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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday. I spent it in a Days Inn Motel in Hillsboro, Texas, 18 miles from my apartment which is being remodeled..Which I hope will be done by next Thursday at the latest. I was bitching about spending my birthday in a motel and then after musing over my past birthday I remembered I had also spent my 32 birthday, my 37th birthday and my fourty fifth birtdays in a motel too. But I didn't share the room with 2 male cats. The details of those adventures will be left to a later post. Right now I'm enjoying the cool weather that has found central Texas. It's been a little rainy and cloudy, but today is cool and breezy.
Dexter and Nitty Fucking Flowers have been pushing every one of my buttons. Nitty has discovered the door stop and likes to seranade me with the twang boing twang boing every day from about 3 a.m. on ..But for all the things I forgot to pack I did pack the spray bottle, so he's mostly wet all the time. Dexter is being so well behaved. Not for any good reason other than he has discovered this handsome cat in the mirror in the bathroom and spends most of the day looking at himself ...I'm not sure if he thinks it's another cat or he knows it's himself, but he sure thinks that cat is good looking. He preens and purrs and rubs up against the glass and mostly sleeps next to it at night. I've managed to keep them from escaping outside, which is too bad as it is beautiful out side my room. There is a pretty patio and then a huge football sized field with wooded area behind it..Really pretty.
The people that run the place are really sweet and I like them very much. I help the maids out my making my own beds and cleaning my own room. Fraid if I let them in the cats will get out plus they don't speak any English and easier to just do it myself than try to explain what I need done.
We're finding out bits and pieces about the reno's..some of the apts will have walls knocked down to make them more handicapped accessible..Mine I'm sure will as neither my bathroom or kitchen is handicapped accessible..Neither is the porch. Only 2 apts have porches, mine and the lady behind me..So there is no way you can get a wheel chair up the stairs and into the door because of the big threshhold. I also heard that we won't get any kind of carpeting(the old carpet was ugly and had no cushion, so was uncomfortable to walk on) so we're getting all tiles..Which doesn't thrill me either..fuck!..I still can't get them to put in a bidet instead of a dish washer.
The day they put all my stuff in the truck to take it to the storage shed I accidentally missed the fact that they had packed my box with all my meds, my football book, library book and spray bottle..ha..I had just got to the Motel and unloaded everything when I realized I didn't have it so I jumped back in truck and raced back to West but no way could I find it..I was freaking out. Those guys..those dear sweet guys, when they unloaded my stuff into the shed, went thru every box until they found my meds and so I wouldn't have to drive to Waco to get it they brought it back to West and gave it to one of the ladies that was going to the motel that day. Beyond the call of duty..I had already gone to OCDrug and got a 2 days supply thinking I'd have to drive to Waco and get it myself. Goddess bless them guys..
Well, need to go clean up the rest of the room. Going to go into Hillsboro and take some pictures. They have the most beautiful court house..It burned down and thanks to Willie Nelson they rebuild it almost exactly as it was before. Willie's home town is between West and Hillsboro. Abbott, Texas about 9 miles from West. I almost moved there when I first got here as I couldn't find a place in West. It was an old farm house out in the middle of no where. I took one look at the expressions on the kids face and thought maybe not. I knew they'd kill each other with out anyone to 'play with'..ha.. I'll try to keep in touch but when I got on computer yesterday I had over 190 emails, mostly all birthday wishes from Facebook folks..wow..oh..yeah..I'm 67 now..and some one tell me 'how the fuck did that happen?'....


female, I shit you not! said...

Why on Budda's fat ass does a one or two person unit need a dish washer???
It's NUTS!
Don't go stir crazy on us now. :0)
Hope that Welcome Home shingle goes up fast.

Is the George Veterinarian Clinic place still in Hillsboro?

Jan said...

Happy 67th. I didn't know or I would have baked a cake.

billy pilgrim said...

happy fucking birthday!!

i attended the ellsworth/garrett wedding last night, it was excellent. too bad e.b. had a bad case of diarreah earlier in the day.

Bad Alice said...

Happy Birthday! Your cats sound better than network TV.

Ted McLaughlin said...

Happy birthday YDG!! Hope you can get back home soon.

FoxyMoron said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday YDG!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy (belated) birthday, YDG and may you have many, many more! I once had a cat who liked to play with the boing boing thing too. I finally had to put a towel around it to stop from going crazy.

Anne Johnson said...

You're a better woman than me. If I had to share a motel room with Alpha and Beta, I would be batshit in 6 hours.

Isn't it wonderful to have so many people wish you happy birthday? We all love you.


female;we're all agreed, we'd rather have a washer and dryer in our apts. some of the old folks find it hard to get down to the laundry room by the office.
all of the ones that left first are moved back into the apts so it's been about 8-9 days..hoping they'll have it together for mine and I'll be out of here by Thursday..I'm missing my little home.
jan:that's ok..I've gotten plenty of birthday meals.
billy:my invitation must have gotten lost on the stage coach.
I need to get them a gift.
ted:thanks little buddy, yeah, im ready for home.
badalice:i've been watching hbo movies and national geographics channel.which I don't have at home. so that's cool.
foxy:thanks sweety.
debra:I just squirt him with the spray bottle, he's a fast learner.
anne:I was overwhelmed with all the birthday wishes from them folks on facebook and here..thanks to everyone..made an old lady happy.

jadedj said...

Well, another belated Happy Birthday!

I am looking forward to the details of your earlier motel adventures...the ones without cats of a feline nature.

bladeandcauldron said...

Happy belated birthday and many many blessings

Mama Kelly aka Jia

Kulkuri said...

Hope your remodel goes faster than ours did. They started the remodel in April and we moved four doors down to one of the remodeled ones the middle of Oct. It is nice tho!!

Happy belated B-Day!! It happens to most people, if you wait long enough, you get old. Actually age is a case of mind over matter, if you don't mind, it don't matter!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jackiesue...

Sorry I missed your birthday! I was too busy out in the world having fun. HAH! I hope that the reno goes quickly and you can get back into your digs real soon. Enjoy the hotel's amenities! Even the shower cap! Just put it on and walk around with it, get a laugh or two.

Karl said...

Happy Birthday Jackie Sue,

One day at a time, that's how.

Rainwolf said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get back home soon.

Big Pissy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

I can't wait for you to get back to your newly remodeled apartment! It's gonna look SO good!!!! :)

Miss Healthypants said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday, despite the motel-room circumstances. :)

You crack me UP with your stories about your cats, by the way. I LOVED when you wrote this about Dexter "he has discovered this handsome cat in the mirror in the bathroom and spends most of the day looking at himself ...I'm not sure if he thinks it's another cat or he knows it's himself, but he sure thinks that cat is good looking. He preens and purrs and rubs up against the glass and mostly sleeps next to it at night. " LOL! I could totally picture that. Hilarious. :)

Nit Wit said...

Could have sworn I was out here yesterday. Guess I dreamed it.
Whats wrong with sleeping next to a mirror? I do it all the time. Then I'm never alone.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite Yellow Dog!

Heff said...

Happy Birthday, damnit ! I was BORN in '67, lolz !


jadedjI do remember one time when Chuch and I were in motel room for a quicky as he had to go back to Calif and I made him wait till the end of the cowboys game..he was not happy.
thanks for all the birthday wishes..and the great birthday dinners..3 so far and 2 more to go..hot dang..
heff, I have underwear older than you..

Intense Guy said...

Those guys that got your meds were real heros.


Happy Birthday - I hope you can celebrate it more "regularly" once you get home.