snacks. I already bought some single pop corn and cans of nuts. I went to Dr E. and he upped my glyberide and now my blood sugar is nearly perfect..I still forget to eat on occasion and it gets pretty low, but only once did it get realllllly low. But after I get back moved into the new apt. I'm making apts for a full check up, a mammogram and the camera up the ass thing. Also need a good foot doctor as I am losing more and more feeling in my feet, especially the right one..The middle toe is black which sort of freaked me out..but then remember I banged into one of the boxes in the hall way on my hourly trip to the bathroom and bent it about 3 different ways.
Saw Patsy Patsy Patsy at Community Grocery, she asked me how I was and said gooder than dirt.
Here's a great little starter up home for you..1915 built home, wonderful woodwork, hardwoods, butler pantry, needs updating and remodeling. Priced to sell at $34,900. On Marable street which has a nice blend of old remodeled homes and new ones.
Well I'm going to go get my hair cut tomorrow, put on makeup and go get my drivers license renewed..The one I have has old address on it and picture is 8 years old and was sick with the flu and looked older then than I do now. If my license is going to last for 8 years I want it to look better than the last one. Which when people would see it would say "what the hell happened to you here?"...
I'm hoping that the week of my birthday my friends will take me out to dinner at Pizza House. Sarah and Marissa are supposed to take me out and Babs is going to take me out. I'm dropping hints every where. Don't need anything ..just buy me a skunk egg. Ha.
Went to the used shit store here 'cause they had a 1/2 price sale. I got a tea kettle that looks like a cow for $4 and 3 books..(yeah yeah, I know I just gave away 4 boxes of books, but I'm telling you it's a sickness)..Also picked up one at the library for .50. Called Weird Texas. Your travel guide to Texas's local legends and best kept secrets. Like the beer can house, a house shaped and made like a kettle and one that looks like a steel pig, a identical copy of the Munster's House and
a Museum to Hoss(Dan Blocker.) really cool book.
But my best buy for $1.50 is my t-shirt that is a Monty Python shirt and it says " I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION."... That's better than my Dick U. T-shirt. I can't wait to wear it and will have Babs take a picture of me in it for your enjoyment pleasure.
Ok..gotta run..have to empty boxes calling my name.
Oh...another neighbor has found me. I guess she lives next door to the lady that found me and she told her about my blog. She said they both read it now. She is also one of Dexter's fans. He goes down to visit with her and her grand-kids were there over the weekend and they love him. Of course..he loves being petted and they like to pet him. No wonder he never wants to come home. My cat is cheating on me.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Loved all this news, YDG! I feel like commenting on nearly everything, but I'll restrict myself to this -- where the hell did Nitty the cat come from? Have you acquired a second cat or are you cat sitting for someone? I must have missed something while I was away. Doesn't sound like Dexter is jealous though.

Jan said...

Looking forward to hearing the motel birthday stories.

FoxyMoron said...

Can't wait to see that t shirt I'm a big python fan and I love to wear slightly shocking t shirts at my age. The looks I get!
Two cats in a motel? Look forward to hearing how THAT goes.

female, I shit you not! said...

Lubbed all the news and ur views.
Congratulations, condolences, salutations and more !

Eight years between license renewals??? In MA it's five. :0(
Someone is asleep at the wheel!
No pun intended...........yeah rt!

Nit Wit said...



Debra:I think I forgot to mention Nitty..Babs found him and I went to see him and he crawled up my shoulder and stared cleaning my face so I had to keep him. Named him after my best and favorite blogging friend..Nit wit..who I always call Nitty..but when he is a horses ass I call him Fucking Flowers after my favorite character in John Sandford books..the guys name was virgil flowers but he was such a fuck up they always called him fucking flowers..so most of the time he's Nitty Fucking Flowers..
he's a brown with black/gray stripes..about 10 weeks old..
first I thought Dexter was going to kill him, now they play together and sleep together.but when Nitty is acting like Fucking Flowers Dexter will put his paw on his forehead and hold him off...cracks me up.
jan:they moved the first 7 of 8 out today..one of the ladies didn't finish her packing and just left..so they haven't been able to get to her's yet. but all the ones that are empty have new doors and windows already, the floors are ripped up, the kitchen is bare..everything is out..tub sinks, etc. and they are putting on the roof and siding..so they are cracking along..held up by one day of rain on the roof..but the guys were working on it right up until dark.
foxy:I love the tshirt..I may never take it off..ha
shit u..actually it's 10 years between ...

Intense Guy said...

So, I'm a dirty old man... I LOVE looking at the babes from West, Texas...

And guess what? "Your" Jenny and me is friends in FB!! Oh my... want to talk about head exploding?