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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I went by Family Dollar to buy the granddaughters birthday presents and talked to Inky and he said when Tom left with the last of the money that he stole he left a note saying he was sorry for what he had done. Breaks my heart..Inky and I are still leaving him messages. Like I told Inky when I first started to work there Tom and I were talking about places that we lived etc. He said he was from Roswell, New Mexico...I thought oh fuck...he's about the same age as Jack's brother Mark and probably knows the whole sordid story. I asked him if he knew the Denney's and he smiled and said yes, his mother was good friends with Mrs. Denney. I said do you know Mark and Jack and he smiled and said yes. I said then you know who I am then, and he said yes. Never said another word. He was my boss and didn't judge me and never mentioned it to anyone at work. Don't think it would have gotten me fired, but it would have been a tad embarrassing. For all you newbies there is a story here, but you'll have to google my blog for the year 1974 to find out what it is. Any how..I was going to get quarters but she only had one in her drawer(we have a new girl ...tats and all.) and didn't want her to break a roll for $5 worth..So I left and went to the Town laundry mat and I pulled up and put the emergency brake on and left the lights on..I could see there were some people inside..but I was just going to use the change machine and get some quarters..I walked in the door and a little black kid about 5-6 yelled at me :"Hey..white lady...you left your lights on in your truck."....I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing...Kids..gotta love them.
I am fixing to do 2 loads of laundry...I have cleaned my house top to bottom. Bedroom, bath, hall, kitchen, living room and moved all the furniture around in the living room. Which always pisses Annie off. I need to do the computer room/dining room next. It's the worse...Oh man, I cleaned out the drawers in the bathroom....I am such a pack rat..but please tell me why I would keep over 30 empty vitamin/pill bottles and those little cases that the glucose blood strips come in? I remember thinking 'oh I can use them for something...' uh huh...but 30+ of them?...jeez, I'm such a dufus.
Want you all to know my feeties are doing great. Now all I need to do is get the callus cut off, which I'm not looking forward to. But I also wanted to tell me how much it meant to me to have all your good wishes for me and the toes...makes my chubby little heart warm..Goddess bless you..OK, I've stalled long enough...the laundry is calling me..Now that the weather is nice and sunny out I'm going to take the big Indian rug from the living room to the car wash and clean it..It's icky!
Been almost 2 years since I cleaned it last. Hope all of you are enjoying better weather..it's sunny here in Texas...hot dang!


Wendy said...

I never thought to take the rug to a car wash...gives me an idea for the jute rug. However, I will leave the antique braided rug to the professionals.

When do you get to see the Dr and 'Miss Kitty' again?

There are nothing wrong with tats darling.

There was something else...OH, post those pill bottles etc on craigslist, someone will snap them up, wither for nuts and bolts or little artsy fartsy shit. Just scratch off script labels or recycle those ones.

Wendy said...

ugh, typos.

rainywalker said...

Sounds like your back on your feet [pun]. Have fun in the sun and should I get three-dee? glasses for the story and pictures?

yellowdoggranny said...

wendy:i never thought to put them on craigslist..thanks..
and oh i don't mind tats at all...I did have a 8-ball on my left titty, but the older i got the longer my boob and the eight ball was starting to look like a pool stick..so i covered it with a cowboy helmet with #40 on it..for bill bates.
rainy:that's an idea.ill take pictures at the laundry mat..

Mouthy Girl said...

White lady?

Oooooooooh I LOVE kids!!! Love them! That little vignette is one of the best ever!

Doralong said...

Glad it's sunny someplace! Enjoy! And glad the feet are all better!

Rox said...

Hey white lady, good post!

LostInColor said...

Glad your feetsies are feeling better. The weather here in North Colorado has been nice, probably not as warm as Texas but its been sunny. when you are finished w/ your place, come on over and help me unpack! :)

sageweb said...

Wow when I first read this..I thought you had archives from 1974..then I thought ..wait a second she couldnt have been blogging in 1974..then I figured it out..I want to read the story ..so I am going on a search..

Glad the feet are better..makes me happy you are happy.

Stephen R. said...

Sunny there in Texas and here in Chicago it's 12 degrees! And because we've had days where the temp was below zero ALL DAY, we're stupid enough to think that 12 degrees is okay!!!

Got room on your couch for a bald, misplaced, Southern homo? :)

rosemary said...

Off to search 1974....It might have been a good year, but i can't remember. Good news about those feet.

yellowdoggranny said...

buddha:out of the mouths of babes.
doralong:it's only in the high 50's today..but its sunny out.
lic;oh that's my speciality..putting things up...I'll be right over.
sage:im happy your happy that im happy...ha
stephen:come on down the couch makes out into a queen size bed, and it's never been slept on..you'll love spring here..
rosemary:feet are good 1974 ....? not so much.

Heidi said...

Your labels at the end always crack me up.

PENolan said...

Yesterday, I was driving and must have called twenty people Buttroys. Great word you invented, Yellow Dog