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Sunday, August 16, 2009


to you all....js

happy anniversary woodstock.

shark girl














tina said...

hehehe I like Tex's pic :)

Pom said...

:o) I laughed so hard when I came across that lil shepherd pup with its eyes all crossed!

jan said...

The expression on the cat's face in the Maturity poster is how I often feel. Loved these.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good ones, YDG! My faves are the vegetarian cat and the beef jerky UFO!

sageweb said...

Shit does sound better in french.

Yankee Girl said...

I wish my dog would change the clocks on me!

Willym said...

and they know how to shovel it....

crazy4coens said...

loved all the pics!

my fav was the alien and beef jerky. can't blame 'em! (it is an alien type food)

(i see you at billy & texlahoma - thought i'd drop by to say hi!)

Intense Guy said...

I like the dog in the swing set... LMAO!

Oh and the missing pants with the cat on the china cabinet... me likes that one too.

:) Thanks YDG!

Nan said...

Good ones.

We used to have a vegetarian cat. Well, more like an omnivorous cat -- he loved French fries and pizza in addition to the usual things cats devour.


annie likes to eat pork rinds and pizza...
I do like the word merde..ha

So Not Wishy Washy said...

I'm going to show that burger and fries pic to Robert and see what he says.

And merde? I'm adding that to my cache of acceptable profanity for the coming school year. I sometimes speak in French - just babbling - when I want to get the attention of my kids without doing some dog and pony show trick.

I'll make sure to throw in "merde."

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Mondays can be merdey!

Sling said...

Seriously..Have you seen my pants?

Buzzardbilly said...

OMG, my sides are hurting from the chuckles. That cat that looked up fix on the computer looks just like my Screechy von Screechenstein (also known as The Acadamy-Award-Nominated Star of Stage, Screen, and Television Mr. Burt Reynolds...he likes the full Mike Douglas Show intro). When I got Screechy and his brother Teh Big Guy fixed, I took them to a vet I didn't know.

I'll never do that again. That bastard shave both of those cats' asses from the tail all the way down their legs, then sent them home with dried blood all over 'em. They looked like I'd had little baboon asses surgically implated rather than had their nuts snipped.

BTW, that prick that outed Plame just got called out of the ballgame forever. No possibility of jailtime for Novak.