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Thursday, November 02, 2006

.......MY TOWN SMELLS.......

Like kolaches baking, sausages simmering,cabbage with paprika boiling,and all sorts of delicious aromas....A resturant that had been closed for a few years reopened and when I went to town today and parked down the street I could smell all those dishes wafting through the air..it smelled so good it made me want to hug someone..
I just got off the phone with the new owner Jerry Mazanec(damn I hope I spelled that right)and he said they bake pies, kolaches and bread fresh every day..they make their own soups and dressings for salads..they make the cutest little individual breads and I can vouch that they are good, very good...The resturant is called Sulak's..it's been in the same place since 1923 and Jerry is only the 4th person that has the orginal recipes..I have eaten there many times but not since Jerry bought it..he's the guy that had the Chicken Shack that I used to go to all the time..he sold that and bought Sulak's..so a familiy tradition of West is being passed on.I wish that you could be here and just stand on the sidewalk and smell what I smelled..it will make you smile and giggle..what was funny was when I called some woman answered the phone and when I said is Jerry there? she said I knew that was you...Melissa is a friend(kinda sorta kinfolk..she was married to one of my cousins by marriage)and recognized my voice right off..most people that know me..can always recognize my voice..even after 20-30 years..I just have one of those voices...sort of like a cross between Lauren Bacall and Harvey Firestein, with less smokes and more whiskey.
We are taking up a collection of wood for a bonfire for the last high school home game.We have a winning record so far, so we should have a nice turnout..I love bonfires,and just hope the kids don't jump the gun and set it on fire the night before..Holloween was a huge success this year, with the West Chamber of Commerce Holloween Alley. We really go all out for Holloween and Christmas here..
The West Volunteer Fire Dept has a new fire truck.It was made right here in West by Wextex Welding.The total cost of the truck was $158,331. The truck chassis was purchased through a grant from the Texas Forest Service while it was equipped with money from the City of West and proceeds from the West VFW annual Barbecue cookoffs. Yes, folks we paid for it...My little town rocks..The West Volunteer Fire Dept. also has 5 fire fighting trucks:first response truck,Jaws of Life truck,a 1972 pumper truck and 1952 pumper truck. In addition, they have a 2,000 tanker truck.
We welcomed Michael Eric Slovak into the world,weighing in at 8 lbs.15 oz.and 21.5 inches long..wow, that's a long kid.
Makayla Leanne Watson was born on October 12th and weighed 6lbs.4 oz.and was 19.5 inches long.Ashley McCoy turned 18,Mary Jo Slovak turned 2,Brett had a birthday, no age and some old fart celebrated his 88th birthday and a lovely lady named Shirley had a birthday too..Deanra Ellison and Mattew Stubblefield exchanged vows in Waco,and Noelle Chmielewski and Rider Barnes were married at the Beaumont Ranch in Grandview, Texas...Elera Vrba,Johnnie A. Ward,and Benjamin Upmore are no longer with us.Which means 3 out 2 in...Picture of my x-daughter-in-law Kathy(j&j's mom) in the paper along with Rose Ann Morris and David Pareya for the pancake supper for Kiwanis..I can't see how pancakes would be a big draw, but I guess they are..We have pancake suppers all the time..She pricked my finger for me this morning and it was 129...so that's a good thing..to celebrate I went to community Grocery and snuck a long neck Dr.Pepper. Not the Dublin,Texas kind, as they were all hot and I couldn't wait for it to get cold..I have been nursing it for 34 minutes..I swear to the Goddess I have never had any thing taste so good in my life.Dang! Nectar of the Goddess..
The West High School cross country runners won first place in all divisions...West High School football team beat Kennedale 13-10, which I guess is an upset as they were underdogs..The Lady Trojans Volleyball team is going to the playoffs, and the West Middle School 7th graders beat Venus and Hillsboro.
In the articles about what happened over 50 years ago, they mention that in 1955,38,300 people died on American Highways.
You can buy a 2-bedroom, 1 bath home in the country, 2 miles west of West, on 1/2 acre.Owner financing available for $52,500.I keep checking out the help wanted ads, but so far can't find anyone that is willing to hire an old lady to sit on her ass and be funny.Jeanette Karlik mentioned in her little weekly article that it was nothing unusal to have weddings in West with over 800 guests.. considering they are all related by marrige one or two generations removed, they have to invite that many..ha..Well, that is all the news that is fit to print from West, By Goddess, Texas.
I had a great day today..my gluclose is down, I had a Dr.Pepper, i talked to one of my grandaughters who is doing terrific,saw an old friend I haven't seen in years and years and she was in shock when I told her I hadn't drank in 15 years. Jaw hit the concrete..She is one of those ol'drinking buddies of mine, we would hold Church Services in the Capital bar on Sunday mornings before the bar opened and drink red beers and shoot pool, trying to drink ourselves sober so we could start all over again when the cowboys game started..
ahh, the good ole days..When if you squeezed me hard enough my liver would produce Lone Star.


