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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was reading the sports section in the DAM News the other day and the name of one a female basketball player for some high school teams name was Ta'Kela. Makes you wonder how she came by that name..Was she produced after a night of Tequila shooters followed by the salt and lime?..Did this occur in the front seat, the back seat or at some seedy motel? It might not have been like that at all, but naming your daughter Ta'Kela is going to conjure up those kind of images. Or is it just me..Any how I cracked up...and in case you have never heard the song, here it is..I would think that most of you have heard it if only from the Pee Wee Herman movie when he danced to it at the biker bar in Texas. I love Pee Wee Herman. When my oldest granddaughter N. was little she LOVED the Pee Wee Herman show on TV, never missed it and would watch the reruns every time they came on. For Christmas her Daddy got her a Pee Wee Herman Doll and I got her a bunch of Pee Wee Herman stuff from his playhouse, but she was really excited when I got her the Chair from the Playhouse. She never did understand why they took his show off the air and the reruns too. She was to young to explain to her that Pee Wee was played by Paul Rueben and liked to whack off in theaters while watching porn. Hell she's 22 and still don't want to explain that to her.
We are experiencing some nasty weather here in Texas. Oklahoma is under attack too. OK City had a tornado and Dallas is under a watch as are we. We're supposed to get wind thunderstorms and tornado's. I'm going to go batten down my hatches on the porch, so stuff doesn't get blown away.
I was reading in my DAM News a U.K. milkman got busted for delivering pot along with his milk. Some old dude Robert Holding, 72 delivered marijuana as he made his daily rounds to the town of Burnely, in northeastern England. The Prosecutor Sarah Statham said that Holding offered the drug to elderly people suffering from pain. She says the customers left notes on their doorsteps to order the drug. Holding pleaded guilty and got a 36-month suspended jail term.
What a brilliant idea. Too bad he got caught. I have a friend in England that could have used some of that weed, as he is undergoing his second round of chemotherapy right now and the weed would really help him with the nausea and give him an appetite. I still can't believe in this day and age with all we know about marijuana that it is still illegal. Was hoping Obama would fix that, but he's hard pressed to get the Republicans to vote any thing but the party line. I always heard that you get more results with honey than with vinegar, but seems someone forgot to tell them that.
My toe is better, but I found out I can't wear my new black converse high tops. Seems they were the shoes that rubbed on my toe so that it got infected. So someone is going to get a surprise in the mail ...my baby phats and my black high tops. I wept when I boxed them off..sigh*....
I go to the Dr. the 27Th to see what kind of fungi I have and he will make me an apt. to go get the callus cut off..Yuck!..
Inky calls me about twice a week..whining that he misses me and checks up on me. Bless his little heart..I bet he does. When I was there I did at least 25% of the stocking when the truck came in and did all the back stocking every day. Now he's seeing what I did and he can't get the 'girls' to do it like I did. ha..Maybe I should go in and train them to hustle like an old lady. Them young whippersnappers. Well, I'm going to go start me dinner...and tonight I'm going to bake some Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also going to make some homemade spinach dip. Low carbs and I can eat it with damn near anything. I made a tuna salad the other day and instead of using mayo I used the last of my spinach dip and damn it was good. It's also good on eggs, and as a spread for ham and cheese sandwich. Ohhhh, it's starting to look dark and spooky out...No one gets it, but this is my favorite weather in Texas...not so much the tornado's, well actually not them at all, but damn I love a good thunderstorm. Wind blowing, lighting flashing and thunder rolling. Mother nature at her best..When I was a kid every time it would come a good storm, my parents would have to put a guard on me as as soon as it started I would run out side and play in it. Used to freak my mother out. Daddy thought it was funny, but it scared him too. I had no fear. Still don't. Ok..this was about as boring as it gets. Will do better next time. Taaaaaaquilllaaaaaa!


Jan said...

One of the most common names around here is Brandi. Makes me wonder why anyone would name a baby after booze.

rainywalker said...

I have been hearing lately about people that are naming their children all kinds of crazy names. Thats not some thing I could do. It would be like Johnny Cash!

Wendy said...

When I worked at the bank we had to remember names all the time, there was a girl named champaigne, and it was pronounced just like the liquor. Ugh.

I too love tstorms, however, I have 2 dogs that hate them, I have woken up with a 30# trembling cattle dog on my head and a 50# chow mix wedged tween D and I at 3 am before.

Pitty bout the chucks and phats. I know chucks do not come in wides either. I have bright pink chucks that I cannot wear anymore because working retail made my feet wider.

I too loved Herman, and as soon as I saw the tequila icon, I immediately started singing that song in my head.

Good luck with the fungus and other feetie issues!

PeeJay said...

Some old man here got busted for having pot in his room at the nursing home. He said he had it so the kids wouldn't get it. Sure you were dude.

Stay safe. The storms rolled though here a little bit ago and lambasted us with some hail. Gotta wait till in the morning to see if there's any damage. Shit I hope so, I need to pay off my truck.

Prairie Gothic said...

Glad to hear your toe is better and too bad about your favorite shoes. I'm thinking about dragging my red ropers out and wearing them some. God I love red shoes. I can't believe we're already having tstorms and tornados. We just got rain and thunder here in Crescent, the bad stuff went around us.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I know what you mean about thunderstorms. Fell in love with them in Tucumcari, NM where you could see them coming for miles during a spring afternoon. They'd blow over in 5-10 minutes, but that 5-10 min was a real ass-kicker!
Good you are getting better. Hope that doc's packin' the silver bullet for your fungus problem. Been real spring-like up here, but s'posed to start turning shitty again tomorrow.

*hopes weather man is full of shit, instead*

Willym said...

