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Monday, February 16, 2009


Being a Goddess, love isn't complicated...well, except for that time I had to have sex with the two dwarfs to get that lovely necklace. But love had nothing to do with that..I just wanted that pretty.
So now...the Goddess on love questions.
Josh:yes, but what ever you do don't break up with him on Valentine's Day..........ooops...too late.
Ted:If you got laid more often you'd know the answer to that question.
Wendy:yes, I'd like to see the men be more original in their gifts. Like a donation to the local Humane Society in your lady's name.
Stephen:it really is a silly holiday. Expressing your love should be done daily, not one day a year.Much love to you too..
Anonymous in Sheepdip, Oklahoma. I took a trip to Sheepdip and did a rescue of Daisybell. I brought her to Texas. If she's going to have a sweetheart she deserves one with a bigger dick that you guys in Oklahoma. Now you and Tex will have to find a new sweetheart.
Lily:if you hang around the Yellowdog's place you will find she has a lot of twisted readers, which is one of her greatest joys. Sleepless in Sheepdip and Ted are two kindred spirits. She loves them both.
I think most relationships break up on Valentine's Day because of the pressure of going the entire year being a buttroy and then having to atone for it in one day. Most men just cave in and run off...Bastids. I thought the cake was very charming and it is the thought that counts. He knew you loved sweets so he made you a cake. Be gracious and say thank you and tell him you appreciated the offer..If you like him and not the cake, maybe you two should take cake baking classes together.
Cheesy:I'm sure that Loki had something to do with your being born on the Day after Valentine's Day. And blessings on you for your birthday.
Justme: The Goddess is sure there is a someone out there for everyone. The only problem is you won't find him sitting in the double wide. Check out one of those on line dating sites. Nothing ventured ...nothing gained.
Joy:but of course...Actually Odin takes them to Valhalla and the Goddess takes you to Folkvangr. (Goddess needs to read up on her history better.)If anyone deserves to go to Folkvangr, it's someone named Joy. I think George Carlin would have a ton of fun trying to 'be happy and make Joy'....
Greentea:Well, of course they do. Don't you think of them and smile?
Billy:before you break out and find true love you might want to check with the Missus first. But it's never to late for happiness. If you are unhappy at home..seek it elsewhere.
Sage:first comes friendship...then comes love. Like I said nothing ventured....nothing gained.
Rox:get one of those moose callers...or post a picture of Kevin out in the yard...I'm sure that would bring the moose in.
Jan:you are not only NOT wrong, you should have put your face in HIS face and pushed him away when you broke up with him. Ted meet Jan...Jan meet Ted.
Allan:cupid is NOT asshole. Cupid is a Buttroy.Don't give up..good guys like you are destined to find the right one for you. Don't settle for less.
Anne:Actually I think you need more Mo than Jo...
Tex:I owe you and Sleepless in Sheepdip one ewe. She's very happy here in Texas, where she says 'men are men and even the sheep know it'.
Tsduff: Goddess doesn't think marriage is important. Only to the ones that can't have it.The Goddess always finds humor among you people on this planet..
Rainwolf:seek Medical attention...ASAP
Lilly:It wasn't sex. It was release...like unzipping, and releasing it to the wind and holding on tight. Just make sure you don't do it on Harbor Freeway in the middle of 5pm traffic. Or at least that's what the Yellow Dog says. Ted's very lonely..Ted meet Lily..Lily...meet Ted.
Woozie:your awful young to be looking for the 'ONE'...just settle for a nice boy with a great smile and a cute ass.
Morecowbell:Yes, you will know the right one when he comes along. When you meet him your first thought will be'damn, I need to go shave my legs.'
Rudegirl:only if you want to. I'm not sure that marriage is for everyone..Like I said..it's only important to the ones that can't GET married. Also if you think getting married will stop you from being your own person, then you really shouldn't get married. You should get married when you think 'if I marry him I'll be complete.'
All questions have been answered..I hope to your satisfaction.
When you stop looking for love...it will find you.
Blessings on you my children...go with the Goddess, she will show you the way.


sageweb said...

Thank- you sooo much. Maybe I will give it a try. Or maybe I am to big of a chicken.

MRMacrum said...

Late to the party as usual, but you mentioned creative Valentine's presents. Does the Goddess consider this as creative?

When I was oh I guess 26 or so, I donned red long johns. (yeah I wore them back then when it was cold)Anyway, I put those red long johns on, put a ribbon on and knocked on the door of the girl I would later marry. It worked. Well the plan to get laid worked. Not sure the following 29 years are what I planned on. But for that one night I was sure I had been a very clever fellow.

MRMacrum said...
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Mouthy Girl said...

Oh shit! I want an outfit like that chick. Hook a sister up!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

This is my sister's BD, good to be getting some feedback on it.
I'm trading in the reply you gave me for that "when you quit looking for love, it will find you" and claiming it as "Thus saith the Lord(ess)"!
Many thanks and best wishes;)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

This is my sister's BD, good to be getting some feedback on it.
I'm trading in the reply you gave me for that "when you quit looking for love, it will find you" and claiming it as "Thus saith the Lord(ess)"!
Many thanks and best wishes;)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...


Elizabeth said...

The Goddess has spoken and she is as brilliant and funny as ever! Long may she reign!

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Knowing that Loki had something to do with it, I feel honored. Therefore in his honor I'm listening to some good ole fashioned Norse death metal.

Willym said...

Damn the goddes IS all-knowing!!!!!

Nit Wit said...

Still around. Don't know why I have pulled into my shell. Leo is the turtle expert.
Funny V day I woke up to find out I was the babysitter of Little Bit for the day while The Boss went to BINGO.
Funny, the dog had puppies the day before Thanksgiving. My son wants to keep one and said it's name is Odin.
What would a future be like with Odin in the house?
Maybe I'll write something soon. Loved the Bagpip story.

rosemary said...

The goddess cracks me up....reminds me of you. i think Valentine's Day was created by Hershey's.

Heidi said...

Thank you, Goddess for your words of wisdom.


sage:wussy..go for it.
mrmaccrum:what a terrific surprise for your loved one...and look what it got you..roses and candy will get you laid for one night...red long johns....you get laid the rest of your life.
buddha:oh...you called Freyja a chick?
I see a bip coming.
ted:hey you got introduced to some great women...go check out their blogs.
elizabeth:thank you mam'm.
cheesey;I can hear them now, screaming at the top of their lungs:"THOR...THOR...
THOR...THOR...i'm so thor I can't even pith."
willym:hey..I'm the Goddess, what did you expect?
nitty:i loved that bagpipes joke..Im still giggling over it..well, what ever your doing in your little hidey hole..knock it off..I miss you..Odin is a great name for a dog..but then so is Loki...for the prankster...I still want a dog so I can name it "Dude"....'com'er Dude, hey Dude, (craps in floor)Duuuuuude..."
rosemary:we have a lot in common.
rudegirl:in your case it was easy...

Rainwolf said...

Hey Freyja?
Why you got Madonna's bra on your head?

Unknown said...

Sorry took me so long to make the trip back here....I've been checking my online dating matches, and I got to tell you, they really suck balls. Well, not really, I don't know for sure...haven't met them in person yet. But, in the past I did some online hook-ups, and girl, have I got some stories for you!!

Lilly said...

Let's all bow to the Goddess. Such wisdom and a nice bit of jewellery too. We need you back again - so many questions, so little time.....and yoo hoo Ted, where are you?