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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Holy shit!...can't believe I spend 10 days in a motel in Hillsboro, Texas with a kitteh and a serial killer cat.
Nitty officially became FUCKING FLOWERS during the stay. Even Dexter was pretty tired of his acts and deeds after 10 days locked up in a room with him. I at least got to go to the lobby to play on the computer and go out for birthday dinner with Anissa and Kandis to a great hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. Which rocked by the way. But Dexter did have that handsome cat in the glass that seemed to admire him as much as he did.He kept him company and it was quite the love-fest. They rubbed all over each other and Dexter would turn his head and look at him out of the corner of his eye to make sure he was still admiring him.
When Dexter had had his fill of FF he'd climb on top of the TV cabinet. Pesky critters for $300 Alex.
I kept the curtains open as much as possible so they could look out and see what was going on. There was a feral cat that came up to the window a lot and was seriously pissing Dexter off. So I went out and chased him off with the spray bottle. Which by the way was the only thing that kept me from killing that fucking kitteh. I'd squirt him every time he got into something. He stayed soaking wet for days at a time. I had to keep the door shut to the tub/toilet area as they would get in the tub and and play and didn't feel like having to replace the shower curtain.

I had a great view out of the window. I think the cats enjoyed it more than I did. The motel had National Geographic and HBO so I watched a lot of movies (Avatar 3 times) and great animal shows on NG.
People would stop and smile and wave at the cats when I had the curtains open. I think the cats thought they were there for their entertainment. Oh look, here comes that lady with the cart full of fun stuff.
I have to really give a big thumbs up to the Days Inn in Hillsboro, Texas..The employees were the nicest most accommodating people ever. They had a nice continental breakfast too. Had waffles shaped like the State of Texas. hot dang.
well..I'm home and still getting my shit together(which if I ever did get it together it would be too heavy to lift and have no place to take it anyhow.)
Mike (INKY'S brother) came over and rearranged the living room for me..moved boxes and book cases and couches so I could get thru and find stuff. I had to go eat while they were putting my stuff up and it was a mess when I got back. I am also missing a rug, a chair, the white plastic shelving unit I kept in the shed and the big mirror for my dresser. Asses will be kicked Monday. Now that I think about it ..damn near everything that was in the shed is missing..motherfucker....my grandma's heart boxes..they are full of everything my kids and grandkids ever scribbled on..school papers,etc. cards from friends, etc. fuck..my baseball magazines that Daddy left me..sonofabitch..
yup..heads will roll...
going to run...Cowboys come on and want to figure out where I'm going to watch it as I don't have cable till Monday..Might just stay home and listen to it on the computer or radio.
more news to come..I also think I'm all caught up on reading all your blogs..missed ya...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm sure all three of you are glad to be home. It's kind of poetic justice for Nitty FF to annoy Dexter so much, isn't it? Ha ha, now he's on the receiving end for a change. And WHOA! Waffles in the shape of Texas? Cool!

female, I shit you not! said...

How SWEET it wasn't !

Welcome Home to most of YOUR STUFF.
Anyone else missing shit????
No replacing that stuff.
Chop dem heads off!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would you need to move your shed stuff too? Sounds like a racket to me! I hope it all works out for you!

OMG as I read this post, Kamir was molesting my lap and my scrolling hand. Stupid bossy cats.

Jan said...

Two cats in a motel room for more than ten minutes is more than I would want to do.

Twain12 said...

hope they find your stuff, I'd be pissed too...great pictures though and welcome home ♥

Charlene said...

I am so glad you're home. Nothing like it, even if someone else makes the bed and cleans up every day.

billy pilgrim said...

how about those feckin cowboys!

should have fired wade last year.

jadedj said...

Well it would seem home is where you hang you cat(s). Glad you got semi-settled though.


I can't wait till Monday so I can raise some hell about the things wrong in my apt and my missing furniture..
and see if my tile has to be replaced from the water leak that I had waiting for me as they bent the copper tubing on the ice maker and leaked all over closet, hall and kitchen. they fixed it and left me 2 blowers to dry it out and left all the sheet rock dust and pieces of sheet rock all over the floor..bastids.

Miss Healthypants said...

That really must have been a challenge, having those cats in a small hotel room!--I can't even stand mine sometimes in our 850-square foot apartment! *grin*

Anonymous said...

My 2 kittens like to play in the bathtub. It echoes so loud that I have to throw them out and shut the door.

Intense Guy said...

Oh boy. Well, at least the motel was nice and had a good staff (and cable TV).

The rest of it sounds like a nightmare.