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Thursday, November 30, 2006

RAMBLING JACKIE......................

Well, winter came to West,by Goddess, Texas yesterday...it went form 80 degrees to a low of 26...my nipples got hard for the first time since I drank a fifth of tequila back in the 60's..or as we called it 'ta'killya'...
This has become the month of everything breaking...hot water heater went out...have a new one that looks like a rocket ship...the other was new in 1959...so it was ready to go..then I finally hooked up my dearborn heater this morning..and nada...it's about 11+ years since I bought it used..so I got that going for me..but I turn on the oven low and it really keeps the house warm..never did get cold last night..but then I have hot flashes going for me too..hot flashes are good in the winter time..plus Annie slept on my head last night and kept body heat in...pussy's are good head warmers,,
Oh man...did anyone catch the article about our newest Senator from Virginia's little setto with old Forest Gump?...oh I laughed my chubby little ass off(I wish)..seems he was at White House and he didn't want to have to deal with ole Forest so he didn't stand in the reception line..but ole Forest who likes to be an asshole marblehead found him and asked him"How's your boy?" referring to Mr. Webb's son, a Marine in Iraq.
"I'd like to get them out of Iraq,Mr. President," Mr. Webb responded, echoing a campaign theme..
"That's not what I asked you,: Mr. Bush said."How's your boy?" "That's between me and my boy, Mr. President," Mr. Webb said coldly, ending the conversation. He said later he felt like punching him out...ohhh lordy..if only he had...Some times you get cake and some times you get cake and icecream sigh**
But the best thing was my weird ass dream last night...in my dream...Forest Gump comes to my house..dressed in cowboy shirt(like a western shirt) jeans, boots and hat...I opened up the door and started to laugh...said"what the fuck are you doing here?" he said ...he had read my blog and wanted to come meet me and see if he could find out why I didn't like him and if he could change my mind about him...I laughed some more and said "fat fucking chance, you asshole marblehead."...anyhow the entire dream was dipshit trying to convience me he was a good guy and was 'just misunderstood'.
I wouldn't let him in the house..made him talk to me through the screen door..I kept calling him names and he kept whinning 'but you just don't understand me'..oh man..I need to quit drinking that Starbucks tea before I go to bed..
Well, I was going to post some other stuff, but I have to go home and make doggie bones..ol lady send me a little package of 4 different sizes of dog bone cutters(like in cookie cutters) and I am going to make a bunch and see if I can't sell them at the Czech bakeries on I-35..people come in and buy kolaches, drinks and stuff from West and we have a little fire hydrant on a patch of grass for them to pee their dogs..so maybe they would like to buy some treats for their doggies..hell, who knows...might work..and I might be eating doggie treats and salsa for the Super Bowl too..
Library is closed on Friday and only open for 3 hours Sat and then closed Sunday..so if the weather is still crappy, I might not be heard from till Monday..so if not..hope your team wins..please Goddess..let the Cowboys beat the Giants and Buddha Girl not be mad at me and her husband for rooting against her team...
sigh*fuckme till I wear pompoms and holler'go team'..


Mouthy Girl said...

Oh sonofabitch. We're not EVEN going to talk about THE GAME. Got that? My HG is off on Sunday. I think my house may explode during that game. No joke!

I'm so happy you liked the story of Jim Webb giving fucktard the cold shoulder at the meet and greet for the freshmen members of Congress. I was digging it!

As for the doggie treats...DO IT! I love that idea! If I had a pooch and was stopping for kolaches...I'd also pick up some poochie snacks! Hell, maybe Buddha will eat some!

Anonymous said...

Lord, you were born a Ramblin' Jackie.

Hopefully the nipple hardening wasn't due to your dream of Dubya. If so, then I do highly recommend laying off that tea.

Oh man, hope I don't get bipped...

Anonymous said...

Love the Dubya story but damn if I couldn't find something better to dream about. I m glad you got a new water heater, but you're not the only one with heater problems. Came home tonight and went to light the gas heater. Nothing, Nada. Thried blowing it out with compressed air, didn't help It's not cold yet, maybe I can get someone to come and check it out. I tried to call you from work but I guess you were at the library........

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you like the bone...I mean the bone cutters :)
you must let me know how your new venture of playing with bones goes ;)

:P fuzzbox said...

Hot damn, it snowed here. Luvin' every damn freezing minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Hard nipples, hot flashes and pom pom fucking. Sounds like a plan for winter to me. The dog treats sound good, wish we were headed that way.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can't have them nipples getting hard they will stretch out your t-shirt and people will stare. I mean for other reasons instead of just because your Jackiesue and heading in their direction.
You got to get a computer soon I can't stand the silence from Texas, Makes me think you all left in embarrassment because the Gump claims to be a Texan.
Although I don't believe what you told me about Santa. The Diabetes stuff is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie,

I saw that story too about Webb & Bush's conversation. Had it been me, I would have bitch-slapped the insensitive little bag of fuck into the middle of next week.

Now leave me alone...I am trying to picture the hard nipples.

Later doll!

Mike @ String Cheese Theory

JBlue said...

That sounds like Missouri weather: 72 on Wednesday, 28 on Thursday.

I'll leave you and Mike alone now....

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would leave that Starbucks tea alone;-)

Big Pissy said...

Crazy ass weather everywhere these days....

Still...with my hot flashes, I never have to worry about being cold. ;-)

Carina said...

STAY WARM!! We've had weird ass weather too...in the 60s and sunny a few days ago, then yesterday freezing rain and sleet and wind and winter advisories. As I type this a de-icing truck just went past my house, no joke!
I heard about Webb's encounter with Shrub. Priceless. I just want to hug that man!

Anonymous said...

webb seemed to let him off easy.

a good reply would have been...

"he's not making as much as cheney off the war but he's doing ok"


"he'd rather be in the national guard but i wouldn't let him jam out"


"are you talking to me?"

"are you talking to me"......

Brad said...

Webb was a very good boxer in the naval academy. Apparently he lost a controversial decision to Oliver North once. However, Bush plays dirty. So there's that.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

kolaches.. yum

as for the Gump.. could not agree more..


Doggie Bark

4 C carob chips

1/2 C creamy peanut butter

it calls for 1/2 C cry roasted peanuts
or chopped walnuts, but I do not give my dog nuts..

Cheerios work as a substitute

melt carob in micro
then stir on peanut butter

add cinnamon and cheerios or.. ?

stir then

pour mixture onot foil sprayed with non stick spray...

chill for about 30 min..

break into 2 inch pieces ..


( got that from a friend and thought I would share)

Happy today

Anonymous said...

"He's not partying in Argentina with the fugitive Nazis..."

If Webb had knocked Boy Wonder on his ass, I would dedicated my life to ensuring he was President in '08.

Anonymous said...

Put a meter on the hydrant and charge fifty cents a piss. It's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

I always have vivid dreams and some are real doozies. I'm going to call you tomorrow if your not home I'll try tomorrow night when I'm on break. :)

Anonymous said...

Whooaa...bad Starbucks...bad...LOL

Hope all is well Jackie :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I guess your right hot flashes are good for something! lol

Anonymous said...

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