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Friday, August 21, 2009


I know I know...it's only preseason...and we lost our first game but this is the first game at the new stadium..the $1.2 billion stadium. Holy Shit!...It's fucking fantastic. I don't have the exact numbers for the attendance but I think it was under 80,000...which is what they hoped for. But the counts not in yet..You wanna know how big this fucker is?...You can move the roof back and drop in the statue of liberyt and then shut the roof...That's fucking big..I screamed and yelled and made myself hoarse, but I really had a great time..Jackie's always happy when it's football season and the Cowboys play and win..Life is good...fuckme I'll never boogie till my boogie wont oogie anymore.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad you had a good time, YDG!

So Not Wishy Washy said...

Just saved you those win and lose pics of Butter. Sent them mere seconds ago!

Congrats on your win! I'm glad they didn't disappoint you last night!

just me said...

Go, Cowboys, Go!! Man, I remember back in the mid-seventies, you couldn't touch the Cowboys...still, can't, I guess.

texlahoma said...

I'd report a UFO if I saw that thing!

sageweb said...

Yay I think

billy pilgrim said...

now someone has to build a $1.3 billion stadium.

does it get used for anything else besides football?

jan said...

Funny how preseason counts a lot when our team wins, but squat when our team loses.

Ted Amadeus said...

Damn, I wanna see them new digs so bad! Never got 2 go 2 Texas Stadium, and the new one's got a SRO balcony on either end for $29, and what you can't see from the end zone is on that big ass-fuckin' jumbotron...woo hoo!!!
Talk about the best of both worlds!
They had that shit during halftime: Jerry "Old Fish Eyes" Jones gave everybody watching the nickel tour.

Anne Johnson said...

YAY Cowboys!!!!!

(Anne in the Michael Vick Twilight Zone.)


debra: i always have a good time when they win..wait till they lose one and i go nuts..
nsww:I'm going to download the pictures..im so glad you reminded me about my picture album with blogger...that's so cool...u the best..will root for your giants tonight..stay dry
justme:oh they were good in the 70's and then the 90's...been rebuilding lately so hopefully we'll do better.
tex:isn't it incredible?...looks like a space ship..
sage:get with the program girl..that'S YEH COWBOYS..GO GO GO.
billy:oh hell yeh, they had 80,000 people at the soccer match...george straite played, paul mccartny...college ball...all sorts of stuff...ole jerry knew what he was doing alright.
jan:yeah, you notice i didnt' say jackshit last week when they lost.hahah
ted:i'd like to do the $29bucks thing, but I can't stand up for that length of time..wish they would let us bring our own chairs..
anne:holy shit..one of the signs for the end of the world...a eagle fan rooting for the cowboys..holy shit.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I thought I heard on ESPN that there were "height problems" with that jumbo tron thing, mainly it was too low and some balls legally in play were hitting it......?

Bigger and better....:)

Intense Guy said...

I'm just not watching...

*peeks over YDG's shoulders*