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Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, fuck!...I have been picked by Christie to do another meme..same one...7 weird things about me..You all know all the weird things about me..and we all agree...on me...it ain't weird...but I'll try again to think of some new weird things...but if I run out of new weird things..I will lie and will have to pick which ones you think are really something about me..or something that I made up...

1.I have a tattoo of a eight ball on my left titty....and then when it became to look more like a tear drop as my boobs got 'longer'...I had it replaced with a Dallas Cowboy helmet with the #40 on it...for my favorite Cowboy...Bill Bates...or as I like to call him...Master Bates...
2.I'm allergic to mistletoe..not break out into a rash kind of allergy...the kind of allergy where your skin crawls and you feel like your touching something dead if you come in contact with it...It's creepy nasty stuff and I hate it..
3.My favorite automobile was my blue jeep...I loved that blue jeep...and would trade all of the automobiles that I have ever owned (even my baby blue Thunderbird) to have it back...or one just like it..
4.I was 18 years old before I knew that cunt cap wasn't the name of the hats gi's wore..the one that is like an envelope?...I thought they were called cunt caps because that is all I ever heard them called...I was 14 before I knew that cocksucker wasn't a military term for civilians.
5.I am 64 years old and don't think I have ever truly been 'in love'....I was in lust, heat, and in like..and thought I was in love..but when I look back on them...nah...I didn't love them..The one man I think I might have actually have been in love with, I couldn't get..and wonder if I thought I was in love with him for that reason...
6.I smoked for the first time when I was 8 years old..
smoked till I was about 30 or there abouts..and quit for my son who said I would die of cancer and leave him an orphan and he would be adopted by a homosexual couple...long story, that most of you already know..
7.I love the Philadelphia Eagles..


Nit Wit said...

Did your keyboard burst into flames when you typed number 7?
Didn't figure out that cocksucker wasn't a term for civilians till 14.I like that don't know if it's true or false.
Call that cap the service cap in todays politically correct Air Force.
Even I have been tagged by this one a couple of times.

Gledwood said...

bloody hell smoking aged 8!

i have seen young kids with cigs (haven't we all...) the long ciggie only serves to make the tiny tot look tinier...

hey I just dropped in via hops from friends of friends of friends and so on blogs haha!

happy new year 2008 to you!

"Vol 2"...

Gledwood said...

hey can you tell me something

what IS an eightball???

i am not American so you have to bear with me

is it a pool ball?

I thought it meant 3.5g of drugs but it seemingly means something else as well... does it? or did you get an eighth of crack tattooed on your titty? surely not!!

Mouthy Girl said...


I may need therapy now.

I have a tattoo as well - on my right ankle. Little paw prints circling the whole thing. Richie would love your Cowboys helmet. He can howl at the moon all he wants - I will never have Cowboy stuff on my bod. No way.

Happy New Year, Jac!

Anonymous said...

You needz to get back on your medz, lady...

The Philadelphia Fucking Eagles? WTF?

Hope you have a wonderful New Year in the home and that the orderlies treat you with special care...

billy pilgrim said...

not even tom landry?

i thought you loved nate. or the word fuck.

happy feckin new year

Big Pissy said...


Fucking AWESOME! LOL!!!

Happy New Year! :)

texlahoma said...

I bet the tobacco company executives were pleased. "Aiming our advertising at children is starting to pay off!"
Shelly had a ruler tattoo on her left tit, now it's a yardstick.
Happy New Year!

Mr. Shife said...

Happy fucking New Year. Hope the Cowboys make you very happy. I don't know if they will appreciate the fact that you love the Eagles though.

Allan said...

Did you put #7 there to see if anyone was reading or have you just flipped out?
Happy 2008!

yellowdoggranny said...

nitwit:I only told one lie on the list...the last one of course is a big fat lie..all the rest were true..I think the caps were officially called overseas caps....way back when...but I swear I thought they were called cuntcaps..really..and I never heard a civilian ever called anything but cocksuckers so figured that was just another name for them...
gledwood:welcome to the wild and wooly world of the yellowdog...and yup..the tattoo is of a pool ball...there used to be an expression about people that were always screwed up or screwing up and they were refered to as being behind the 8ball..even had a tv show about a guy that his whole life was a series of behind the 8ball escapades..I also quit smoking 36 years ago..but when I started it was the thing to do...good ole pall malls, lucky strikes and camels...all for .25cents a pack..
buddhagirl:well you know that was the only lie out of the 8...ritchie and I will convert you to a cowboys fan..you wait..and you'll have a #81 on your titty...hahaha..happy new year to you all ...
winston:it was a lie...A lie I tell you..a bloody lie...thanks..happy happy to you too..
billypilgrim:maybe I should do a list of things I do love..like the cowboys, landry,nate,bill,ruby,bob(the dog, not the xhusband),my blogger family,blue bonnets, etc..but no boyfriends or husbands..and I do love the word fuck ...it's fun to type too..happy fecking new year to you also..
bigpissy:happy happy to you too.
tex:I figured if i left the 8ball on it would adventually be a long straight line...the helmet is an ugly done tattoo, and if I ever get the money I will have it taken off and a good one put on..
like 5 vince lombardy trophy's..with room for more..may have to put it on the right titty as it's the bigger one..
mrshrife:happy new year to you..and it was the only lie..a lie I tell you..a fucking lie..
allan:it was the lie...you know me..I'm a terrible liar..so that one should have been obvious...but then I may have flipped out too...ha

Jan said...

I really found it hard to believe that there is anything weird about you. You seem so normal. For a Cowboys fan that is.

Kalibitch said...

Yeah, where was the weird?
Feeling slightly let down.
Okay, so maybe because you sound perfectly normal by my standards.
I knew that last one was a bold-faced lie.
You wicked woman.

Anonymous said...

You are a helluva lady Jackie Sue !!

yellowdoggranny said...

jan:i take abnormal and make it a good fit for me..
for a cowboys fan..
kalibitch:need to read back on my posts and see weird...check out my 'years' post..I go from the 50's to 2000 each year was done with my activities, the world news and the music of the year...there was some weird shit in there..huh guys?
paul:lady?...who you calling a lady...old broad maybe..but never ever a lady..