A University prof friend of mine once wanted to give his daughter a name with only soft sounds... his wife had to talk him out of calling her: linolium..... I'm not making that up!

Nan said...

If people are going to name their kids after booze they should at least go for the high dollar ones or the more obscure liqueurs.

Didn't Brandy start taking off as a girl's name about the time song came out back in the early '70s? My younger daughter was born in 1973 and it seems like there was a whole herd of Brandis in school with her.

sageweb said...

I wish my name was Appletini..it would be cool.

I think pot should be legal. I can't imagine that a drug that helps people..naturally is outlawed. The goverment could make a lot of money taxing it too.

McRaven said...

I want the high tops, damn too late! Love you!

Nan said...

Sageweb's comment go me thinking -- if pot is legalized can we expect to see kids named Cannabis, Ditch Weed (and what would be a good ghetto spelling of that one?), and Hemp displacing the TaKeelas and Brandis?

Anonymous said...

Sooner here,
First off, I loved Pee Wee Herman, there was an adult show on HBO years ago that was hilarious, I remember one part where Miss Evonne came on stage and Pee Wee had on toe mirrors, and he was looking up her dress and all of the sudden he sez, "Ahh, she's doesn't have panties on." and walks away dejectedly.

And WE NEED WEED! Tax it and fix our roads and schools.

And on a more somber note, I work about 5 and 1/2 miles from Lone Grove, Ok. where 8 people so far are confirmed dead from the tornado last night. It is total devastation, incredible and sad.as J.S. knows so well, tornados are not taken lightly around here, one of our customers found a dead body in his pasture, the tornado missed his house by about a half-a-mile.

Lilly said...

Oh that is so bad news about the tornado. Hell what is happening to the weather! hope you are ok.

No I feel the same thing about names too - I think people either cant spell tehm or jsut look at the name of the bottles and jars in their cupboards for ideas.

Good on the milkol shame he got caught. I kind of like tha tidea. Weed with your milk. Kind of balanced to me.

Sorry you ahd to pack your shoes off but whne you get the callous off you are going to feel a whole lot better.

Wish I lived closer I would drop around for dinner - I always like the food you make. Spinach dip, yum

Wendy said...

Just in case you haven't checked twitter I just wanted you to know that I actually found myself with the word buttroy coming out of my mouth in conversation. I was telling Donovan bout the jerk in front of me on the drive home doing 40 in a 55.

I guess I read your blog alot..

Stephen R. said...

Where do I get that milkman?!? Too bad he was caught.

I loved PeeWee too. But I remember HBO special that he had before the kid's show. It was basically the kid's show with adult humor and it was hilarious!!

Speaking of not understanding why marijuana is still illegal, what did those cops think Paul Reubens was going to do in a porn theatre? Macrame?!? :)

Those chocolate chip cookies sound good right about now...

Rox said...

I don't know if this is because I saw Wizard of Oz as a kid or what but I'd take my -40 over a tornado anyday! That is scary shit! Stay safe Jackie Sue!

yellowdoggranny said...

jan:all the guys back in the 70's that had pitty bull dogs named them after booze..brandy, whiskey, everclear,etc.dumb
rainy:like a boy named sue?haha
wendy:there was a girl at family dollar named champagne. I called her bam bam. I miss my shoes already.
our storm lasted about 30minutes..wussy storm..and no tornados.
peejay:we didn't get any hail..barely got a storm..we were lucky..oklahoma got hit bad.
christi:oh man..i miss my cowboy boots..that was one of the first things that had to go after all the back surgery's..ruined my feet for boots..and I wore them every day for 30 years...sigh*
ted:toe is better, still have the fecking cough..and it's going to be in the 70's for the rest of the week.yeah.
wil:oh my Goddess, she would have killed him or changed her name as soon as she was old enough.
nan:i always liked that song too...catchy and I knew all the words to it..ha..
sage:of course pot should be legal..dumbest law in existence..stupid government. think of all the crimes that would be solved and the prison space opened up..jeez..
appletini..that's cute.
mcraven:oh damn if i had though about it would have sent them to you..going to nitwits granddaughter.
nan:I know a friend that named her daughter crystal for crystal meth...jeez.
sooner:oh man, i'm so sorry about the tornado and all the damage and lives it took..sad...
lily':oh I cook all the time..bake cookies, pies, cakes, etc..and cant eat most of it...come by for dinner anytime..come for westfest..feed you sausage and kolaches.
wendy:that cracked me up..i did the same thing today someone pulled out in front of me and I yelled out the window stupid buttroy..I'm sure they are still trying to figure out wtf?
stephen:i really miss pee wee..supposedly he's supposed to come back with another show on cable..im still waiting..we get our drugs delivered to our houses here in west..but no weed..glad to see ya.
rox:yup, them tornados are scary..and can hit one house skip three and wipe out the rest of the block...never know..

Josh said...

Don't know if it's just from thinking about the pot, but that tuna and spinach dip combination sounds pretty good...

Unknown said...

I swear my oldest son was the same way as a little youngun about Thunderstorms. Hell, he still is. His brother Travis swore up and down that his big brother was struck by lightning, but I don't recall that. Probably he just heard me yelling at him, "Get in the house before you get struck by lightning."

Hope your feet problems clear up real soon. Seems like all the kids around here are named Amber or Brandon. Kind of makes you wonder. But, when Travis was born the lady in the bed beside me named her daughter Chianti ...I kept thinking doesn't she know this kid will go to school one day?? Hope she didn't name her next boy Fava Beans....

more cowbell said...

My Ex had 3 sisters in his neighborhood growing up named Tequila, Tenangra, and Tabitha. What the hell.