Anonymous said...

Ok I hav enot read this post yet. Just wante dto claim first!

Will go read now......

Anonymous said...

Why is it whenever I am trying to be good someone blogs about yummy food? That resturant sounds yummy and I now want some pancakes and a Dr Pepper too!

It is great to see a old friend. It must have been damn fun to see her jaw drop like that! If I come across anyone hiring an old lasy to sit on her ass and be funny I will let you know;-)

Have a good weekend!:)

john said...

pancakes are great stomach stuffers . always have my fill in nearby ihop .yum yum !

Lauren said...

I really miss the Polish restaurant that we had here in town. It was a great little family-owned place that had outstanding food make by two little old Polish ladies. YUMMY stuff!

Damn! Now I want Polish food!

Running into old friends is always fun. I go back to my home town about once a year, just to see who I'll bump into. Maybe it's time for a road trip. . .

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

you want smell, spend an hour or two with ruby after she's had cabbage and beans as part of her daily bread.

but she does it with all the dignity and grace of a lady.

JBlue said...

Hey, if you do find someone willing to pay peops to sit on their asses and try to be funny, lemme know!

Allan said...

red beer...breakfast of champions!


mimi:yup...your first..good girl..ha
ya, i like to see peoples expression when they find out i havent drank in 15 years..first it's oh fuck! and then it's no way! and then it's ..damn i should quit drinking too, if she can do it..i should be able to do it.
john:fruity goofy rooting tooting? or what ever they are..
lauren: you would love my yankee girlfriend shady lane..she is polish and makes perogies every year...i love them...usually all the girlfriends would go to lane and we would smoke reefer, drink booze and make cookies, perogies and burn every fucking thing ..except the perogies..we always salvaged the perogies..i miss that..wish i lived closer to austin..only a 100miles but still to far to haul my ass...the traffic is horrible in austin...all them fucking yuppies.
ahh i can taste the perogies..
ruby rocks: yeah in our family in something smells bad we all holler...alpo farts..alpo farts which is the nasties smell ever...
we spent 13 years blaming our farts on bill and his alpo...kiss and hugg ruby for me
jublue: no shit..wouldnt that be a great job...hey..if letterman can do it..i can do it..
allan:hey..i loved red beer..still drink it occasionally with non alcoholic beer...mmmmmmm good..

BriteYellowGun said...

Don't go getting a job just yet. I may still take you up on that offer to be a live-in Nanny to the kids up here. You'd be the "Alice" to my "Carol". Together, we'd make beautiful peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Beansidhe said...

Come work with me in the curtain department - we'd both be sacked within the week, but think of the fun we could have in the meantime!

Anonymous said...

Our town used to smell like raw sewage. Someone finally stopped them from dumping toxics into the East River and now it just smells like the East River again.

21 inches is a lot of pushing and deep breathing, Wow! I knew someone who had an 11 pounder. I don't know how she survived it.


byg:ohh, can i wear a sexy maids out fit?..course my idea of sexy maid's out fit is low neck tshirt, jeans and my converse tennies.
beany; you and i both know we would be lucky to make it to break time and even money on lunch..
cyberoutlaw: maryjo weighted 9lbs 10 oz..and took 14 hours of hard labor...which maybe why we have so many problems..im still pissed at all the pain..ha

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I ate befor I read this otherwise there would be drool all over the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Back when local newspapers were fun to read they had items like yours in them. Then someone decided that they needed "journalist integrity" so no one reads them anymore. They are good for lining cages though


nancy:im telling you it smelled soo good this morning..they make the best food..
jan:all the stuff i post about on my west,texas post comes(except for my personal stuff) came directly from the west newspaper..the paper is called west news..and that is what is in it..all the news about west. the rest home news, news for the smaller towns around west, kiwanas, sports for middle and high school, bake sales, raffles, benefits, pancake suppers, dinner plates sold to raise money for the library, volunteer ambulance, volunteer fire department,everything that happened in the past week or upcoming events in the town of west..including letters to the editor where some one was offended when they had the westfest parade(labor day weekend) and one of the floats had an out house on it and used the term bohunk(some people think that is an insult, some pleople thing its who they are)and they are still sending letters to the editor complaining about it..some people think the women who got pissed and insulted by the float should get a life..and some people agree with her..it's the biggest bruhahaha since the misspelled the name of the bar strickly country...haha

Ol' Lady said...

polish food is good...as a matter of fact I made cabbage rolls today they are still in the oven and should be ready at 7:30, I can hardly wait...they smell good :)


yup, polish food is very good..but west is czech...so all the food is czech food..but similar to polish food..