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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


The menu for The Pizza House of West, Texas..home of the world famous skunk eggs. I asked them if I could go in the kitchen and watch them make a skunk egg and they politely said 'no'...I'm not giving up...
This is our new Sonic...sits on the ground of the old Dairy Queen. The consensus is the cooks need a little more practice. Although I'm perfectly happy with the corn dog and the ice cream cone which is all I've had so far.

The new Filly's and Phish restaurant is open now too. I ran in and got a couple of menu's and we weren't too impressed. Pretty high dollar for West. I have already been to the new Auto Parts store. They had Freon on sale for $4.59 so I got one. Now all I need to do is catch Vincent before it's beer thirty and have him put in it.

There is a new business in town too. Called Wish Upon A Tea Cup. They come to your home or any place you choose and provide princess dresses, fairy dresses, tiaras, jewelry, boas, wings, wands, fairy dust, vanity, throne, glamours session, princess coronation, crafts, games, real china, candelabras, etiquette, chair covers, tea cakes, favors and more. Hot damn...I want one of them parties when I turn 66. I want to wear a tiara and wings and maybe a boa. Bucky's Bargain Barn has a 25% off sale going on. I love saying Bucky's Bargain Barn..... a lot.
They're having a BBQ Dinner, Auction and Raffle for Colton Taylor who is a 16- year old West High student and is facing open heart surgery.It's going to be this Saturday. I'm thinking about donating some books for the auction. I have some great sports books that might bring some money in for him.
St. Mary's cheerleaders won several awards at the National Cheerleaders Association Cheery Camp. They were the most improved, and the Jr. High Champion Chant team. They also received a bid to compete at the national competition.
Fifty years ago the average motor vehicle travelled 9,571 miles in 1957, almost 1/2 of it in cities and got 12.47 miles per gallon of fuel. Also 50 years ago the Evangelical Unity of the Czech-Moravian Brethren In North America changed its name to the Unity of the Brethren. Gee..wonder why?
ABCATS POLKA PARTY CRUISE leaves Galveston, Texas and will be from Feb. 14-21, 2010. So anyone interested in taking a polka party cruise, let me know and I'll give you the phone number.
The West Shilling Pipe and Steel Junior Girls softball team took 1st place in the District 5 Tournament. The Mobile Auto Glass won first at District T-Ball Tourney. We rock.
The 63rd Annual West Championship Rodeo is set for August 14th and 15th at the West Rodeo Grounds. The parade is going to be at 4:30 p.m. on August the 14th. It used to be in the morning and it was so short that by the time I was focusing the camera for the second photo, it was over with ..remember last year?...One picture ..ha.. They will have the Mutton Bustin', Kids Calf Scramble and this year a new event. Rodeo Clown Dress Up Contest for children 10 and under.
That should traumatize some kids for life. Arghghghghg, Billy Bob's dressed like a killer clown ma!
Well, West News comes out tomorrow again. But it's pretty slow, so unless something earth shattering happens...I'll skip the news.
I've been stopping in at Family Dollar a lot lately (allergy meds) and Inky misses hearing all the news about you guys and I'm thinking about having him come over some day and have him do a 'a day in the life of Inky.'....he'd love that.
The Yorkie Poo got groomed and looks like a $1,000 dog. He's so sweet...but he and Annie are getting to be buddies so I am sleeping with the lights on now. I have some pictures of before and after, but also want to take some other pictures so when I'm done I'll post them. I think I'm getting addicted to Zyrtec...that stuff makes me sleep like a baby. But just in case your interested the Family Dollar generic Zyrtec works just like speed. I took one and stayed up till 6:30 a. m...Gritting my teeth and twitching all the while...shit's nasty.
Oh by the way..happy birthday mr. president.


Willym said...

And you were going to stop giving us the West News!!!!!! I don't think so lady!

Intense Guy said...

Oh... now that would be a photo to enter into the photo contest - the kitchen making Skunk Eggs...

Imagine being the most improved at a "cheery camp". One year you go in moaning like you have 'roids and the next year you show 'em your new dentures...


Yankee Girl said...

Yay for the cheerleaders!

sageweb said...

Ha ha I can see you all dressed up like a princess for your tea party birthday. I cant wait to see pics of the puppy.

Raspootin said...

I like the idea of a fairy tea party!

What's a skunk egg ?

So Not Wishy Washy said...

I say this sincerely - I want to be at that damn party. Robert will wear a tiara as well. He's boy enough to go girlie for a day. He'd walk on hot broken glass for you.

So Not Wishy Washy said...

One more thing: I swore off no-name drugs this summer. I don't care about news reports telling me that drugs need to be same, blah blah blah for approval by the feds. They're not the same. Fuck it. I'll pay full price and know what I'm getting.

jan said...

The party sounds great. Do they do out of towners?

Allan said...

I'll send you one of my extra Federal Badges and you can 'inspect' the kitchen, all official-like.

rosemary said...

Steve loves Sonic....me, enuh. I wanna be a princess when I turn 65....actually I wanna be Queen. We have mutton bustin too at the fair....it's all about the parents mostly not the kids. They're scared to pieces and usually cry.


willym:and todays paper has some interesting news so will do a short post on it..
intenseguy:at least our cheerleaders didn't get sent home from their camp for doing drugs like some other texas girls did..
going out this week to take some pictures..going to go to west rest haven to see some old farts.
yankeegirl:yeah, they rock.
sage:puppy pictures coming..although instead of calling him by his new name bailey i have been calling him chewy cause he looks like a miniture chewbackka..hahah
raspootin:im having one of them party's for sure.
a skunk egg again...for all of you...it's chicken, ham,sausage, onions, 3 kinds of cheese, jalapenos, green peppers, spices all minced and smushed into a egg shape and dipped in egg and then bread crumbs and deep fried..they are fantastic.
wishy:i'm going to drop so many hints between now and my birthday in nov. about wanting to be a fairy princess for my 66th that i'm going to be really dissapointed if i dont get it.
some times i like the generic better..like the generic claritin works better for me than the real stuff..but the zyrtec generic sucks.
allan:im going to go in there and see how its done if i have to go to work for one day and learn the secret and then quit.
rosemary:got 2 corndogs for lunch today from sonic and got babs a vanilla shake for her alergies..im not taking diabetic meds for a week and see how it goes...so far it's been 106

Wendy said...

can we have ask the goddess? I have a few burning questions for her.

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